Managing Director, Global M&A – Beverages, KPMG Corporate Finance

Ross Colbert leads KPMG Corporate Finance's coverage in global beverages. He has over 30 years in beverage industry valuation, capital markets and M&A advisory. His industry knowledge and deal experience includes soft drinks, beer, wine & spirits, coffee, tea and plant based beverage companies. His industry insights have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and shared on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Senior Scientist Protein Technology, Wageningen University & Research

Laurice is a research scientist and project leader ‘Protein technology’ at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Laurice trained as a protein chemist in France, after which she acquired her PhD in the Food Chemistry chair group of WUR, studying potato proteins. Laurice further pursued interest in plant proteins at NIZO, a contract research institute, and subsequently at Cargill, where she gained experience in (mild) fractionation, structuring and application in food products using a broad range of plant proteins. Laurice is driven to contribute to improving the quality of new sources of protein and delivering sustainable and tasty food products.

Research Team Leader, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Emilia Nordlund is the leader of Food Solutions research team at VTT Ltd. Her scientific expertise is in processing of plan-based materials for food ingredients and food applications. In particular, she has experience on enzyme-aided modification of cereal materials, valorisation of plant-based proteins for food applications and dietary fibre technologies. More recently she has explored cellular agriculture for food and development of new health promoting eating concepts.

Senior Research Manager - Menu, Technomic

Lizzy Freier is a Senior Research Manager of Menu at Technomic, a Winsight Company. Lizzy covers trending flavors, ingredients, dishes and preparations for food and beverage at independent restaurants, emerging chains and top chain restaurant brands. She has also analysed global trends. She has presented at numerous conferences in the U.S. and internationally on menu trend development, data and forecasting for restaurant operators, manufacturers and distributors. She currently resides in Chicago.

Senior Consumer Research Scientist, ProVeg International

Dr Kai-Brit Bechtold is a Senior Consumer Research Scientist at ProVeg and a lecturer with extensive expertise on developments, trends, and data in the food sector. Before holding positions on agency side for Nielsen and then on industry side for Upfield (formerly Unilever), she worked as Scientific Researcher (PhD and Postdoc) at the Department of Food Economics and Consumption Studies at the University of Kiel and investigated consumers‘ preferences and willingness-to-pay for innovative food products. Her passion for sustainable food and her knowledge of insights into consumer trends and behaviour, position her as a true food industry expert.

Sensory and Consumer Research Consultant, Carol Raithatha Ltd.

Carol Raithatha's professional space is sensory evaluation, consumer research, and market research. She is director of Carol Raithatha Limited, a UK based consultancy which focuses on food and drink and related sectors, such as personal care and homecare. Clients include multinational consumer goods companies, smaller manufacturers, and research organisations and agencies. Carol is the author of a number of market reports and articles on topics including food and drink trends, flavours, packaging, salt reduction, and more. She is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Food Science and Technology and a committee member of its Sensory Science Group. Carol is also a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

Prinicipal Food Law Adviser and Allergen Specialist, Campden BRI

Dr Helen Arrowsmith is currently a Principal Food Law Adviser in the Regulatory Affairs Department at Campden BRI. Helen uses her knowledge, gained over 16 years working with the food and drink industry, to provide advice and consultancy on relevant UK and harmonised EU legislation, to present on training courses on food law, and to contribute to publications. Helen is also a food allergen specialist; having spent 9 years managing the provision of technical contract services in the area of food allergen detection, including interpretation of testing results and delivery of consultancy, information and advice on food allergen analysis, and cleaning validation for allergen removal

Executive Director, European Flavour Association (EFFA)

joining the EFFA secretariat in 2016, Mr Mohr was the Secretary General of APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel Packaging, and previously headed the public affairs practice for the European container glass industry (FEVE). Mr Mohr has previously worked for a political think tank on global political party consulting issues and has been a lecturer on international relations at the ‘Institut d’études Politiques de Paris’ (SciencePo) and Senior Advisor to the Permanent Thai Delegation to UNESCO in Paris. He has published several articles and interviews in the context of EU regulatory and policy developments and more recently on the EU Flavour Regulation progression.

Expert Immune Health, TNO

Dr Jolanda van Bilsen is Senior Scientist Immune Health and Food Allergy at TNO. She is a board certified Immunologist (SMBWO) and a European registered Toxicologist (ERT). The unifying theme of her work at TNO has been the application of academic knowledge to modify and/or strengthen immune responses by microbes, pharma or food components. She is currently involved in several applied research programs applying artificial intelligence solutions in immune health, food allergy and immunotherapy initiatives, and works as a consultant for companies.

