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German Pavilion

The German Pavilion - Your quality one-stop-shop

12/11/2019 Exhibitor News
The German food ingredient industry is renowned for it's high quality products, driven by an advanced and quality driven home-market. It is not without reason Germany represents one of the tops...

Meet the Exhibitors: Armfield

Established in 1875, Armfield has been a key industry player in the food and beverage industry. Let’s take a closer look at their expectations for Fi Europe & Ni this year and who they hope to...
Exhibitor Alpha

Meet the Exhibitors: Alpha MOS

Alpha MOS is a French company that develops instruments that enhance products’ taste, smell or appearance according to human sensors which are used to form an objective analysis of products. Alpha...
Exhibitors microthermics

Meet the Exhibitors: MicroThermics

MicroThermics is a global leader in laboratory scale HTST and UHT processing systems. How can food producers extend the shelf-life of their products? How can you keep your products fresh? How do you...
data charts

Why accurate data is fundamental to business success

12/11/2019 Market News
Global economic trends, technological advances and changing consumer tastes all have an influence on global markets. Understanding these trends – and being able to anticipate new opportunities – are...

Meet the exhibitors: Ojah B.V.

Dutch-based Ojah may be an SME but it is a big player in the plant-based ingredients industry. Bastian Dijkstra, International Sales Manager at Ojah, explains how the plant-based foods market has...
Whey Powder Sack

Meet the Exhibitors: Stempher

Stempher is a producer of packing materials for industrial use. Based in the Netherlands, they design, develop and produce packing materials based on their clients’ wishes. Let's have a closer look...
Dairy blockchain

Ingredia - a new chapter for the ecofriendly dairy ingredients

07/11/2019 Exhibitor News
Ingredia, in partnership with Connecting Food, presents the first certified, traced and audited dairy ingredients in real time! A ready-to-use solution for food & bevarge manufacturing! Apply the...
The flavour house Bell

Get in touch with taste with Bell Flavors & Fragrances

07/11/2019 Exhibitor News
Bell Flavors & Fragrances is a leading supplier of flavours, fragrances, botanical extracts and ingredient specialities to the beverage and food industry, as well as the household care and...
Manuela Borella, Danone Innovation Accelerator VP, Danone

Boosting innovation from within

04/11/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit Developing innovation requires speed and agility, two elements that can be hard to muster for large multinationals. With its Manifesto Innovation...

High-quality ingredient sourcing necessary to succeed in plant-based market

02/11/2019 Market News
There is a revolution going on within the plant-based ingredients sector. Understanding these dynamics is critical if manufacturers are to capitalise on the opportunities. Top Health Ingredients CEO...
Kimmo Lucas

Ingredient expertise critical to meet shifting market demands

02/11/2019 Market News
Finding the best quality plant-based ingredients; keeping on top of industry innovations; and understanding that growth in this sector is coming from all age segments are key issues to ensuring...