Synergies in sweetening formulation


Today’s rapidly evolving food market place is a demanding place for manufacturers when it comes to new product development but help is at hand. Consumers are becoming more discerning when it comes to food, nutrition and calorie content and are looking for sugar, salt and fat reduction but it is challenging even the best R&D departments, to produce foods and drinks without any loss in taste or texture. Despite months and sometimes years spent in development not all manufacturers are able to achieve this. However, those that do are reaping the benefits in sales terms.



The cooperative group Tereos, third largest sugar producer in the world, is a union of 12,000 farmers and has recognized know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane and cereals. It has relevant expertise and a reputation for success in working with sugarbeet, sugarcane and cereals to achieve calorie reduction through advanced reformulation and is much in demand when it comes to clean label, nutritional ingredients and tailor-made solutions.

Tereos offers a the widest range of plant-based sweetening solutions, using over 400 sweetening ingredients from sugar and cereal-based sweeteners to stevia extracts, with a range of low and no calorie options, to meet every type of food processing.

Sweet&You is the name of the company’s 360° reformulation service, designed to meet the needs of a diverse population with changing eating habits. Its aim is to help manufacturers improve a food’s nutritional profile in a cost effective manner, yet critically while keeping taste and texture in line with a customers’ product formulation.

The key is to craft the sweetening formula to offer the optimal formulation. “Sweet&You allows us to leverage our global presence, wide expertise and extensive R&D capabilities, to create unique formulas tailored to one’s needs. We put at our customers’ disposal, our state-of-the-art application lab and dedicated expert teams, working closely to develop THE optimum sweetening formulation tailored to each customer,” said Eric Villain, Marketing & Sales Excellence Director.

For each project, a dedicated team of technical and market specialists gather at Tereos Application Centre. Customers are involved in every step of the process to help develop, discuss and test the reformulation options. “Each project is unique; each project is a challenge with specific needs, goals, and constraints, that’s why each project requires a unique project team and a tailor-made formulation design.” says Michel Flambeau, Director Applications & Customer Technical Support.

Spread across 49 industrial sites on 4 continents and with 23,000 employees, the company is able to supports its customers close to their markets with a broad range of reformulation products. To help customers in the reformulation process, Tereos has developed a personalized training offer: the Sweeteners Academy.

Be sure to catch the latest on this topic from Tereos at the Fi Europe 2017 Conference during the session on Reduction & Reformulation on Thursday, 30th November 10:50 to 14:00.
Michel Flambeau, Head R&D Centre for Application and Customer Technical Support will discuss ‘Synergies in sweetening formulation: bridging the gap between taste and nutrition’.