Founder & Owner, European Baking Innovation

Richard Charpentier is a classically trained French baker, Certified Master Baker, holds a degree in Baking Science from KSU with a minor in Cereal Chemistry, and a degree in Sales and Marketing from Benjamin Morel, France. Richard spent years working in the industry in retail bakeries and for large CPG Brands where he held and led Research and Development positions.

President, Culinary Tides, Inc.

Suzy Badaracco is the President of Culinary Tides, Inc. and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminalistics, Associate degree in Culinary Arts, and Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Suzy has been trained in military intelligence, Chaos theory, and predictive analysis techniques, and has been practicing trends intelligence and predictive forecasting for more than 15 years. Using these techniques, she has been able to successfully predict and profile government, technology, adversary and ally, food, flavour, consumer, industry, and health trends. Culinary Tides, Inc. helps food industry partners navigate trends by revealing relevant patterns so they can create products that connect with customers. They specialise in foretelling a trend’s birth and forecasting its trajectory, personality and longevity. The forecast results are used to create entrance, navigation, and exit strategies.

Food Texture Consultant, Big Village Consulting Ltd.

Linda Bellekom-Allen is a specialist in hydrocolloids in food applications. As technical and sales support for cellulosics, she developed a broad and practical working knowledge of most food gums and how to assist developers in using them. She was instrumental in the incorporation of methylcellulose in plant-based foods and the dramatic improvement of texture in gluten free bread using hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Now a consultant, not tied to company or product range, she can advise on hydrocolloid selection and use, based on the developer’s requirements.Linda lives in the UK and has a small development kitchen with lots of pots of gums.

Group Leader, Functional Ingredients and Lipids Team, Reading Scientific Services Ltd.

Rachel is Group Leader of RSSL's Functional Ingredients and Lipids Teams. Rachel has over 10 years’ experience working within the Food industry. This extensive experience includes the analysis of vitamins, natural products and other ingredients in a wide range of food matrices. Her work has supported new product development, stability studies, claim substantiation and manufacturing troubleshooting.

Senior Scientist and Project Leader, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research

Dr Stefano Renzetti works as senior scientist and project leader at Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands). His research activities focus on carbohydrates and proteins, with applications related to topics of sugar reduction, dietary fibre and protein enrichment in bakery and confectionary products. Stefano works on integrating food science with polymers science theories and on translating them into practical food applications. His research activities have helped the industry in the development of new products with improved nutritional composition, such as sweet bakery products with no added sugars and with concomitant fibre enrichment, for example. Stefano received the Harald Perten prize 2018 from ICC for his contribution to the furtherance of cereal science and technology towards practical applications.

Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Mike Hughes is Head of Research and Insight at FMCG Gurus and has over thirteen years’ experience of analyzing consumer attitudes and behaviours across the food, drink and nutritional supplement sectors.

Co-Founder & COO, Renewal Mill

Caroline Cotto is the Chief Operating Officer of Renewal Mill, a venture-backed startup creating a new circular economy of food by upcycling the byproducts of food manufacturing into premium ingredients and products. A marketing and nutrition specialist, Caroline has experience at the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator, UN World Food Programme, the White House (for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative), and HubSpot. In addition to her role at Renewal Mill, Caroline is serving as the inaugural Board President of the Upcycled Food Association, a new trade association, dedicated to accelerating the growth of the upcycled food industry.

Consultant Nutrition & Health, De Vries Nutrition Solutions & Nutrition Consultants Cooperative

Dr Jan de Vries has a background in Biology, Human nutrition and Pharmacology. In 2010, after 4 years' governmental and 20 years' industrial experience, he started his consultancy, De Vries Nutrition Solutions, to support organisations and industries in the application of nutrition sciences in food innovation. Jan joined the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative in 2017 to share forces for complex projects in that nutrition and health innovation area. Furthermore, Jan volunteers in several international scientific initiatives, such as working groups extending on the Dutch initiative, Nutrition in Transition, that he initiated in 2015 with Prof. Feskens, the Healthgrain Forum and the Whole Grain Initiative.

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Prohibition Partners

Stephen Murphy is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Prohibition Partners, the leading source of intelligence and insights into the European cannabis industry and Co-Founder of Cannabis Europa, Europe’s premier medical cannabis conference. Stephen is also Co-Founder & Director of Prohibition Holdings, a global leader in cannabis data, events and media, managing a portfolio of some of the best-known brands in the industry. With a background in technology, digital media and corporate finance, Stephen works with investors, entrepreneurs and regulators to identify, qualify and maximise the opportunities in this emerging frontier.

Senior Associate Principal Scientist, Reading Scientific Services Ltd.

Carole Bingley is a Senior Associate Principal Scientist working in RSSL’s Product and Ingredient Innovation Team. During her time with RSSL, Carole has undertaken ingredient evaluation and product development projects on a contract basis, for clients in several different food industry sectors. A Food Science graduate from Reading University, with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University, Carole has over 25 years’ experience in the food industry. This vast experience includes developing dairy and vegan meat alternatives based on plant proteins, as well as working with a wide range of sweeteners and bulking agents across many food categories.

