HOCHDORF presents a new quality standard for oils


Radar charts show the oil taste properties
Two factors are key in producing high-quality oil: the excellent quality of the raw materials and a gentle pressing process. At Marbacher Ölmühle GmbH we place great value on each of these aspects. Carefully selected raw materials and gentle cold pressing ensure that the complex natural flavours pass from the seed to the oil. This guarantees that each oil retains its own specific flavour diversity. We have worked with flavour experts to quantify this great variety and to map the key taste components in radar charts. Each oil has its own profile, which clearly shows the individual taste and the sensory features.



A wide product range for healthy children’s snacks
Our children eat too much sugar, salt and fat and not enough minerals, natural vitamins and fibre. As a result, over 41 million children between the ages of two and five suffer from the effects of obesity worldwide. Our Kids’ Food product range can help to reverse this trend. We have supplemented our range of traditional products, including children’s crisps made from whole-grain, rice and corn, with healthy fruit and vegetable products. Our cereal products now also meet organic and baby food standards.
Our crispy fruit and vegetable chips with a long shelf-life are dried in a gentle process. This helps to retain their valuable vitamins, nutrients and unique taste. Our chip varieties include apple, pineapple, mango and blueberry, as well as tomato, beetroot and carrot. The fruits and vegetables are available in organic and traditional quality. All products in the HOCHDORF Kids’ Food range are free from added sugar, salt, synthetic flavouring or preservatives.

Roller-dried full milk powder for the finest milk chocolate
Dried milk products are HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd’s core business. The company is a leader in the production of high-quality roller-dried full milk powder for the chocolate industry. HOCHDORF has joined Ostmilch Handels GmbH to set up an international sales and procurement network.

Proteins from milk and plants
In recent years there has been a global increase in demand for products with a high protein content. The HOCHDORF Group produces milk and plant-based ingredients. These include high-quality milk and whey protein powders, plus various seed flours. Some of our seed flours have a protein content of up to 60%. The protein range also includes our VIOGERM® wheat germ high-protein crisps.