Exhibitor Spotlight: Royal Ingredients Group

Hear from Mr. Ben Broersen, Owner of Royal Ingredients Group about the positive impact Fi Global Events has on its company's success.

Hi Ben, please could you please give us an overview of your company, what you specialise in and where your key geographical markets are?

Royal Ingredients Group is a global provider of raw materials for both food and non-food applications. Over 90% of our business is for human food and animal nutrition, with a large focus on starches, vegetable proteins, sweeteners and fibres. Our subsidiary Royal Natural Foods is the exclusive European distributor of one of the largest Bolivian farmers of organic and conventional chia seeds, quinoa and sesame seeds. With steady annual growth between 10-20 percent and estimated 2017 sales of approx. €100 million we consider ourselves a medium sized player in the market and we cater to a diverse spread of customers worldwide. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and we have sales and distribution offices across the world in the USA, China, India, Nigeria, Brazil and Colombia. 90% of Royal Ingredients Group’s business takes place outside of the Netherlands, with export to over 60 countries.

How long have you exhibited at Fi Global and which events have you participated in?

We first participated at Hi Europe in 2014 and we’ve exhibited at all the European shows since then. At Fi Europe & Ni 2017, we will exhibit with our largest stand yet and we hope to continue to grow our presence year on year. For now, we are only focused on European events; exhibiting at other Fi Global events is certainly something we’ll look into as part of our ongoing strategy to target other markets.

Why do you choose to exhibit at our events?

Fi Europe - Royal Ingredients Group

Not only does exhibiting at the Fi Global events give us an international platform to showcase our products and services, it’s a chance to raise awareness of our brand as a global industry player as Fi Global shows, in particular, draw a very international profile of exhibitors and visitors.

Over three days, we meet with dozens of existing and potential new customers, all in the one place. It’s a unique event where it’s possible to meet many decision makers in such a short time frame. 2017 is our first year in the main hall at Fi Europe – we’re very optimistic about the impact the event will have as a business driver and hope to continue to grow our presence annually.

Who is your target audience and do our events cater to them?

Our main potential customers are food manufacturers (bakery, meat, beverage, health/nutrition etc.) animal feed (aquafeed/petfood) producers and ingredient distributors and we’ve found that your events brings together a very professional audience. The show gives us the opportunity to meet with a broad range of procurement and R&D professionals.

What are your general objectives for exhibiting and do you achieve these goals?

Doing business both with our current and potential new customers are our general objectives, and we feel we achieve these for sure. Before the show, we contact our customer base to set up meetings at our stand during the event. In addition, we often arrange client meetings at our Head Office in the Netherlands which take place either ahead or after the show. Learning about new market trends is also on our agenda at Fi Global.

When exhibiting do you use any of Fi Global’s free marketing tools to promote your participation or take up any of the paid sponsorship opportunities?

As we’re relatively new to the show, we’re yet to use any of the tools on offer, and we’re aware that there’s a lot more that we could be doing. This year, we are realigning our strategy on this to optimise the marketing potential the show has to offer, and get the most from our time there.

And finally, how would you summarise the partnership that Fi Global has built with Royal Ingredients over the years?

Compared to many other exhibitors at the show, we’re relative newcomers to the show but already we are very positive about the relationship Fi Global has built with us. Communication before the show has been consistently easy and open, making the experience flexible and co-operative. For example, the team was able to smoothly assist us in finding a larger booth so we can increase our presence. Already, participating in your events have helped us to promote and grow our business.