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08:00 - 11:00 Portalhaus, Via Level, Hall 11.0
Fi Conference
Connector @ The Hunger Project | Leadership coach | boardroom consultant in Retail & Wholesale
The Hunger Project
Bayn Europe AB (publ.)
Founder and CEO
Consultant Director
Founder & Owner
International Consultant
Chief Scientific Officer
Almond Board of California
Chief Commercial Officer
Edlong Dairy Technologies

Join us for a morning of career-changing advice, networking and delicious food

The Women’s Networking Breakfast at Fi Europe 2017 brings together inspirational women from all areas of the food industry and beyond. Together they will share their insight, knowledge and experience on topics covering innovation, entrepreneurship, and women’s excellence in food & beverage industry.

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Keynote Presentation: The future of F&B: insights into the changing approach to innovation
10:30 - 10:45 Fi Conference Discovery Theatre
Fi Conference
Market drivers and business opportunities in The German food market
10:30 - 11:00 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Senior Manager
Food & Nutrition, GTAI


  • General market overview food & Bev Europe/Germany
  • Growth segments/market trends in Germany
  • Macroeconomic information Germany
  • Location advantages Germany
Fiber Crème™ As High Soluble Dietary Fiber Ingredient With Creamy Taste For Daily Food And Beverages
10:30 - 10:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
Executive Director
PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo

People with diabetes type 2 and obese are rising year by year. One of the best ways to prevent the raises of this number is by doing a healthy and balanced diet. Formulating a low sugar and good fats foods & beverages without losing the taste will be the main key.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Conference Session: Health & Wellness
10:50 - 14:00 Fi Conference Discovery Theatre
Fi Conference
Mariette Abrahams Consulting
Head of Nutrition & Product Development
Leatherhead Food Research
Product Development Scientist
Campden BRI
Chief Scientific Officer
Almond Board of California
TG Green Teas
Global Food Science Analys
Co-Founder and Head of Research and Analytics
Global Innovation Director SNICKERS & TWIX and Lead Global Strategist on Health & Wellbeing
Mars Chocolate - Global
Senior Consultant
The HealthyMarketingTeam Ltd

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Health and wellness has become an over-arching trend within the F&B industry as consumers are now looking to food to support a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Thanks to the rise of social media and online influencers sharing ‘health advice’, people are educating themselves on the nutrients needed for healthier lifestyles. As populations grow and age, nutrition is likely to play an increasingly important role in the prevention of non-communicable diseases to relieve pressure on straining healthcare systems. This opens up plenty of opportunities for companies in the F&B industry to tap into this growing market.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn about the latest de0elopments within personalised nutrition and understand how consumers’ relationship with food and beverages is likely to change
  • Explore the potential of smart health and assess how the growth of data mining can support NPD in the F&B industry
  • Navigate the new product landscape and explore the latest launches to meet the demand for healthier products
  • Delve into the latest research into the microbiome and its impact on gut health

Session Moderator: Mariette Abrahams, Director, Mariette Abrahams Consulting


Time: 10:50
Personalised nutrition: developing successful products from regulatory, science, sensory and consumer perspectives
Synopsis: Increasingly people are talking about personalised nutrition and consumers are demanding more from the products they buy, but what is personalised nutrition and what does this mean from a nutrition and product development perspective? Jenny will look at which of the nutrition and consumer trends will translate into products and discuss the product development challenges from regulatory, science, sensory and consumer angles.
Speaker(s): Jennifer Arthur, Head of Nutrition & Product Development, Leatherhead Food Research

Time: 11:20
The gadget revolution: how consumer health tech is impacting the F&B industry

  • Outlining new products and developments delivering personalised nutrition
  • Describing market trends and impact
  • Highlighting opportunities for Food & Beverage companies and brands

Speaker(s): Mariette Abrahams, Director, Mariette Abrahams Consulting

Time: 11:50
Emerging ingredients: technical challenges for innovation
Synopsis: For the food and drink industry to remain innovative and competitive it is essential to be aware of emerging ingredients to allow market differentiation. One way of doing this is considering the potential health claims associated with these ingredients. It is however essential for those companies wishing to use these products to understand the regulatory and technical changes which may cause development issues. This presentation will aim to identify some on-trend ingredients and discuss the considerations for their use including potential pit-falls such as regulatory constraints, product characteristics and potential for nutritional claims.
Speaker(s): Rachel Gwinn, Product Development Scientist, Campden BRI

