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Meet the exhibitors: Azelis

‘Innovation through formulation’. The new tagline of specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor Azelis reflects the serious resources the company has invested in its network of application...
Naturex Givaudan Logo

Meet the exhibitors: Naturex

Now part of Givaudan's Flavour Division, Naturex remains an active player in the food and beverage marketplace as a supplier of natural colours, natural preservatives, speciality fruits and...
Frank Engel

Adding value to functional food applications with collagen peptides

18/09/2019 Market News
Consumers increasingly want personalised functional products that are adapted to on-the-go lifestyles, and that offer a variety of specific nutritional benefits. Frank Engel , Global Market...
Kevin Verstrepen

New technologies improve age old fermentation process

17/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 Yeast brings flavour to our fermented beverages. Using state-of-the-art technology to unlock the chemical composition of a certain beverage can help...

Milk is (for) life: the lifelong benefits of dairy products

17/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 From children’s bone development to maintaining muscle strength for elderly populations, dairy brings benefits at all stages of life. Despite the...

Staying ahead of major shifts in the beverage aisle

17/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 From boosting their immune defences, to supporting protein intake, consumers increasingly expect more from their drinks. Together with environmental...

Meet the exhibitors: Campden BRI

2019 is a big year for Campden BRI. The food research and science organisation is celebrating its centenary. Campden Experimental Factory (as it was originally known) was founded in 1919, the legacy...

Innovation starts with plant-based breakfast

11/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit and Fi Conference 2019 Plant-based and clean meat are solutions to answer consumers’ demands for more environmentally friendly food products. By developing...

Eggless plant-based alternatives for bakers

11/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 Plant-based solutions provide useful alternatives to bakery products seeking to answer consumers’ health and dietary requirements. Research in...

Answering sustainability challenges with (a)cellular agriculture

10/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Cellular and acellular agriculture can answer some of the sustainability and health challenges faced by the food industry. The development of high techno-...

Can dairy deliver healthy product innovation?

06/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019​ The versatility of dairy products offers a range of options for food scientists looking to develop new products. From textures and flavours to...

Think like a criminal to tackle food fraud

06/09/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKERS Expo FoodTec Hub Industry and regulators can win the fight against food fraud and significantly reduce consumer vulnerability by working together. This will be the key message from...