FiE Innovation Awards 2017 - Reduction & Reformulation


Take a look at the nominees for the Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award
This awards an organisation or company that has developed the best solution (natural or synthetic) within the last two years for reducing salt, sugar or fat whilst maintaining flavour, texture and functionality of the ingredient replaced. Entry is only open to exhibitors of Fi Europe 2017.



IOI Loders Croklaan - Presdough® 270 SB​
Presdough® 270 SB is a second generation Palm alternative based on shea. Its overall performance and clear benefits in terms of health, sensory and workability is revolutionary. This plasticized shortening has the unique property that it generates extra puff in baked puff pastry. The extra puff creates a clear health benefit as it effectively allows a 20% fat reduction. Together with a low SAFA level of 40% it gives an overall SAFA reduction of over 40% when compared to current available palm alternatives. The low SAFA level also provides a quicker melting taste experience, boosting the flavor release. When baked, this shortening gives an attractive golden brown and crispy crust.


DSM - DSM Delvo®Cheese CT-Light improves taste and texture in low-fat cheese
DSM’s Delvo®Cheese CT-Light allows cheesemakers to create continental cheeses using low-fat milk with the same taste texture that consumers expect from a full-fat product. During the cheese making process, the culture replaces fat with water without any negative impact on physical or sensory properties. With DelvoCheese CT-Light, fat can be reduced by 30% or more, alongside a significant cut in calories. This is done without additives or stabilizers. This total culture solution enables cheesemakers to meet the consumer demand for healthier options by giving the impression of a full-fat product but with less fat and fewer calories.



Metarom Group - ACTI'BOOST Sweet range by METAROM Group​
METAROM Group launches ACTI’BOOST Sweet range and provides food manufacturers with a “high performance” natural active solution to compensate the sweet perception of low-sugar beverages and dairy. It has been specifically designed to reduce sugar content of up to 30% in beverages and dairy, even 50% depending of the matrix. Labelled “Natural Flavour” according European regulation, it adapts to the specific features of each product: carbonated beverages, soft drinks, milky and plant-based drinks. Its formulation is resistant to pasteurization, sterilization, low and high pH. ACTI’BOOST Sweet allows consumers to enjoy nutritionally beneficial food products without compromising on taste!



Novozymes - Great-tasting fermented milk products with less added sugar using Novozymes Saphera® FMP​
New innovative solution from Novozymes Novozymes Saphera® is a new generation of lactase that opens new opportunities for introducing dairy products containing less added sugar while maintaining the same delicious taste. With this technology, health-conscious consumers gain dairy products that have less sugar and are low lactose, without sacrificing on taste.

Let’s celebrate Innovation!
The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honour professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry.
The winners of the Fi Europe Innovation Awards will be announced  on Tuesday November 28th at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

To learn more about our shortlisted finalists go to Hall 9 Stand F5 and visit our Innovation awards wall.