Time: 12:20
Trends in sugar and sweeteners
Synopsis: Consumers across Europe are trying to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, but sweeteners aren't always liked by consumers either. What do consumers think about sugar and sweeteners, and which claims are important to them?This presentation will look at recent trends in sugar and sweetener ingredients, as well as some innovative emerging clean-label solutions to sugar reduction.
Speaker(s): Emma Schofield, Global Food Science Analyst, Mintel

Time: 12:50
  Food claims matter, but that's where the simplicity ends. Learn which claims drive in-store shopper purchase
Synopsis: The trend towards healthier packaged goods appears to be irreversible. However, most large companies are missing the mark when it comes to giving the consumer what she wants. Here’s a hint - don't ask! Come see results from a quantitative in-store video based projects that illuminates how consumers really make purchase decisions (versus what they say in online surveys)
Speaker(s): Amishi Takalkar, Co-Founder and Head of Research & Analytics, NAILBITER

Time: 13:20
Panel discussion:
How can F&B companies develop products to meet the ‘healthy convenience’ trend?
Moderator: Mariette Abrahams, Director, Mariette Abrahams Consulting

  • Karen Lapsley DSc,  Chief Scientific Officer at Almond Board of California
  • Rob Verhagen, Global Innovation Director SNICKERS & TWIX and Lead Global Strategist on Health & Wellbeing, Mars Chocolate - Global
  • Aurore de Monclin, Senior Consultant, The Healthy Marketing Team
  • Sophia Nadur, Co-founder, TG Green Teas
Innovation Tour: Reduction & Reformulation
11:00 - 12:00
Innovation Tours

Consumers around the world are looking for healthier alternatives. According to a consumer survey conducted by Beneo, 61% of European consumers are actively seeking to avoid fat intake and 60% avoid sugar intake. In order to meet consumer’s expectations, many manufacturers have developed fat, sugar or salt substitutes. The global market for salt substitutes is expected to reach US$ 1 billion by 2018. Main ingredients are other mineral salts, flavourings, yeast, plant extracts etc. The sugar substitute market was estimated at $11.6 billion in 2014. This value is expected to reach $14.355 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 4.5% for the forecasted period. Main ingredients are intense sweeteners, whether artificial (e.g. aspartame, acesulfame, sucralose) or natural (stevia, luo han guo, allulose). According to a report from GIA, the global market for fat replacers should reach $2.6 bn by 2020…Main ingredients are fibres and texturising agents.

This tour will highlight the latest innovations for formulating healthier products. During the tour, you will visit below mentioned companies.

  • Algaia, booth 11.1F10
  • Beneo, booth 08.0F61
  • Cambridge Commodities, booth 08.0J61
  • Cargill, booth 08.0C50
  • Ennolys, booth 08.0J5
  • Gelymar, booth 11.1F16
  • Loders Croklaan, booth 08.0J27
  • Metarom, booth 09.0B61
  • Nactis, booth 08.0A30
  • Riken Vitamin, booth 08.0A34
  • Terheggen & Dethlefsen, booth 09.0B41

This tour is fully booked. However, spaces may become available on the day, so please meet at the starting point 10 minutes before the tour starts you secure one of possible free spaces.
The places for the Innovation Tours are limited, and are provided on a first come first serve basis to the persons who did not register prior.

Export potential of the Malian Gum Arabic
11:00 - 11:25 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
EIF Coordinator at the Minister of Trade of Mali
International Trade Centre

Gum Arabic is a key sector in Mali as it offer an alternative source of income to vulnerable population and allow to combat the desertification. 
The Malian Delegation of Gum Arabic Exporters at food ingredients will gather the 10 major exporters of Gum of the Country.
The Country exported 5 760 tons in 2016 of the two following types of Gum and has a potential to export more than 10,000 tons: 

  • Acacia Senegal
  • Acacia Seyal

Most of the Malian Gum is exported to the European market but the country is currently exploring new markets such the Indian market.  
During the session, the overall Malian Gum Arabic supply chain will be presented as well as the work undertaken by the government of Mali to strengthen and promote the sector at an international level.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Brexit: What problems lie in store for ingredient manufacturers?
11:15 - 11:45 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Synopsis: This presentation will provide an insight into some of the regulatory issues and new market conditions that food ingredient manufacturers will have to navigate in Athe process of the UK's departure from the EU.

Expert Information Session: Food fraud in supply chains: meeting the challenge
11:15 - 11:55 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Founder & Owner
Supply Chain Information Management (SIM) B.V.

Synopsis: Food fraud is perceived as one of the highest risks in modern supply chain management. Several initiatives have now been developed to help food producers and retailers to identify the risks in their supply chains. What are these initiatives and what role can they play in the challenge to detect and manage Food Fraud?

