Sponsorship Opportunities

The difference between good and great

How are you planning to drive traffic to your online and physical booth?

Sponsorship opportunities are a cost-effective and high-performing way to get noticed among 1,200 exhibitors, allowing you to spend time on things that matter during the event.

A good preparation is the key to a great exhibition.

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Why sponsorship?

Sponsorship opportunities are a cost-effective way to reach your business objectives.





Choose the formula that works best for you.

Online Sponsorship

Online sponsorship opportunities come with various benefits - enormous increase in brand awareness, product promotion and showcasing thought leadership to an extended audience.

In-Person Sponsorship [limited offer]

Whether you want to drive traffic to your booth, have relevant buyers taste your products, host a conference, or have your company’s logo visible to attendees, these sponsorship opportunities are for you.

Know what to expect

89% chance to get attention

During an online event, attendees spend 89% of their time watching sessions.

Lead Generation

40% of leads are generated during sponsored sessions

#1 most profitable investment!

60% of leads are generated through sponsored sessions, making them the most profitable investment for exhibitors

Thought Leadership

91% of attendees were aware of the Content Sessions with an average of over 250 attendees per session

3.1 times more leads!

Sponsors at online events generated an average of 3.1 times more leads than the ordinary exhibitor

Brand Awareness

Exhibitor Showcases increased brand awareness by 52% on average

Highlighted Sponsorship Items

Exclusive banner on the Fi Europe website

Publish an exclusive top leaderboard banner on all pages of the official Fi Europe website.

  • Your banner will be the only one shown during the time you purchase
  • Available per week, from Monday to Sunday
  • Directed to your company profile on the Fi Europe online platform or to a website of your choice


Retargeting works so well because it only shows ads to the SPECIFIC peopleyou are trying to reach – in this case, the website visitors of Ingredients Network, Fi Global Insights or any Food ingredients event website, such as Fi Europe.

By purchasing a retargeting package, you can reach our online audience of over 800,000 users annually and your ads will show on nearly all websites that our audience visits like cnn.com, weather.com, and thousands of others.

Email newsletter advertising

Sponsored article

Publish your sponsored article in the Ingredients Network newsletter (90,000 subscribers) and promote your product before or during Fi Europe.

The article is posted online, published in the newsletter, and linked to your company profile on the Fi Europe online platform.

Display Ads

Display ad in the weekly Ingredients Network newsletter, with over 90,000 subscribers. The banner is featured at the top or at the middle of the newsletter and linked your company profile on the Fi Europe online platform.

Custom HTML Email - targeted

Direct traffic to your online company profile, product profile, or to your in-person stand to generate additional attention before or during the event.

Select your target audience based on:

  • Product interest
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Job level
  • Geographical area

Exhibitor Showcase

The Exhibitor Showcase sessions provide the perfect platform for exhibitors to showcase their new ingredients, latest research or market insights. Sessions can include sales presentations, product launches, workshops, and demos.

Includes session attendee list with GDPR compliant data post-event.

New Product Zone

Display your latest innovations during Fi Europe in Frankfurt with a Product Pod, giving new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market.

Sponsored Ad on the Platform

Gain exposure in front of the event attendees on the online platform homepage and reach users of the Mobile App at the same time by displaying a promotional ad of your company or services. When attendees click on your ad, they are redirected to your company page in the platform.