Exhibitor Spotlight: Agrana

Hear from Carina Pissermayr, Marketing and Sales Development Manager with AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG about why they have exhibited with us for the last 16 years.

Hi Carina, could you please give us an overview of AGRANA, what you specialise in and where your key geographical markets are?

AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company that produces a wide range of industrial products that fall into three core areas: sugar, starch and fruit preparation. Furthermore, we are one of Europe’s leading producers of fruit juice concentrates, compounds and flavours.

We’re a leading provider of sugar in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a major producer of customer specific starch products. As a global leader for fruit preparations in the dairy industry, we’re very proud to say that our fruit preparations are used in every third yogurt worldwide.

AGRANA’s specialty products have become an integral ingredient in modern nutrition, ranging from sugar and sweetening solutions, to specialty starch products for food improvement, to fruit preparations for yogurt, ice cream and bakery products. And, of course, we also have a broad range of organic products.

With 55 production plants in 25 countries, we can truly describe ourselves as a global company, particularly in regards to fruit preparation. Our sugar and starch divisions focus mainly on Europe, though we extensively cover other markets such as the US, China, Australia and South Africa.


How long has AGRANA exhibited at Fi Global, and which events have you participated in?

Fi Global has been a part of our marketing and customer outreach for 16 years. Initially, we only exhibited the starch division in 2001 but, since 2012, we’re brought every division of the group to each Fi and Hi Europe. We’ve also taken part in Fi Asia in Thailand and Indonesia.

Why do you choose to exhibit at our events?

For us, Fi Global is the perfect place to meet potential and existing customers, inform ourselves of the latest food industry trends and share our innovative products with an international audience.

Hi Europe has also become a very important event for AGRANA. We offer a wide selection of organic products and the industry is constantly looking for solutions to meet consumer demand for naturality. AGRANA has the competencies to not only support them, but also develop applications for vegan products, for example, our egg substitute and fruit preparations for vegan yogurts.

Naturality is the biggest trend that we’ve seen lately, with organic solutions featuring at almost every one of the show’s booths. Vegan preparations have gained increasing presence in recent years.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of exhibiting?

There’s a real concentration of highly qualified professional visitors who come to Fi Global annually. It’s a very important factor as it presents a key opportunity for us to meet decision makers from around the world.

Who is AGRANA’s target audience, and do these events cater to them?

Yes, our main audience is the food sector’s processing industry. Fi and Hi Europe absolutely cater to visitors’ needs and provide an ideal platform for communication and maintaining meaningful business relationships.

What are your general objectives when it comes to exhibiting?

The opportunity to meet existing and potential new customers is our main objective. The show enables us to speak about their needs, inform them of our various product applications and, of course, launch new products. The beauty of Fi Global is that our team can arrange appointments with existing customers in advance to achieve these goals.

How would you quantify how Fi Global has helped AGRANA grow as a business?

This one’s hard to answer! It’s tough to quantify the success of individual exhibitions as we’re so active at each show.

This year, we’re taking part in eight large exhibitions worldwide. What makes Fi Europe stand out as one of the most important shows in our calendar is that we can be represented by all our local and global sales teams. Due to the high demand of requests before each show, we always organise meetings with existing and potential customers ahead of time.

Do you use any of our free marketing tools or sponsorship items to promote your participation?

Yes, we use Fi Global’s free marketing tools. The exhibitor list is very beneficial as we’re able to give a short introduction about the company to visitors who aren’t yet familiar with us. Here, we can also state the products we offer and it’s a useful tool for us to see who else will be in attendance. Before the show, we send out email invitations using Fi Global’s banners and, in the past, we have also taken up sponsorship opportunities.

How would you summarise the partnership Fi Global has built with AGRANA?

Since we’ve been taking part in the show for 16 years, it’s safe to say that we see this as a real, secure partnership. In addition to the excellent relationships the shows enable us to maintain, we have regular close contact with our key account manager who always asks us if we need support before, during and after the show.

Are there any additional successes to come out of Fi Global for your team?

The extra conference offering at the show is something that our team is always keen to attend. It’s a chance to learn more deeply about relevant trends, and learn more about changes elsewhere in our industry so we can stay on top of our game.