About SIM
Supply Chain Information Management (SIM) supports its clients with mapping and visualizing supply chains with validated data so that they have a reliable understanding of the sustainability risks related to their products. SIM works closely with clients and their suppliers to know, real-time, where their products come from, under which conditions they are produced and where the ingredients or components of their products are sourced. It enables its clients to manage their supply chain risks in real-time and improve issues related to product safety, quality, social compliance and environmental risks. Clients are large companies like Ahold and Migros but also SME’s that source all over the world. SIM clients want to make a difference in their supply chain but keep the focus on cost effective buying and flexible sourcing.


Facility design trends for ensuring infant formulas product safety
11:30 - 11:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions

With the recent growth in infant formula’s consumption we need to retain focus on product safety. Contamination can enter your product through various means including the manufacturing process. 
 M+W Group proposes processes and facility designs that protect the products.
Protection starts with the good and responsible design of the facility. Through engineering we can build protective barriers to ensure product quality direct in the equipment and the facility. 
In this presentation we look at a variety of methods of protecting infant formulas from contamination in the manufacturing phase through advances in facility design for advancing product safety.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Top 10 trends for 2018
12:00 - 12:30 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Director of Innovation
Innova Market Insights
Starch-free gelatine gummy production - One concept. Three partners. Many key benefits.
12:00 - 12:25
Supplier Solutions Sessions
Head of Global Product Management


  • Reduce production time
  • Be prepared for new developments
  • Get a head start into new markets

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Expert Information Session: Alternative food technologies for preservation and structure modification
12:00 - 12:40 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Group Leader Alternative Technologies
German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL e.V.)

Alternative food technologies rely on other sources of energy rather than thermal (e.g. mechanical, electrical, electro-magnetic). Among many technologies being researched, pulsed electric fields (PEF), high pressure (HPP), Ohmic heating, UV and shockwave are recognised as the most promising ones and were investigated for a long period. Since the first commercialisation of HPP treated fruit jams in Japan in 1990s, today over 300 machines operate worldwide for gentle preservation of different food products. Since the first reports of PEF impact on plant, animal and microbial cells in the 1960s numerous applications in food and bioprocessing have been investigated. A low energy requirement, continuous operability and short processing times are major advantages in comparison to conventional processing techniques. Today, over 60 PEF machines operate for structure modification of solid foods (e.g. potatoes) and gentle preservation of liquids. Rapid and homogeneous distribution of heat as a result of the passage of alternating electrical current through a product acting as a resistor (known as Ohmic heating), allows for applications such as thawing, blanching, cooking, dehydration or preservation. Light of sufficient energy level has been shown to be an effective photochemical and photophysical/-thermal approach for decontamination of food (e.g. meat) and food-item surfaces. Dynamic pressure in form of shockwave has been shown to improve tenderness of meat products and can reduce ripening times. This presentation addresses the potential of these technologies, their possible applications as well as advances in the machine design and their scale-up possibilities.

Improve Quality and Texture Naturally in Tomato-based Products using Citrus Fiber
12:30 - 12:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
VP of International Sales

The growing natural food market is demanding more products containing recognizable and transparent food ingredients. This is challenging since many natural ingredients have limitations during and after food processing. As a result, this can affect foods like tomato-based products such as sauces and condiments. This session will cover Citri-Fi 125, a natural citrus fiber and its use in tomato-based products to improve texture, color and tomato flavor. Also discussed are incorporation methods, comparisons to alternative ingredients and additional benefits such as cost savings, food processing stability and natural emulsification properties in oil-based sauces.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Highlighting consumer trends in South East Asia
12:45 - 13:15 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Market Analyst
Innova Market Insights

Synopsis: South East Asia is a market full of potential for F&B companies. Hear some of the latest trends influencing consumer demand in this region, and discover the opportunities for international companies looking to enter the market.

Technology Innovation Session: Reducing additives and prolonging shelf life with anti-microbial packaging
12:45 - 13:25 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Technology Manager

Synopsis: One of the main added value contributions of PYCLEARTM PRESERVATION for the consumer is the capacity to reduce food wastage. It is mainly suited for many food products where the shelf life prolongation effect is directly integrated to the preservative product (i.e. plastic between two salmon slices) due to the Pylote’s antimicrobial effect. One of the other key advantages of this innovation is that mineral and green microspheres are integrated directly to the final product packaging materials for which no change is needed in existing manufacturing processes nor in design.

