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reduction and reformulation - 5 tips

Consumers drive the need for reformulation

11/07/2019 Market News
The food and drink industry is working hard to deliver products that meet consumer demand for healthier food choices. Products are being reformulated to optimise nutritional content while the sugar,...

Transforming quality and food safety management

09/07/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Hub Quality managers have a tough job these days. There is more legislation to deal with than ever before, and too many businesses still view food safety and quality...

Startup success for Magellan Life Science

05/07/2019 Market News
Leveraging network and funding opportunities can be hard for startups. The Fi Europe Startup Innovation Challenge helps them access world F&B leaders. Dr Abhiram Dukkipati, founder of Magellan...

Cost effective quality & safety management - Part 1

04/07/2019 Market News
Ask 100 CEOs or owners of food businesses whether the quality is important, and you will get a resounding yes from all of them. And if you then ask why , you’re also likely to receive the same answer...
veg burger

Towards a flexitarian future: The rise of blended meat

28/06/2019 Market News
A rising trend for meat reduction and plant-based eating is providing a growing market for so-called ‘blended’ meat products, in which meat is combined with vegetarian ingredients commonly used in...
CBD oil

Food fad or lasting trend: Will CBD live up to the hype?

28/06/2019 Market News
CBD extract is the latest trendy ingredient to take the food and beverage world by storm – but is it just a fad or are CBD-infused products here to stay? Products made with hemp-derived ingredients...

Opportunities in plant-based protein

20/06/2019 Market News
Concerns about the health and environmental impacts of eating too much meat and dairy have led a growing number of consumers to embrace a flexitarian diet. Combined with the growing interest in...

Veganism 2.0: Animal-free food goes mainstream

20/06/2019 Market News
Mainstream consumers’ growing interest in plant-based foods is a major driver for vegan product development, but so is the normalisation of veganism itself. As a result, the image of veganism is...
Avebe logo

Meet the exhibitors: Avebe

10/05/2019 Exhibitor Spotlight
Some see potato, we see potential. What do you see? With this motto, Avebe takes an active role in the development of appealing, nutritional and healthy food products with potato-based solutions...
Atze Jan van der Goot

How sustainable are meat alternatives?

09/05/2019 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Meat alternatives made from pulses generally are more environmentally sustainable than meat, but plant ingredients often are highly processed to maximise protein...
green tea

Making the most of healthy halos

08/05/2019 Market News
Consumers are taking their health into their own hands more than ever, seeking out foods and beverages to prevent and ease health problems – but there is not always good science behind the products...

Opportunities for clean label sugar reduction

06/05/2019 Market News
As more and more consumers worldwide are paying attention to the sugar reduction message what are the clean label options for food companies? Download the full infographic to learn more. Learn more...