Regional consumer trend updates - Europe

Across Europe, almost one in four consumers describe their eating and drinking habits as unhealthy. Over the last decade, poor dietary plans have been fueled by issues such as less structured meal-time habits, out-of-home consumption, snacking occasions have become more common, and less attention is being paid to nutritional intake for a variety of reasons. This report focuses on regional consumer trend updates on the European continent.

In association with FMCG Gurus

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Regional consumer trend updates- Europe
(in cooperation with FMCG Gurus)

  • Addressing dietary habits and mental wellbeing are a priority
  • Focus on disease management in the wake of COVID-19
  • Plant-based alternatives mimicking the experience of eating animal produce
  • Moments of guilt-free indulgence
  • Customised health products dealing with specific health needs

EXTRA: EU F&B regulatory review

This report takes a broad look at some of the main regulatory issues affecting food and beverage companies in the months and years ahead. What do they mean for your business?The main points covered are:

  • EU regulatory update
  • EU General Food Law reform
  • Novel foods
  • Spotlight on GMOs
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy 
  • The European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy
  • New rules on origin labelling
  • Brexit-related changes to food labelling