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Luca Bucchini

Cleaning up the supplement supply chain

20/09/2018 Speaker Interviews
Food fraud in supplements can be costly, not only economically but also for a company’s reputation. The growth in the EU food supplements market has resulted in longer supply chains leaving...

The Pursuit of Excellence

24/11/2017 Exhibitor News
Meet Johannes Vetter, at Ingredient in Action stand 8.0C27, Tuesday 28th of November Olympian, World Javelin Champion and now European Athlete of the Year 2017, Johannes Vetter is going to join the...

HOCHDORF presents a new quality standard for oils

23/11/2017 Exhibitor News
Radar charts show the oil taste properties Two factors are key in producing high-quality oil: the excellent quality of the raw materials and a gentle pressing process. At Marbacher Ölmühle GmbH we...

Flanquart's premium seeds

23/11/2017 Exhibitor News
Based in the North of France, and 100% family-owned, Flanquart’s core business is the supply and the transformation of premium seeds, such as sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, poppy...

Extra benefit for bread and rolls

23/11/2017 Exhibitor News
In Frankfurt, DeutscheBack will be showing two products – TopBake Protein Kick and TopBake Winter Bread – that give bread and rolls an extra benefit. Today’s consumers attach importance to a healthy...

Flour treatment solutions

23/11/2017 Exhibitor News
Mills have to work with wheat lots whose quality may vary according to climatic conditions. For applications that require very stable dough properties, wheat gluten often has to be added. At FIE...

Developments in sports nutrition

23/11/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE A thorough understanding of the functionality of dairy proteins allows the development of sport and clinical nutrition products with the desired shelf life...

Seaweed beyond salt reduction

23/11/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Seaweed has been used extensively for salt replacement and flavour boosting applications linked to its umami characteristics. Ahead of his presentation at...

Novel applications in bakery and pasta

23/11/2017 Exhibitor News
The enzyme systems from the Sternzym BK range improve the processability of the doughs, enhance the structure of the biscuits and also reduce the tendency towards cracking and blistering. The...

Keeping up with the gluten-free trend

23/11/2017 Market News
Increasing incidences of celiac diseases and heightened gluten sensitivity has generated high demand for gluten-free foods. For those consumers who have negative reactions to gluten -- the protein...

Innovating in clean label

22/11/2017 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE The main challenge manufacturers face in keeping up with clean label is adapting their products alongside evolving consumer demands. Attention to sensory...

Synergies in sweetening formulation

20/11/2017 Market News
Today’s rapidly evolving food market place is a demanding place for manufacturers when it comes to new product development but help is at hand. Consumers are becoming more discerning when it comes to...