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Discover how you can prepare best in order to make the most of your time at Fi Europe CONNECT: Find all content sessions, network with the most relevant professionals and explore the most interesting companies!

✓ Your guide before event

✓ Your guide during event

✓ How to be a sustainable attendee

✓ Well-being at Fi Europe CONNECT


Fi Europe CONNECT - click here to login.
Use your registered Email address and password.
Forgot your password? Use the "Forgot password" on the login page.

Please log in to your account and click on your profile icon on the top right hand side of the screen.
To make the most of your experience at Fi Europe CONNECT, please fill in all the fields and upload a profile picture. 

Set up your availability to ensure you only get meeting requests for when you are free. You can do so in your profile section via "Manage my Availability". This will be displayed to you in your local timezone. Please note, you cannot select availability for the second week before 27 November, but you can, of course, still book meetings and add agenda items to your second week. You can see future (including second week) meetings or agenda items in the ‘My Schedule’ tab.

Connections and meetings are a core element of a successful event experience.

1. Recommendations
Our matchmaking engine uses the information you have entered on your profile when you first connected to the networking platform. It also learns from your networking behaviour on the platform and refines the  recommendations as you go. The more you use it the more the recommendations become targeted.

2. Interested in you
This tab displays attendees that have shown an interest in your profile. Make a connection or chat instantly.

3. Incoming Requests
 We’ve made this as easy as possible, distilling it down to just 4 simple steps to get a calendar full of meetings: Request, Accept, Join, Rate.

4. Other Networking Opportunities
Participate in the extensive content programme, including speed networking sessions, the Fi Europe Innoavtion Awards and much more.

To enjoy all the benefits and additional functionalities of Fi Europe CONNECT, please upgrade your package. View all packages here.
To upgrade your package please get in touch with us: Alex Heuff - Head of Accounts.

You can add up to 50 attendees to a meeting (including yourself). To do so, please go into the meeting and select "Add Invitee" to add more team members into the meeting.

By filling in your profile and frequently reacting to recommendations, the AI-based system is doing the work for you in finding relevant exhibitors that match your profile!
You can also use the exhibitor or product list to find a relevant provider for your needs.
In case you do want to see if a specific person is also within the system, we recommend using the global search field at the top.

Everything you can do from your computer is possible through the app! Stay connected by downloading the Fi Europe CONNECT mobile app onto your Android or iOS phone. This allows you to attend webinars, make matches or even attend meetings while you are on the go.

In 2021, we will have year-round opportunities to connect with the F&B community from all over the world. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Fi Global CONNECT – a virtual event series focused on different regions, incorporating all our brands of live events, and specialised segments in the ingredients industry – plant-based & health ingredients
  • Physical 2021 event in Frankfurt – Fi Europe co-located with Hi Europe, after having been postponed to next year, will bring the industry together at Frankfurt, Germany.
  • 365 Digital opportunities – Increase your brand awareness, allow the relevant audience to find you and showcase thought leadership through our digital opportunities throughout the year. 

With over 100 sessions on Fi Europe CONNECT, we have split our content into on-demand & live content.
In the Content Hub you can find all content that can be watched on-demand for free for the entire duration of Fi Europe CONNECT. Just filter based on your interests and watch! Our live sessions will be free to watch within the scheduled time indicated in the event agenda. Make sure you don't miss these as they will not be available on demand later. We recommend to download our mobile app to ensure you can attend relevant sessions on the go.

Your meeting will take place within the Fi Europe CONNECT platform and you will not be able to select or create your own meeting background.

You will be able to see the profile(s) of your meeting partner(s) and chat to all meeting participants.
During the video meeting you can also share your screen to show relevant material.
We recommend using the chat to exchange contact details as part of your meeting for easier follow-up post-event.

Please find the requirements for your browser here and the networking requirements for the video meetings here.

For any other technical issues please refer directly to the platform provider via [email protected].

Once you have accepted a meeting request, it will be sent from Fi Europe CONNECT to your email calendar. This allows you to easily navigate Fi Europe CONNECT meetings next to your other planned meetings throughout the 2 weeks.

You can add additional members into a meeting by:
1. Clicking on the meeting
2. On the right-hand side under attendees select "Add Invitee"
3. Search for the relevant attendee and send a personal message with the invite
Up to 50 users can attend a meeting.

If you’re a registered attendee, you can log in until 18 December 2020 and:

  •  Finish chats that are in progress
  • Access the post show survey
  • Access your goodie bag
  • Access a selection of the on-demand content
  • View exhibitor showcases and some partner content
  • View the Innovation Tours and Innova Top Trends