Flanquart's premium seeds


Based in the North of France, and 100% family-owned, Flanquart’s core business is the supply and the transformation of premium seeds, such as sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, poppy seeds, quinoa, chia, amaranth, millet, etc. but also flakes, dried fruits and spices. Our production plant enable us to produce hulled seeds, roasted seeds, caramelized seeds, flours, blends and pastes. Thanks to its brand-new extension, we can now provide you with free from products! We supply the food industry in over 30 countries, such as cereals-based industries, bakeries, millers, caterers, biscuit, confectionary and chocolate factories, to name but a few. Our flexibility enable us to trial new processes quickly and efficiently. Product development and customer support are always at the top of our agenda!



Rich in protein and fiber, sunflower seed flour is mildly sweet and nutty, yet neutral enough to use in many baked goods. This product is gluten-free, allergens-free, vegan, does not contains any additives, trans fats, or cholesterol. It can be good substitute for almond flour, which is pricey, not to mention off-limits for people who have nut allergies.
Toasted sunflower flour is made by grinding hulled sunflower seeds that have previously been toasted. Micronized millet bran, rich in fibers, is added with the seeds before grinding as a carrier.
Sunflower flour meets perfectly the increasing demand for gluten-free and allergens-free products worldwide. It is an amazing nut-free and inexpensive alternative to nut flours like almond. This healthy alternative is used in baked goods, including breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, pies, and more, not to forget the famous French epiphany cake "Galette des rois".

Pumpkin seed butter tastes a lot like peanut butter (only better), and it’s completely nut-free, which makes it a perfect replacement for nuts-allergic people.
Pumpkin seed butter have limitless health benefits: pumpkin seeds are one of the best plant-food sources of iron and is a great source of zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. Pumpkin seed butter is a very good source of phytosterols which can help reduce LDL cholesterol and enhance your body’s immune response. It is also extremely beneficial for men concerned about prostate health and hair loss. It contains 25% of really good-quality protein, and is naturally high in tryptophan and glutamate, which can help to regulate moods.
Pumpkin seed butter meets perfectly the increasing demand for gluten-free and allergens-free products worldwide, and is used by the food industry in sauces, fillings for pastry, confectionery or chocolate products, and also catering products. 
Pails of 1, 5 or 10kg - Available in organic sourcing – 3 versions : pumpkin seed butter, toasted pumpkin seed butter – caramelized pumpkin seed butter.