Founder & CEO, Amai Proteins

Dr Ilan Samish founded Amai Proteins (Amai meaning 'sweet' in Japanese) that is making the world's first healthy sweetener, enabling cost-effective sugar reduction without hampering the full-sugar sensory profile. Amai fits proteins to the mass food-market by coupling Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) to sustainable, environmentally-friendly precision-fermentation. With a PhD (Weizmann Institute) and postdoc (UPenn), Ilan was a lecturer (Weizmann, Hebrew University, Braude College) in genetics, biochemistry, physical-chemistry and computational biology. He also founded the world’s main conference on computational structural-biology. After publishing the CPD book, he decided to devote his time to cure the food we eat rather than the diseases that result from it.

CEO, FUMI Ingredients

Dr Corjan van den Berg holds a Bsc in Food Technology, Msc in Biotechnology and received his PhD at Delft University of Technology in 2010 on Process Technology, which he performed at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Science (TNO). After his postdoc, he worked at Purac (now Corbion) as a project leader on lactic acid produced from lignocellulosic biomass. From 2011 onwards, he has been focusing on the topic of algae biorefinery, initially at TNO where he was the lead in building the world’s first mobile algae biorefinery, and from 2016 onwards he has been working as an Assistant Professor on the topic of biorefinery at Wageningen University. He is currently CEO of FUMI Ingredients, which is developing non-GMO egg-white replacers based on micro-organisms.

Scientist Immunology, Risk Analysis for Products In Development

Dr Ir Marjolein Meijerink is currently leading the research regarding allergenicity risk assessment of new or modified food proteins at TNO. Based on their extensive scientific track record in the field of Food Allergen Risk assessment and Management, TNO offers tailor-made qualitative protein allergenicity assessment consultancy, based on multiple hazard parameters regarding product characterisation (e.g. source of protein, food matrix properties), physical and chemical properties (e.g. structure, digestibility), biological properties (e.g. cross-reactivity with other allergens), and de novo allergenic properties.She supports companies in addressing specific needs regarding allergenicity risk assessment tailored to their product development pipelines.

Associate Principal Scientist (Lipids), Reading Scientific Services Ltd.

A lipids technical specialist, Ben has been with RSSL for six years and uses a variety of analytical techniques to ensure clients understand their products, using his skills to problem-solve issues related primarily with lipid chemistry. This vital service helps to protect a client’s brand quality and ensure that consumer expectations are maintained. Ben has been working within the industry for over 13 years and has gained wide knowledge across the field of analytical chemistry, with specialisms in materials science, analytical method development, chromatography and spectroscopy.

Vice-Chair, European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)

Claudia Mucciardi is a Vice-Chair of the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance and Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs for EMEA at Glanbia Performance Nutrition. Claudia has over a decade’s worth of experience in compliance of sports foods and supplements, with previous roles at Herbalife and GSK. Claudia has extensive knowledge and experience working with harmonised EU legislation, as well as dealing with challenges which arise from differing national legislation, or from various interpretations of existing food law.

Vice-chair, The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)

Dr Luca Bucchini is a Food Risk Scientist, and an expert in food and food supplement regulation. After public health and food risk assessment studies at Johns Hopkins in the US, he co-founded the Rome-based food consultancy Hylobates, 17 years ago. He and his team have helped register thousands of food supplements across Europe, and supported businesses in complying with EU law. He has worked with the sports nutrition and food supplement industry for years, with its intriguing scientific and regulatory challenges. In the food and food supplement sector, Luca routinely helps companies manage crisis situations and recalls. Luca is vice-chair of ESSNA, the European Sports and Specialist Nutrition Alliances, and a director of EuroFIR., the non-profit food and food supplement composition organisation.

Market Manager Europe, Roquette

Eva Esparza holds a double bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Valencia University EG and a degree in Food Technology from UPV Engineering school. With the eagerness to reinforce her knowledge in marketing and business, Eva pursued an Executive MBA from the European University in Valencia. She is the Area Market Manager for the specialised nutrition, confectionery & snacks markets in Europe. She joined Roquette in 2007 as Market Development Manager for the Food GBU, giving support to customers and the commercial team with focus on savory, baking and specialised nutrition market. Eva is currently based in Valencia, Spain.

Director Global Trends and Insight, Foodtrending

Jamie Rice is Global Director Trends and Insight for Foodtrending. Foodtrending are global food market analysts, providing data and insight on consumer food and industrial ingredients markets. Jamie heads the team identifying future food and beverage trends and is a project lead in providing tailored market intelligence solutions and growth insight for global clients. He has worked for Foodtrending since 2001 and is a regular presenter on food industry markets and trends, and has appeared on the BBC, FT as well as in a variety of industry publications.

