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Fighting Covid-19 blues with pleasure & indulgence

The health crisis imposed a lockdown, followed by drastic restrictions, which generated frustration: goodbye to the little coffee at the counter or the fish and chips after the movie. The covid-19 put all the pleasures back in the cupboards. In order not to risk REAL depression, consumers are craving for indulgent snacks and new sensory experiences.  

The future of Clean Label

The various sanitary crises and the demonization by the media of a controversial ingredient or additive have accentuated the crisis of consumer confidence toward the food industry, leading to the paradox that, while food has never been as safe as it is today, consumers have never been as suspicious toward the products they buy. But the challenge of Clean Label goes far beyond the removal of additives from the list of ingredients. It's about sincerity, transparency, products, made with familiar ingredients, by real people in a sustainable way.


The plant-based trend is nothing new, but the rise of the number of Climaterians put the emphasis on the emergency to save the planet and anyone living on it. In that context, no wonder why, according to BIS Research, the market of plant-based products is expecting to reach $480.43 Bn in 2024 with a CAGR of >13.82% between 2019 & 2024.

Health and wellbeing exacerbated by the Pandemic

The Covid-19 has highlighted human's fragility. Those most affected are those in poorer health. Therefore, it is important to be and to stay healthy, which could be the best way to fight the virus effectively. Immunity-boosters, co-morbidity factor-fighters, …consumers are refocusing on products that could protect themselves from the virus.