Distributor Hub at Fi Europe 2022

Elevate your visibility and get discovered on the Distributor Hub.We’ve created a dedicated space, online and onsite, to highlight distributors and increase
their visibility. Connecting with business partners has never been easier: Distributor Hub brings manufacturers to you.

Participants of the Distributor Hub at previous events had 88 times more connections and 23 times more meetings.

Join the Hub to make quality connections that convert to business partnerships.

How does it work?


A dedicated listing, available on the event online platform & app, where you can showcase your services to potential clients. Before and during the event, manufacturers will come here to search for distributors, so make the most of your extended profile and fill in all your details. This ensures that you stand out from the crowd and get found by manufacturers looking to do business. 


Be part of a physical wall at the event featuring distributors, each with a distinctive QR code and company name. Manufacturers with the event app can scan your QR code and directly access your online profile to contact you. Keep an eye out for any meeting requests or messages so that you can convert visibility into real-life business partnerships. Each QR code scan is also saved as a lead that you can download and contact post event.

Why join the Distributor Hub?

  • > Elevate your visibility in a dedicated space, with a verified profile to
    boost your credibility
  • Make sure you’re found by the right manufacturers, who
    are actively seeking to expand into your territories and sectors
  • > Make high quality connections before, during and after the show

I'm interested. How can I get involved?

Ready to get discovered and get connected? You can purchase our Distributor Hub package during registration or follow the link below.

The distributor hub package offers you:

> An extended profile on the platform – let manufacturers know what your company offers and make it easy for them to connect with you.

> A position on the special online distributor listing – highlight your presence so that manufacturers can discover you.

> A place on the onsite wall with your company name and a QR code – increase your visibility at the event and give people direct access to your online profile and contact details.

> Easy access to all your new connections post event – download, post event, the contact details of anyone who scanned your QR code 

Once you have purchased your package, make sure you fill out your profile with as much detail as possible. This ensures optimum placement on the hub and makes it easier for the right manufacturers to find you so you can begin connecting and planning your time at Fi Europe.


Across our events, we’ve spoken to many manufacturers who have shared the difficulties they face in finding the right distributor.
We’re introducing the Distributor Hub to help manufacturers find trusted distributors to do business with. 

No – the Distributor Hub is open to all distributors who register for Fi Europe 2022, whether you’re attending in-person or online. 

We’re offering our Distributor Hub add-ons at a competitive price of 999 euros.

To be part of the Distributor Hub, you must purchase one of our Distributor Hub packages. You will be given the option to do this during registration.

Already registered? Add the Distributor Hub to your pass.

Once you have purchased your package, make sure you complete your profile information as soon as possible to benefit from a prime space on the wall and additional exposure.