Executive Director, Clean Label Project

Jaclyn Bowen MPH, MS is a Food and Consumer Products Quality and Safety Systems Engineer and Executive Director of Clean Label Project, a national consumer advocacy and standards development organisation, with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Clean Label Project uses retail sampling and testing to benchmark product quality and purity of America's best selling food and consumer products, conduct consumer product investigations, publish peer-reviewed studies, and award Clean Label Project's coveted evidence-based Purity Award. Before coming to Clean Label Project, Jaclyn held numerous technical, standards development, food safety, quality, and executive roles within the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre, NSF International. Her expertise is in organic, gluten-free, non-GMO labeling, food safety, and label claim substantiation and compliance. Bowen holds a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology, a Master of Science in Quality Engineering and a Master of Public Health in Management and Policy.

Co-Founder, Kitchentown Berlin

In 2018 Eike Kieras founded KitchenTown Berlin together with Lukas Neuß. As co-founder, he is dedicating all his professional attention to startups, venture building and food innovation. Earlier, Eike used to work as a strategic consultant for the Bahlsen Group.

Director, Consulting and Technical Services, NSF International

A graduate in Food science from Reading University, Jackie has over 30 years’ experience leading food manufacturing and retail technical programs globally. Throughout her career, she has lived and worked in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, and Australia returning to the UK to work for NSF in 2016. Her career has seen her involved in managing some significant food safety challenges including the BSE crisis and Horsemeat scandals. Jackie regularly represents the food industry on various government and other stakeholder groups which help shape food safety policy and direction. In her current role as Consulting and Technical Services Director, she leads a team of over 30 technical specialists who provide food safety consulting, advise and training to a wide selection of retail, hospitality and manufacturing clients globally. Jackie is a fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology. Passionate and committed to product safety and integrity, Jackie sees her role as one that supports the industry to grow and produce food in ways that are good for the industry, the consumer and respectful of the world we live in.

Founder & Managing Principal, Shantalla Inc.

Mr. Keogh is a strategist, C-level advisor and academic researcher with 25 years of executive leadership roles as Director, VP and SVP in global Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Technology Consulting and global Supply Chain Standards. He advises the public and private sectors worldwide and is a regular subject matter expert on TV and Radio.Mr. Keogh is managing principal at Toronto-based, niche advisory and research firm Shantalla Inc. With a passion for simplifying complexity and reducing information asymmetry in food chains, his advisory and research focus is primarily on how technologies can combine with industry standards and analytical science to enhance transparency and trust and meet regulatory requirements. Mr. Keogh holds a PG diploma and an MBA in Management and an MSc in Business and Management Research in transparency and trust. He is currently completing doctoral research on transparency and trust in food chains at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Business Creation Manager, EIT Food

Founder, YOGUT.ME & Synbiotic Kitchen

Aline de Santa Izabel is a microbiologist, bioengineer, and food-tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in product development and innovation. She is a leading voice within personalized nutrition and gut health in Sweden. As the founder of YOGUT ME, an award-winning, science-based startup pioneering personalised nutrition in the Nordics, she combined her passions for food innovation, microbiome science, impact, and sustainability. She has also founded Synbiotic Kitchen, an educational platform which uses fermentation as a tool to promote knowledge about gut health and the microbiome.

Founder & CEO, FlavorWiki

Daniel Protz is the Founder & CEO of FlavorWiki, a digital company that is revolutionising the way the food industry collects, analysesand interacts with consumer, sales and R&D related data. The FlavorWiki Platform combines advanced data and machine learning techniques with easy-to-use features that facilitate digital communication with consumers, colleagues and suppliers around the world. The company counts major CPG and Ingredient Companies amongst its clients,and conducts research around the world in more than 14 languages. Daniel started his career in computer driven commodity trading before moving into the eCommerce and digital industries. He earned a BA in Political Science from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University.

Partner & Managing Director, L.E.K. Counsulting

Rob Wilson is Managing Director and Partner at L.E.K. Consulting, based out of Chicago and leads the Food & Beverage practice of L.E.K. Consulting in North America. Rob is a regular speaker at industry conferences, white paper author, and is regularly quoted & published by the media. Rob received his Master of Business Administration with Honours from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering, Cum Laude, from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Content & Digital Director, Fi Global


With over 1.7M views a year, BAKERpedia has become the baking industry’s resource globally. Dr. Lin Carson created BAKERpedia while overseeing technical services at Wendy’s International and Dave’s Killer Bread. Dr. Carson obtained her BSc from the Ohio State University, and an MSc & PhD from Kansas State University. Seeing that there is a need for a global baking community, Dr. Carson launched a free membership program at BAKERpedia, providing LIVE stream seminars, original papers and a forum based community. You can catch Dr Carson on her BAKED In Science podcast, on YouTube BAKERpediatv, or follow her on LinkedIn.

