Fi Europe in Frankfurt

30 Nov - 2 Dec 2021

During the in-person event you can strengthen new relationships established during the online event and take them a step further.

This is also the perfect place to offer your potential partners sensory experiences through your products and solutions.

Being a part of the relevant zone makes your brand visible to relevant visitors.

The Venue

The in-person event will be organised in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standard to ensure that you can get back to business in person safely and confidently. 

Frankfurt, Germany is the hub of innovation in the food & beverage ingredients industry. 

Download the full floor plan and check the zones, pavilions, where your industry peers and competitors are, and choose the best location for your booth.

Zones and Pavilions

Food Ingredients

The full spectrum ranging from Additives, Bakery, Dairy, Proteins, Flavouring & Texture, Functional Foods, Consulting services and much more.

Health Ingredients

Dedicated to ingredients with proven health benefits & contributing to digestive, cognitive, or physical health, or immunity.


A zone dedicated to specialist suppliers of organically certified food ingredients & food.


For companies specialising in processing technologies, R&D services, consultancy services, analytical & laboratory equipment, food safety & hygiene, software, certification services and more. 

Free From

For companies specialising in ingredients that help with reactions to food allergies or intolerances, including gluten-free and sugar-free products.

Natural Ingredients

This zone is dedicated to companies focused on plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients in nature and extracted using simple methods.

Country Pavilion

Hosted jointly with leading industry associations, these pavilions are dedicated to companies from specific countries or regions, aimed at promoting products from these regions.

Ingredients focused Pavilion

This specialised pavilion is for companies who offer specific ingredients - Omega 3 and Probiotics. 


Benefits of the in-person event

More sensory experiences

Give your prospects a taste of your products and win them over with a truly sensory experience that no online event can replace.

Seal the Deal

You have worked hard to build a network prior to the event. The in-person event will help you successfully finalise business deals with a variety of opportunities. "

No time to nurture

Spend time with your existing clients and strengthen those relationships.

It's all about being there!

Showcase your products and innovation alongside a wide range of F&B ingredients companies, right from industry giants to upcoming startups.

Want to discuss further? Or not sure which is the best solution for your business? Get in touch for a tailored proposal.