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Single-source fish collagen ensures high-grade health ingredient

02/11/2019 Market News
The market for sustainably produced collagen and gelatin is set to grow as increased consumer demand dovetails with increased environmental awareness. Vietnamese aquaculture leading company, Vinh...
raspberry cake

Meet the exhibitors: Ingredion

Inspired by evolving consumer food and beverage trends including street food, health and wellness, hidden vegetables, plant power and clean label, Ingredion will showcase a suite of seven delicious...

Market insights critical to tapping plant-based ingredients trend

31/10/2019 Market News
Growing demand for plant-based ingredients is on everyone’s radar, but not all companies understand exactly what consumers want. Through in-depth trend analyses and strategy development, New...
Julian Mellentin

Honest indulgence is driving change in bakery

31/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 Consumers want to indulge in bakery products without abandoning their commitments to a healthier lifestyle. Reducing carbs has joined sugar reduction...
Constantin Drapatz

Tracking clean label trends across the globe

31/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Clean labels are more important than ever to today’s health-conscious and ingredient-savvy shoppers, but F&B manufacturers have to navigate regional and...
Innova Market Insights

“Storytelling: Winning with Words” Leads Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends for 2020

30/10/2019 Market News
Increased consumer interest in the stories behind their food and beverage products and their notable influence on purchasing decisions has resulted in companies increasingly paying attention to...
Clara Talens

Premium products and new ingredients drive innovation in bakery

29/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 The bread and bakery category is undergoing rapid new product development. The latest trends clearly show that increasingly health-conscious consumer...
PhD Renata Januszewska

Unlocking hidden messages in chocolate

29/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference Master Class 2019 How many sensory attributes are there to describe the experience of eating chocolate? 105 according to a new book co-authored by Renata Januszewska,...

Unlocking Canada’s vast plant-based protein potential

25/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Canada’s reputation as an agricultural commodity-exporting behemoth is moving towards new innovative ideas about supply chain cooperation and delivering value-...
Minna Hakaoja

Plant-based ingredients: a sustainable market opportunity

22/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 There is growing consumer awareness about the social, environmental and health benefits of having a diverse and sustainable food supply chain. Minna Hakaoja,...
Marie-Pierre Membrives

“True diversity should be a sincere goal for organizations, and it starts with gender diversity”

22/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED INTERVIEWEE Women's Networking Breakfast Marie-Pierre Membrives is a food scientist with years of industry experience. As a woman in the top management of a leading F&B company, she...

Removing regulatory obstacles to a plant-bred future

22/10/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit Plant breeding technologies are a unique tool to help tailor crops for better yield results and lessen the environmental impact of agriculture, and a...