Senior bakery scientist, Campden BRI

Lucas Westpal started his career in the food industry in 2011 in a German artisan bakery, where he completed an apprenticeship as a baker. Afterwards, he graduated from Hochschule Niederrhein with a BSc in Ecotrophology before moving to the UK to pursue an MSc in Food Science at the University of Reading. After graduating with a first class from UoR in 2018, he started to work for Campden BRI as a Senior Bakery Scientist. In this role, Lucas has been working on multiple research projects aiming to increase the fibre content of baked goods while utilising by-products of the food industry.

CEO & Founder, Qina

Mariëtte Abrahams is the CEO of Qina, a niche consultancy and platform that provides market intelligence and access to experts in personalised nutrition to launch projects fast. Mariëtte has a combined background in business, research and nutrition with a passion for prevention, health and technology. She is based in sunny Portugal, enjoying a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle with her family.

Founder & Head, Einerhand Science & Innovation

In 2015, Sandra Einerhand founded Einerhand Science & Innovation, a nutrition and health consultancy providing tailored solutions to infant formula, food (ingredient) and beverage companies around the world. Einerhand Science & Innovation wants to make a sustainable health difference by turning science into practice. Therefore, the company offers science-based strategic advice and services going from innovative product ideas to product commercialisation strategies, and go-to-market communication. Special focus is on early life and targeted nutrition solutions. Before 2015, Sandra worked as R&I Director for several multinationals including Danone and Tate & Lyle, and as Associate Professor at the Erasmus Medical Center.

CEO & Co-Founder, Tastewise

Alon Chen is the co-founder and CEO of Tastewise, the food intelligence platform that powers some of the world's leading food brands. Established in 2017, Tastewise fuels product, marketing and sales innovation by giving customers access to up-to-date insights, collected across billions of data points. No outdated reports, no guesswork. Previously, Alon was a Google executive, where he founded and launched Google Partners in 27 countries. He served as Google's Chief Marketing Officer in Israel and Greece, and led the global relationship with the World Economic Forum.

Ingredients Research Team Leader, Campden BRI

Tiia Morsky is an Ingredient Research Team Leader within the Consulting Technology Group at Campden BRI, and joined the organisation in January 2015. The Ingredient Section utilises an extensive understanding of both ingredient science and technology to further develop the fundamental understanding of the interaction of ingredients, recipes and processes for the food and drink industries. Tiia is responsible for a variety of projects encompassing ingredient and process optimisation, characterisation and design within the ingredients sector. Tiia specialises in ingredient properties and processes of pulses and other plant proteins. Tiia’s areas of interest include the effect of processing on the techno-functional properties and nutritional value of ingredient and food products, and how to use plant-based ingredients to replace animal-based ingredients, such as egg and milk proteins. She graduated from the University of Helsinki with an MSc in Food Science.

Program Manager Sustainable Food Chains, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Sanne Stroosnijder works as Program Manager Sustainable Food Chains at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), where she is responsible for the research program ‘Food Waste Prevention & Utilisation’. With a team of multidisciplinary researchers, she works on effective prevention, reduction and valorisation strategies, technologies and innovations. Sanne is part of the core team of the Dutch Foundation United Against Food Waste in over 80 companies, organisations and knowledge partners work closely together with their government to deliver SDG 12.3 and reduce food loss and waste in the Netherlands by 50% in 2030.

Managing Partner, The Healthy Marketing Team

With over 15 years of experience in healthy marketing, and having worked in more than 20 countries from US to Kazakhstan, Aurore de Monclin leads brand positioning and innovation projects for medical nutrition, food, beverage and ingredient clients. She brings a global perspective and practical expertise on how to understand customers’ health needs and develop better targeted brands, faster to market.

CEO & Co-Founder, Phytolon

Dr Halim Jubran is an entrepreneur who aims to bring biotechnology-based natural ingredients to the global market. Holding a PhD in biotechnology, Halim combines his experience in execution and project management at industrial disciplines, with deep technological knowledge and scientific understanding. Halim’s vision consists of exploiting the current scientific advancement in the field of biotechnology and food engineering, to promote human health and environmental sustainability.

Adviser, Regulatory Affairs at EAS Strategies

Claire Lennon is an expert in EU regulation across the nutritional and functional food categories, with a particular focus on food supplements, fortified foods, botanicals and novel food applications. She is specialised in ingredient and product evaluations, labelling, claims and market access. Claire has an educational background in biological and health sciences and a diploma in herbal medicine.

