Speaker Interviews


Tackling protein spiking

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 Conference Protein adulteration has far-reaching implications, both on individual businesses as well as on the wider protein industry. ESSNA Vice-Chair Suzane Leser...

More than just vegan

FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Content Hub ProVeg works to improve the taste, ease and accessibility of plant-based living by working to influence government policy, public institutions, the food...

Fighting food fraud

FEATURED SPEAKER Industry insights Theatre Food fraud – the intentional adulteration or misrepresentation of food and drink for economic gain – is an age old problem, but one which has been of...

Promoting foods of the future

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE In an increasingly global world, solutions and new product ideas can come from anywhere. Israel is fast becoming a hub for start-ups companies who are...
Dianne Delsing

Innovations in infant nutrition

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE It is widely acknowledged that a good start in life forms the basis for growing up healthy. High quality nutrition plays a vital role in healthy development...
Nard Clabbers

NPD from product to service

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi EUROPE 2017 CONFERENCE The health impacts of foods will become much more important in new product development as the capabilities of personalised nutrition take off in the coming...
Nanette Solan

Delivering clean label to consumers

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Shifting demands and concerns regarding food security, food shortage, good nutrition and authentic taste have propelled consumers to rethink how they choose...
Stephanie Mattucci

Trends in Clean Label

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Savvy consumers are asking more questions about how their food is made. Looking forward, products will need to satisfy a greater number of requirements to...
Emma Schofield

Trends in sugars and sweeteners

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Consumers across Europe are trying to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, but sweeteners aren't always liked by consumers either. What do consumers...
Hendrik Gunawan

Healthy reformulation with fibre

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Non-communicable diseases such as obesity and type II diabetes are on the rise. A healthy diet, incorporating more good fats and lowering sugar intake, can...
Simona Birtic

Innovating clean label food preservation

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Food safety concerns and clean labelling are highly related topics. The growing demand for clean labelling is largely in response to consumers’ mistrust of...
Matthieu Helft

Growing consumer loyalty with sustainable sourcing

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE Sustainable sourcing has become an essential part of future success in the food industry. In the case of high demand products such as vanillin, sustainable...