Startup Innovation Challenge 2019 - Advisory Board

Darko Jesic

Darko Jesic

COO, Presans

Darko has a PhD in innovation management from the Paris-Dauphine University where he also give lectures in Strategic Management. After working in the Marketing Department for a large company (L’Oréal Group), he oriented his studies towards Management of Technology and Innovation. His field of expertise is managing Open Innovation strategies, R&D initiatives, collaborative tools that help companies to better satisfy the market needs through innovative products, processes and services. His special interest is managing of innovation processes through organizing creative workshops with various actors, such as R&D, marketing experts, external partners, etc. With one step in the academic field and the other in the professional field, he brings best practices into practice. 


Sandra Einerhand

Fellow & Explorer, Presans

Dr Einerhand runs a nutrition consultancy providing strategic and innovative solutions to infant formula, medical foods and other food (ingredient) companies. She also is a partner of Nutrition Consultants Cooperative (NCC) and works on a freelance basis for Presans, a Paris-based service provider in high-end open innovation. Before 2015, she worked as Scientific Program Director for Danone Nutricia, and as Nutrition and Health Director for Tate & Lyle Ingredients and Lipid Nutrition leading R&I programs to bring new natural ingredients, prebiotics, probiotics, sweeteners, lipids, infant formulas and (medical) food products to the market with scientifically proven health benefits yielding several patents.

Kevin Camphuis

Kevin Camphuis

Co-founder, ShakeUpFactory

After 20y. in strategy and breakthrough innovation management at a global leader in the industry, Kevin co-founded ShakeUpFactory, a unique Foodtech business and innovation accelerator installed in the heart of StationF in Paris. It brings together an international ecosystem of more than 125 startups, retailers, corporations and investors and fosters synergies between them to accelerate the development of future food solutions and champions.



Christiaan Kalk

Founder and Owner, Senior Consultant, lsbi | life science-based innovations

Christiaan Kalk has over 20 years of experience in sales, B-to-B marketing and communication in the food chain. He has worked as senior adviser in regulatory affairs, testing strategy and life sciences. Christiaan served hundreds of clients in the international food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry working with experts in areas including toxicology, nutrition, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology. In 2017, he founded lsbi | life science-based innovations, a consultancy serving startups, investors and multinationals developing healthier and more sustainable products. He holds a master’s degree in microbiology from Groningen University.

Thomas van den Boezem

Thomas van den Boezem

Program Director, StartLife

As program director at StartLife, Thomas is responsible for the investor-readiness programs in which early-stage food & agtech startups are supported towards market validation, fund raising and growth. He is also involved in venture development together with Wageningen University & Research, to commercialize cutting-edge technology. Thomas is further involved at Innovation Industries, a leading high-tech VC fund in Amsterdam.


Françoise Béchu

Françoise Béchu

R&D leader at 301 Ext., General Mills

Françoise is the R&D Leader of 301 Ext., the recent extension of the US venture capital arm of General Mills in Europe. Francoise joined General Mills 20 years ago. She has held various roles in R&D across North America and Europe delivering new products pipeline and growth renovation ideas. She holds a master degree in food science & technology from Agrocampus Ouest in France.



Anne Wagner

President of Proteines France and Corporate Research & Development Director, Tereos

Anne Wagner is the President of Proteines France and Corporate Research & Development Director at Tereos. She has been responsible for R&D strategies and projects in various F&B companies. She also serves on the board of INRA, ESCOM, Vitagora, LRD and Coopenergie and was awarded the prize for best R&D female industrial executive in France in 2017.


Global Director Innovation at Givaudan

Alexandre Bastos

Global Director Innovation, Givaudan

Alexandre’s role as Global Director Innovation for Givaudan’s Flavors Division is to explore innovation opportunities and adjacent spaces by connecting with start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovation thought leaders that are disrupting the food and agriculture ecosystem. Alexandre is an active leader in the Givaudan journey to drive a more collaborative and inclusive working model to deliver innovation.


