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Fi CONNECT Exhibitor showcase interview

During Fi Europe CONNECT 2020 you can join French dairy cooperative Ingredia for two free-to-view exhibitor showcases presenting its latest dairy proteins that can help food manufacturers achieve the right formulation for clean label and healthy indulgent dairy products. 


The first exhibitor showcase will present PROMILK® B-Max, a new-to-the market functional milk protein that allows brands to create the desired texture in dairy products using only dairy ingredients. 


PROMILK® B-Max is an innovative clean label texturizer and texture-enhancer made from fully traceable milk sourced by Ingredia, the third global player in milk proteins. It can be used to formulate indulgent dairy products such as fresh cheese mousse without the use of gelatin and cream cheese without carrageenan or other hydrocolloids - additives that are increasingly being shunned by today’s consumers. The protein’s unique texture-enhancing properties ensure fresh cheese mousse products retain a strong bubble texture and cream cheese products have the desired melt-in-the-mouth feel.


Ingredia’s second exhibitor showcase will present its new milk protein PROMILK® Yogfluid. PROMILK® Yogfluid allows manufacturers to create protein-enriched drinking yoghurts that answer three key product requirements: health, mobility and pleasure.


The healthy snacking trend has evolved beyond its specialised nutrition core and is now made up of consumers looking for products that meet their nutritional requirements while also offering an indulgent taste and texture experience. 

Conventional high-protein drinking yoghurts provide the required satiety and energy benefits but too much protein reduces the beverage’s fluidity and produces flavour off-notes.  PROMILK® Yogfluid, which can be added during the standard drinking yoghurt manufacturing process, allows brands to overcome this challenge by increasing the protein content of the final product to 12% while maintaining good fluidity and a pleasant, creamy taste. 


Created by Ingredia’s R&D team in France and made from 100% dairy, both milk proteins boost final product functionality while keeping the ingredient list short and clean - a key global trend for 2021.


A recent consumer survey by market research company Innova revealed that six out of 10 global consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from, and transparency will dominate consumer demand for food and drink products in 2021. 


Increasing transparency to meet evolving ethical, environmental and clean label consumer demands is key. The consumer lifestyle trend toward cleaner living is broadening and heightening expectations around what constitutes a clean label,” it said. 

Join Ingredia’s dairy experts Laurence Laniez and Léa Mayer to find out more about these functional dairy proteins at Fi Europe CONNECT. 

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