Founder, Foodscape Group

Dr Rachel Cheatham is Founder & CEO of Foodscape Group, LLC, a nutrition strategy consultancy based in Chicago, IL, USA. Serving as a navigation partner, Rachel helps companies and brands successfully conceptualise & position healthier foods and beverages in the global marketplace. Rachel holds a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry from Tufts University, where she is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Food Marketing. She has been a commercial TV producer, Director at the International Food Information Council, and Senior Vice President at the global public relations firm Weber Shandwick. She is a Professional Member of the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of both the American Society of Nutrition and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is active on LinkedIn as well as blogging at Foodscape Finds.

Senior Analyst - Global Food Science, Mintel

Emma Schofield’s role at Mintel covers general nutrition, health and wellness, ingredients and additives, and food labelling and regulatory developments that may impact NPD. Emma prepares strategic insight and analysis that answers clients' questions on topics such as sugar reduction, clean label, and plant-based dieting, which helps clients to drive their NPD pipelines forward and create a competitive advantage.

Value Chain Manager,

Hannah Leighton is the Value Chain Manager at where she supports projects dedicated to tracking local and sustainable food, and leads the ripeCommunity project. Hannah has spent a decade working in the local food systems space, including several years writing about food, working in hospitality, and farming on vegetable and small-scale livestock farms across the country. She has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from the New School University and a Master’s degree in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Independant Consultant, John Points Consulting

John Points provides advice to the food industry and regulators on risk-based testing plans, the role of analysis in supply chain assurance for food safety and authenticity, laboratory capabilities, and interpretation of results. He has held senior roles in both analytical testing and food retail industries, and is a GFSI Lead Auditor.

Attorney-at-law, AXON lawyers

Karin Verzijden is a Life Sciences Lawyer with a focus on functional foods, feed and pharmaceuticals. She assists companies regarding the market introduction of innovations in this field. This includes the qualification of new ingredients and advising on the appropriate regulatory pathway belonging thereto, such as for Novel Foods or additives. Karin is familiar with the authorities supervising these types of products and provides assistance in enforcement actions when needed. Karin furthermore drafts and negotiates a variety of commercial contracts in her field of expertise, and advises on GDPR aspects. Karin reports current EU food and regulatory developments at

Researcher Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Nesli Sözer, DSc (Technology) is a Research Professor in smart and sustainable food production at VTT Ltd (Technical Research Centre of Finland). She has more than 20 years' expertise on food material science and food ingredient/product design. Nesli is passionate about immersing food research into new technologies and connecting it with health and nutrition solutions. Currently, she is leading research projects focusing on decentralised on-demand food production and augmented reality.

Food and Drink Associate Director, Specialised Nutrition, Mintel

As an Associate Director for Specialised Nutrition, Rick Miller’s unique experience as a practicing dietitian and medical liaison to FMCG, FSMP and supplementation brands, allows him to combine clinical experience with patients, scientific understanding and consumer market insight to advise clients exactly how to maximise penetration in the fast moving category of specialised nutrition.

Consultant, Reading Scientific Services Ltd.

Professor Kathy Groves FRMS, FIFST has over 40 years’ experience in the food microscopy field, covering research into a range of products, including ingredient functionality and reformulation, meat product quality, emulsions and confectionery products. She has worked with the UK Food Standards Agency and Defra on methods to detect mechanically separated meat, and has presented on nanotechnology to the UK Government. Kathy is a Fellow of the RMS and IFST and is visiting professor at the University of Chester. She is currently a consultant in the food microstructure area.

International Head of Food Industry & Retail, ProVeg International

Verena Wiederkehr heads a dedicated team focused on accelerating the plant-based market. Her experience in working for corporates in the food sector and expert knowledge of the latest developments in the plant-based market, position Verena as a leading speaker on the future of food. Verena holds Masters degrees from the University of Vienna in both International Business and European Studies, and is a certified nutrition trainer.

CEO, Food Strategy Instityte

Ir Rob Kooijmans is Co-founder and CEO of the Food Strategy Institute. He has over 22 years of experience in the international food industry and has held various senior positions as QA director and VP QA. He has worked for large multinationals like Unilever and DSM, and also for large privately held companies like Farm Frites. Rob is also the co-founder and co-owner of - a boutique consulting agency for the food sector and Food Safety Experts - an online training and coaching business aimed at quality managers in the international food industry. Rob is a celebrated speaker and author in the areas of quality and food safety.

Founder, Culture Compass, IFST

Denis Treacy founded Culture Compass in early 2019 after 40 years in FMCG roles. Denis worked the last 5 years as Global President of Safety, Quality, Security & Environment for Pladis Global. As engaging, driven & decisive Executive Leader, Denis has experience within Publicly Listed, Venture Capital & Family Owned businesses. After 10 years working in scientific roles, he spent the next 30 years in leadership, safeguarding & governance of people, brands, assets & business integrity. Denis is a recognised Food Industry Leader, with a proven record of step changing safety, food safety and quality performance.