Jerome Tauzin

Jerome Tauzin

Head of Product Group, Pea and New Proteins Business Line, Roquette

Jerome joined Roquette in 2015 to take care of the protein products portfolio. Today he is responsible for the pea-based product portfolio and new plant-based protein specialties.  
Prior to that, Jerome held different R&D and product management positions for about 15 years in B2B companies, in connection with protein and soluble fibers, primarily for the Food and Nutrition sectors.
Jerome has a PhD in protein biochemistry.


Vincent Avec

Vincent Lafaye

CEO, Foodinnov Group

After 15 years in development and management positions for the food industry, Vincent Lafaye founded the Foodinnov Group in Nantes, at the heart of Europe’s first agrifood region. With implantations in Nantes, Rennes and Paris Station F, Foodinnov helps F&B manufacturers in their innovation, R&D projects, regulatory and customs support. Vincent Lafaye holds a degree in food engineering from the French agrifood school ONIRIS and an MBA from Toulouse School of Management.


 Marion Mashhadi

Marion Mashhadi

Co-founder, HappyFeed

A millennial, Marion Mashhady brings the voice of new generations consumers to industry professionals and brings her committed vision of a better food for more people! She is the co-founder of HappyFeed, a company which helps the food industry bring products that are more in line with the expectations and aspirations of consumers. She is also behind the information website “Pour Nourrir Demain”, the first website in France for food innovation news.


Sylvain Zaffaroni

Sylvain Zaffaroni

Co-founder, HappyFeed

Having lived the internet bubble in the 2000s, Sylvain Zaffaroni sees real similarities between today’s food sector, the entry of new and more agile actors on the market and the digital revolution. All this leads him to believe more than ever that "everything is possible"! He is the co-founder of HappyFeed, a company which helps the food industry bring products that are more in line with the expectations and aspirations of consumers. He is also behind the information website “Pour Nourrir Demain”, the first website in France for food innovation news.


Niccolo Manzoni, Startup Innovation Challenge Jury Member

Niccolo Manzoni

Co-founder and managing partner, Five Seasons Ventures

Niccolò has been investing in Food Tech since 2014 and created and managed a portfolio of 10 high-profile Food Tech companies, including Impossible Foods, Clara Foods, Beyond Meat, JUST, Perfect Day and Clear Labs, as part of a leading European family office. His experience includes sourcing, diligence and growth strategy for early stage companies in Food Tech and, more broadly, in tech. Previously, he was Project Manager at strategy consulting firm Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte), focusing on food ingredients and healthcare goods and also worked as part of the McKinsey & Co. Management Matters initiative.

Agathe Mathey, Startup Innovation Challenge Jury Member

Agathe Mathey

Managing Director, FoodTech Association

Agathe Mathey is the managing director of the FoodTech association since January 2017. She is responsible for federating an ecosystem of players (entrepreneurs, experts, creators, investors, producers etc.) around 3 issues: to bring out FoodTech talents and startups with high potential, accelerate the development of projects and support digital transformation in the food industry, and enhance the attractiveness and promotion of our companies, talents and territories. She graduated from the Burgundy School of Business and the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) in Dijon.

Eric Chappuis, Startup Innovation Challenge Jury Member

Eric Chappuis

Corporate Regulatory Affairs Adviser, Lesaffre Group

Eric Chappuis is an expert on integrating science and regulation in the strategies of nutrition and health companies. He currently works as advisor for regulatory affairs for Lesaffre Group.

Saskia Hoebée Startup Innovation Challenge Jury

Saskia Hoebée

Analyst - Food and Agri Startup Innovation, Rabobank

Saskia is an analyst for Rabobank Netherlands where she focuses on Food Startup Innovation. She is also a member of FoodBytes! By Rabobank.

Kim Anders Odhner Startup Innovation Challenge Jury

Kim Anders Odhner

Managing Partner - Europe and Asia

Kim is an experienced private equity investment professional with more than 20 years of executive/board level and investment experience in Asia and Europe. He has deep knowledge of investment deal-sourcing and structured transactions, as well as post-investment business development and operations. He has expertise in a range of sectors and particularly in plant-based proteins and food processing within the F&B sector.