Food ingredients developments in Europe throughout 2021 and years ahead

This report takes a broad look at some of the main regulatory issues affecting food and beverage companies in the months and years ahead. What do they mean for your business?

Flavour innovation plays several roles in consumers’ experience of food and drink, such as providing a wide variety of flavours regardless of the season, helping create healthier products without compromising on taste, and as a way to make flavours from scarce resources accessible to more people.

Protein has become a purchase driver for many consumers, from sportspeople looking for protein-boosted products to build muscles and improve performance, to mainstream shoppers seeking products for satiety and post-workout recovery.

Meat and egg alternatives use a wide and growing range of plant-derived ingredients, such as mung bean protein to make a realistic scramble, or soy and wheat protein for a meat-like texture in vegetarian burger patties, sausages, nuggets, and even whole muscle meat alternatives.

This report discusses the European beverage market. The preferences of diverse cultures within this relatively small continent are very varied. In general, Europeans are willing to spend their money on drinks that suit their tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

The European Union is among the world’s largest producers and consumers of dairy products, but one of the biggest stories in the dairy sector over the past few years has not been about dairy at all. This report examines the dairy and dairy alternatives in Europe.

There has been a strong push toward healthier baked goods and snack products across Europe, including efforts to cut salt, sugar and saturated fat. However, when it comes to bakery and snack products, there is always room for indulgence. Read this report to find out more.

The condiments aisle has emerged as a surprisingly innovative area over the past few years, following decades of stagnation. It is a challenging area for new brands as they struggle to find room next to the big players; however, startups have started to change that, while also forcing larger brands to rethink their portfolios.


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What do these reports offer?

Health ingredients report 2021

This report examines how the pandemic has accelerated many trends that were already shaping the food and drink industry and how demand for healthy foods, functional ingredients and supplements has risen as a result.

The main points covered are:

  • Opportunities and hurdles for health ingredients
  • Macro trends in health ingredients
  • Making ingredients approachable
  • How to deliver functional benefits
  • Immunity innovation: Fermented botanicals
  • Green and clean: Upcycled ingredients

Plant-based ingredients report 2021

Demand for plant-based food and drink is a global trend rooted in long-term concerns for sustainability and health. As more brands adopt traditional, biomass, and precision fermentation methods, the taste, texture and functionality of animal-free products improve, raising sensory expectations and attracting more flexitarian eaters. This report analyses the opportunities and hurdles in the plant-based F&B market.

The main points covered are:

  • Plant-based per product category
  • Plant-based beyond proteins
  • Plant-based ingredients to watch
  • Industry focus points
  • What will shape the plant-based category moving forward?

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