Senior Researcher, AZTI

Clara Talens, PhD in Agricultural Engineering, is a Senior Researcher in New Foods at AZTI (Spain). She has just under 10 years' experience in managing public and private funded R&D projects towards a more personalised and sustainable food sector. She is currently working on new product development, based on incorporating fruit and vegetable fractions in bakery and ready-to-eat formulations, reducing the amount of non-desired ingredients (sugar, fat), and increasing the amount of health-promoting ingredients (protein, dietary fibre) by applying new technologies and processes that maintain the sensory quality. As well as innovating with startups under EU framework programs, she also collaborates with food companies from idea generation to industrial scale-up.

Director, Berry Ottaway & Associates Ltd.

Sam Jennings provides advice to industry and governments globally, on scientific, technical and UK/EU regulatory aspects of food - from initial product concept to product labelling and marketing. Sam is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) in the UK and Chair of the IFST Food Regulatory Steering Group. She is also Vice-Chair of the UK Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards Business Expert (Food Standards & Labelling) Group and is a member of the UK Food Standards Agency’s Working Group on Food Standards.

Senior Consultant - food safety, health and regulations, lsbi | life science-based innovations

Christiaan Kalk obtained a Master's degree in biology (microbiology) at Groningen University in 1987. Managing sales and marketing of contract research within TNO for more than two decades, he became increasingly involved as a project manager and a senior advisor in regulatory affairs, testing strategy, life sciences and communication. In close cooperation with experts in areas including toxicology, nutrition, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology, Christiaan served hundreds of clients in the international food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In numerous studies and projects he contributed to successful innovations, including novel foods like plant sterols/stanols and algal oils as sources for essential fatty acids, as well as a new UV-filter in sunscreens and a new cleaning technology for membranes used in beer filtration. In 2017, Christiaan founded lsbi | life science-based innovations.

Founder and Head of R&D, Noquo Foods

Anja Leissner comes from a food loving family with a background in biotechnology, immunotechnology and food science. She has been working in the food industry as well as at LundsUniversity with a focus on dairy processing, technology and oils. The correlation between what we eat and our health, has always been close to Anja’s heart and something she devoted both time and research to. After a couple of years immersed deep in the dairy industry, she got intrigued by a project researching insects and plants as alternative protein sources for cheese. By the end of the 3-months project, she had got an initial taste of the potential in developing new plant-based products and eventually in 2019, she decided to start Noquo Foods together with her business partner and tech entrepreneur Sorosh Tavakoli. The focus is to develop sustainable products that are delicious and nutritious,and to lead the next generation food products. Having raiseda seed round of EUR 3.25M, the company now employs 8 people and is expected to launch its first product in 2020. Stay tuned to get a taste of the future!

International & National Head, ProVeg Incubator

Albrecht Wolfmeyer heads the ProVeg Incubator. ProVeg Incubator is the world’s leading Incubator of plant-based and cultured food startups. ProVeg Incubator's 40+ alumni startups come from all over the world and have now raised over €18 million and launched more than 40 products. Wolfmeyer has extensive professional experience in international profit and non-profit organizations and is an expert in NPO management, marketing and communications, strategy and project lead. Wolfmeyer was the co-founder and managing director of an online fundraising startup. He studied in Berlin, Toronto, Paris, and Fribourg.

Senior lecturer, City University

Dr Christian Reynolds is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London; Member of IFST Sustainable Interest Group, and an adjunct Research Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Food, University of Sheffield, and at the Barbara Hardy Institute for Sustainable Environments and Technologies, University of South Australia. Christian is recognised as a global expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets. He has worked on these issues in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK, US, and Europe. He is the lead editor of the Routledge Handbook of Food Waste (2019); he has also co-authoured over 40 peer reviewed publications, as well as multiple reports and book chapters. Christian has given evidence to UK and NZ parliaments on FLW and contributed to the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard. Christian also researches sustainable cookery; food history; and the political power of food in international relations.

Senior Content Producer, Fi Global

Kinga links in her work best solutions and science to food business through content creation for the biggest B2B exhibitions -Fi Europe and Fi North America. She is an experienced manager and a food expert. Throughout her career she has managed wide range of projects in the field of food sciences from product design to establishing strategic partnerships for R&D. She is also a food law expert, having managed for many years, association of food supplements producers and being part of formulating opinions in regulatory consultation process on national and EU level.

Director, New Nutrition Business

Julian Mellentin is the founder of New Nutrition Business, a consultancy providing strategy and science commercialisation insights in health and nutrition since 1995. His customers range from global players to start-ups. NNB is best-known for its annual 10 Key Trends in the Business of Food & Health.