About Pylote
Pylote is committed to green industrial chemistry in the mineral and ceramic chemical sector. Through the range of its efficient PYCLEARTM solutions, Pylote conceives and develops innovative mineral microspheres to sell solutions which can be integrated into numerous consumer products. Pylote’s solutions have a major competitive advantage as they make the end products smarter, by giving new and specific advantages and attributes to materials, with no change to the existing manufacturing process. Pylote helps their clients, who are present in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, luxury, food or industrial markets, to propose end consumers with more eco-friendly products that are greener, cleaner and safer.

Kemin answers your burning frying questions
13:00 - 13:09 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Elevator Pitches
Marketing Manager

The Elevator Pitches will be located in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in Hall 11. Speakers will have less than 10 minutes to give a fast‑paced product pitch.

Vegan delight - A dairy-free alternative to cheese in salads and sandwiches
13:20 - 13:29 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Elevator Pitches
Senior Application Specialist - Cheese
KMC Amba

The Elevator Pitches will be located in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in Hall 11. Speakers will have less than 10 minutes to give a fast‑paced product pitch.

The Science of Aloe Vera as an Ingredient
13:30 - 13:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
CEO, Lorand Laboratories

Come learn why aloe vera is a unique functional ingredient for use in foods and food supplements and why it is a top-seller in consumer products. This session will explore the current science of aloe vera, and the constituents associated with its beneficial properties. Modern science continues to discover all the potential uses of aloe vera – is it the right ingredient for your products?

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

The Hunger Project: ending world hunger by 2030
13:30 - 14:00 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Country Director
The Hunger Project
Expert Information Session: Quality and food safety aspects that will make your factory future proof
13:30 - 14:10 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Co-Founder & Co-Owner & Food Safety Experts

Synopsis: The amount of detailed requirements pertaining to quality and food safety coming from various governments and certification bodies is ever increasing. Too often company owners and site managers think a full green field factory is required to get future proof in terms of quality and food safety aspects. This presentation will outline a range of approaches that can be taken and techniques that can be implemented to make an existing factory future proof. Of course investments need to be made into quality and food safety, but a lot of money can be saved by making the right investments in the right order.  This presentation will provide you hands-on information on how to make your factory future proof.

Innovation Tour: Allergens: following the free-from trend
13:30 - 14:30
Innovation Tours

Across the globe, a significant number of consumers believe themselves to have a food allergy or intolerance — more than official predictions made by respected health organizations from across the globe. While the proportion of consumers suffering from an allergy or intolerance is undoubtedly growing, this much higher figure is the result of consumers misdiagnosing themselves. Canadean research shows that, on average, 17% of adults across the globe believe that they have an allergy or intolerance. This contradicts the World Health Organization estimate of approximately 2%-4% of consumers. Gluten and lactose are the main ingredients in this free-from trend, but the European regulation includes 14 different allergens.

Join the tour to visit below mentioned companies' stands and find out new ingredients to formulate free-from products.

  • Avebe, booth 08.0H49
  • CBI Alsec, booth 11.0F38 
  • CFF GMBH & co KG, booth 09.0C64
  • Dutch Spices, booth 11.0A21
  • Edlong, booth 09.0D3
  • Hydrosol, booth 08.0C61 
  • ITPSA Food, booth 11.1A24NEP 
  • Limagrain, booth 08.0P23
  • Nexira, booth 08.0F52
  • Sisterna, booth 08.0R14
  • Taiyo, booth  08.0H67

Please note that online pre-registration is now closed.
However, spaces may become available on the day, so please meet at the starting point 10 minutes before the tour starts you secure one of possible free spaces.
The places for the Innovation Tours are limited, and are provided on a first come first serve basis to the persons who did not register prior.

Promoting innovation in online dairy trading
14:15 - 14:45 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Global Dairy Trade

Synopsis: Global Dairy Trade has partnered with the European Energy Exchange to evaluate the possibility of designing an auction system for the European dairy market. Other initiatives that GDT are focused on will deliver more progressive ways to do business and further promote efficient and fair trade in dairy and related markets globally.

Master Class: Life stages
14:30 - 17:15 Fi Conference Meeting Room 1
Fi Conference
Swiss Vitamin Institute
Senior Researcher for Nutrition & Health - Global Nutrition Development
Nutrition Consultant
Nutritional Insight
Human Nutritionist & Senior Nutrition Research Scientist
Fonterra Co-operative Group
Senior Medical Affairs Consultant
Paediatric Nutrition Expert

Sponsored by:

