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German meat-free market soars

20/09/2017 Market News
The meat alternatives market has grown rapidly across Western Europe, and has nearly doubled since 2012, according to Euromonitor, but nowhere has seen such strong growth as Germany, where sales have...

Mastering the complexities of global flavour regulations

18/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER - Fi EUROPE 2017 CONFERENCE A number of new flavour regulations will be implemented in the near future and food companies need to be prepared for the changes ahead, says Ute Woelke...

Challenges remain for novel food authorisations

15/09/2017 Market News
New European rules intended to speed up and simplify introduction of novel foods continue to raise concern among companies, according to consultancy firm Pen & Tec. The main concerns are about...

EU simplifies regulations for novel foods

14/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKERS - FI EUROPE 2017 CONFERENCE New regulations for the approval of novel food come into effect in the EU on 1 st January, 2018. What impact will this have on the industry and how will...

Prolonging shelf life with anti-microbial packaging

11/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Content Hub Anti-microbial packaging holds the key to prolonging a product’s shelf life while reducing the use of additives, as Aurélie Furiga Chusseau , R&D Project...

Reducing energy consumption with forward osmosis

11/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Content Hub Operations managers looking to effectively reduce energy consumption will soon turn to forward osmosis according to Lex van Dijk , founder and CEO of BLUE-...

Emerging technologies in process analytics

11/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Content Hub NASA breakthroughs, cutting-edge physics and faster computing are being adopted by the food sector, revolutionising process analytics and making for safer,...

How will EFSA improve stakeholder engagement?

07/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKERS - FI EUROPE 2017 CONFERENCE Navigating the choppy waters of F&B regulations can be challenging, especially with pending changes in EU regulations and Brexit looming large...

Is clean label driving supply chain transparency?

07/09/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER - FI EUROPE 2017 CONFERENCE Clean label is quickly affecting the whole supply chain. Ahead of her presentation on the topic at the Fi Europe Conference, we asked Florencia Moreno...

Millennials seek fresh Asian flavours

15/08/2017 Market News
Young westerners are on an Asian-inspired health kick, and are looking beyond the Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines that are now mainstream in most of Europe and North America.
Fi Europe - Alient Green

3 Gold stars for Aliet Green

04/08/2017 Exhibitor News
Aliet Green, an Indonesian SME enterprise based near Yogyakarta, Central Java, has won 3 Gold Stars in the Superior Taste contest of iTQi, the International Taste and Quality Institute. Every year,...
Fi Europe - Logo Royal Ingredients Group

Exhibitor Spotlight: Royal Ingredients Group

10/07/2017 Exhibitor Spotlight
Hear from Mr. Ben Broersen, Owner of Royal Ingredients Group about the positive impact Fi Global Events has on its company's success. Hi Ben, please could you please give us an overview of your...