Vice President & Market Leader, Health & Nutrition, SupplySide West, Informa

Jon Benninger focuses on the strategic direction and growth of SupplySide West, SupplySide East, and Natural Products Insider and works closely with top clients on their go-to-market strategies. He coordinates with leaders of the other Informa health and nutrition events and brands including Natural Products Expo West, Vitafoods, Food ingredients, NEXT and Nutrition Business Journal. Benninger joined Virgo Publishing in 1995 as the founding editor of the company’s first trade magazine for the nutrition industry and has served as editor, publisher, group publisher, business development director, and vice president of business development prior to his current position.

Head of the Laboratory and Business Development Manager, Imprint Analytics GmbH

David holds a PhD in isotope geochemistry with a scientific background in environmental and climate research. Being a member of international research teams, David has published more than 70 contributions in scientific journals and conferences. Since 2013, he has settled in Neutal, Austria, as a member of the grounding team of Imprint Analytics. He holds a regular member position in international committees and working groups (eg. AOAC, CEN) related to food authenticity testing.

Chief Knowledge Officer,

As a committed mountain bike racer, nutritionist, strategic thinker and a type 1 diabetic himself, Nard believes that knowing about your health, about yourself, your motivation and your goals and using that information for personalized advice will be the future of food. After working for the food industry for more than a decade, Nard joined the Dutch knowledge institute TNO in 2011 and setup the largest international research consortium on personalized nutrition and health together with Wageningen Research. In his new role, as of the 1stof September, he is the Chief Knowledge Officer in the personalized nutrition company FoodNed is a platform aiming to unburden the consumer with choosing and buying foods based on their personal profile.

VP of Strategic Insights North America, Innova Market Insights

Tom Vierhile is VP of Strategic Insights North America for Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights and has 20+years of experience in packaged goods reporting and analysis. Based in Fairport, New York, he is a new product marketing expert and has been quoted by Bloomberg, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR. Tom has given presentations on new product trends at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. A regular contributor to Prepared Foods magazine, Tom has a bachelor's degree in marketing from St. Bonaventure University and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Founder, The Healthy Marketing Team

Peter is the founder and lead consultant at HMT. With over 25 years of experience in international brand management and consultancy in nutrition, health and wellness, he set up HMT in 2007 with the mission to bring healthier brands and healthier business to its customers in the global nutrition industry. Peter is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in food and health marketing. He has authored several books and industry guides on the subject, including the latest FourFactors® for Growth Market Success book with the combined experiences of HMT’s senior consultants.

Science and Technology Director, Global Prebiotic Association

Nathan Gray is an analyst and consultant with expertise in the food, nutrition and wellness sector. He is passionate about innovation and scientific discovery –  particularly in microbiome, sports nutrition and personalisation. Nathan is Science and Technology Director at the Global Prebiotic Association and owns UK-based consultancy Nutraceutic. He holds a BSc Human Bioscience – specialising in sports nutrition, immunology and science communication – plus an MA in Science Journalism. During his time as Senior Editor with William Reed, Nathan managed multiple publications and events including NutraIngredients, FoodNavigator, BeverageDaily, and Dairy Reporter, Probiota, Food Vision, the Sports Nutrition Summit and the NutraIngredients Awards.

Marketing manager, NutriMarketing

Sophie graduated from Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Paris). She is a specialist in innovation monitoring and innovation expert for food manufacturers, expert for food context. Sophie is trend hunter and author of market studies, reviews, articles.

Head of Virology, Campden BRI

Martin D’Agostino joined Campden BRI in May 2016 as a food virologist after having worked at the Food and Environment Research Agency (DEFRA) since 1994. His microbiological career began with Kennerty Farm Dairies in Aberdeen (now Robert Wisemans) as a laboratory assistant, monitoring the microbiological quality of milk and milk products until he joined what was the Torry Food Science Laboratory (Central Science Laboratory, MAFF) in 1994 (now named Fera Science Limited). Martin has experience of chairing and presenting scientific talks at national and international scientific meetings and has been author in over 30 publications.

Deputy Chair of Food Safety Special Interest Group, Fellow of Institute of Food Science and Technology

Andy has over 30 years of experience in food safety and quality, initially in manufacturing, and then foodservice. He set up Wyvern Food Solutions, a food safety consultancy, about 8 years ago and has a diverse client base in manufacturing, distribution and foodservice. His clients are also diverse geographically with most of his work UK based, but with clients in the USA, Middle East, and mainland Europe. He is a Fellow of IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology) and vice-chair of IFSTs Food Safety Special Interest Group. Andy has an interest in application of technology and has an involvement in Primority Ltd, a food safety management software company.