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New solutions for effective salt reduction

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2019 Conference New evidence linking a high salt diet to health risks and the strong trend for healthier foods is driving new product development in lower salt products...

Clean label reformulation with dietary fiber

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 The biggest clean label challenge for F&B manufacturers is linked to including active and functional ingredients in clean label recipes without compromising on...
Ensuring food safety by tackling food crimes photo

Ensuring food safety by tackling food crimes

FEATURED SPEAKERS Expo FoodTec Hub Manufacturers that knowingly sell products containing harmful ingredients are committing a crime. This can include products that contain far too high concentrations...

How food production can move towards greater sustainability

FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Hub The food production sector is moving towards greater sustainability through lowering its energy usage, reducing its carbon footprint and limiting waste production...
Food Evolution Networking Breakfast Speakers

Debunking misinformation about food

FEATURED SPEAKERS Food Evolution Breakfast The general public, politicians and opinion makers all too often judge the safety and desirability of new technologies from media reports without checking...

Meeting the rise in demand for organic product requires a strong commitment

FEATURED SPEAKER Organic Spotlight In the past years, organic ingredients have become more diverse, their production methods more ethically and socially responsible, and products more sustainable...

Clean label shelf-life management

FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Hub Consumers are more conscious than ever about making responsible food choices. They want to know what is in their food and how it is produced. At the same time,...

Next generation probiotics

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Products that target different life stages could reinvigorate the probiotics sector – especially those that deliver a benefit that consumers can judge easily for...

Transforming quality and food safety management

FEATURED SPEAKER Expo FoodTec Hub Quality managers have a tough job these days. There is more legislation to deal with than ever before, and too many businesses still view food safety and quality...
Atze Jan van der Goot

How sustainable are meat alternatives?

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Conference 2019 Meat alternatives made from pulses generally are more environmentally sustainable than meat, but plant ingredients often are highly processed to maximise protein...
Luca Bucchini

Cleaning up the supplement supply chain

Food fraud in supplements can be costly, not only economically but also for a company’s reputation. The growth in the EU food supplements market has resulted in longer supply chains leaving...

Developments in sports nutrition

FEATURED SPEAKER Fi Europe 2017 CONFERENCE A thorough understanding of the functionality of dairy proteins allows the development of sport and clinical nutrition products with the desired shelf life...