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It is widely recognised that at different stages of life, from conception and the first 1000 days through childhood and adult years to later life, people need different nutrients. The balance of nutrients required varies between men and women as well as age groups. Much research has been done into these different life stages and provides plenty of opportunity for new products tailored to both genders within these different age brackets. This area of personalised nutrition is likely to grow as it plays a larger role in supporting healthcare.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn about the latest developments within targeted nutrition for age groups and hear about some of the most recent product launches on the market
  • Explore the importance of the first 1000 days in preventing certain diseases later in life
  • Address the issue of childhood obesity and discuss ways the industry can help to stop this epidemic
  • Hear the latest research into men’s and women’s health and unlock opportunities for NPD
  • Uncover new ways to help the older population stay healthier for longer

Session Moderator: Jo Garvey, Paediatric Nutrition Expert


Time: 14:30
Preventative health: developing products for the middle ages
Synopsis: Good nutrition is the foundation for good health, and as the ageing population grows and the strain on public health care increases, it’s more important than ever to ensure people look after themselves throughout their lives in order to prevent more serious illness later in life. Learn more about how the F&B industry should be developing products to support preventative health.
Speaker(s): Dr. Emma Derbyshire, Nutrition Consultant, Nutritional Insight

Time: 15:00
  Dairy expertise for every life stage
Synopsis: With the surging interest in fitness and nutrition across the globe, protein is moving from the realm of niche segments such as body-building, and into the mainstream appealing across all age groups and demographics. Join Aaron Fanning, human nutritionist and Fonterra Co-operative Group’s Senior Nutrition Research Scientist for an insightful and engaging presentation on the mainstream appeal of protein. The latest Fonterra consumer market research has shown that protein awareness is growing, and the understanding of its nutritional benefits are being recognised across all life stages.
Speaker(s): Aaron Fanning, Human Nutritionist & Senior Nutrition Research Scientist, Fonterra Co-operative Group

Time: 15:30
Key ingredients to a great start in life
Synopsis: It is widely acknowledged that a good start in life forms the basis for growing up healthy. High quality nutrition plays a vital role in healthy development of infants. Learn more about the latest developments on key nutrients which can contribute to a healthy gut, support of the immune system and healthy body weight development.
Speaker(s): Dianne Delsing Senior Researcher for Nutrition & Health, Global Nutrition Development, FrieslandCampina

Time: 16:00
5 key trends that will shape the paediatric nutrition industry
Synopsis: Paediatric disease demographics are changing and these trends are changing the focus of healthcare - driving new demands and opening up new opportunities; which will re-shape the paediatric nutrition industry.  This talk will focus on 5 key paediatric-related disease trends, exploring the impact these trends will have on the nutrition industry, looking at the opportunities and potential threats.
Speaker(s): Jo Garvey, Paediatric Nutrition Expert

Time: 16:30
Vitamins for different stages of life
Synopsis: At different stages of life, people require different nutrients to help development in a healthy way and to prevent certain illnesses later in life. This presentation will address specifically the different types of vitamins that a person should be incorporating into their diet at various points, and the volumes they require
Speaker(s): Mohammed Benghezal, Director, Swiss Vitamin Institute

Time: 17:00
Question time!

Your chance to get any answers you need from our speakers

Master Class: Category Innovation: dairy, bakery & beverage
14:30 - 17:15 Fi Conference Meeting Room 2
Fi Conference
Bakery Science Section Manager
Campden BRI
R&D and TS Leader Food & Nutrition
Dow Food Solutions
Product Development Scientist
Campden BRI
Senior Manager Nutrition Communication
Research Analyst
Euromonitor International
Senior Consultant
The HealthyMarketingTeam Ltd

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Some of the sectors within the industry are seeing strong growth and exciting innovation in response to challenges. In particular the Beverage sector, faced with sugar taxes in many countries, is being forced to look for innovative solutions to reformulate. With the growth of free-from, as well as demands for sugar reduction, the Bakery sector is faced with the challenge of producing interesting and tasty alternatives. And Dairy, now being viewed as a healthy source of protein and other essential nutrients by many consumers, has the opportunity to provide a healthy and convenient alternative to soft drinks. This session delves into the trends and challenges driving growth in these three sectors.


Attend this session to:

  • Hear about the latest product launches in these three categories
  • Gain insight into potential future growth of these sectors
  • Explore some of the challenges around reformulation specific to these categories
  • Track the free-from trend and understand how it is likely to develop in the coming years
  • See how the trend for fortification has made its way into these three categories
  • Assess how the main consumer trends – such as clean label, natural and the growth of plant based ingredients – translate into Dairy, Bakery and Beverages

Session Moderator: Aurore de Monclin, Senior Consultant, The Healthy Marketing Team


Time: 14:30
Trends in dairy and bakery in Western Europe
Synopsis: This presentation examines the current state of the Western European dairy and bakery industries. Several drivers of market growth will be identified, including the countries, new product innovations and consumers’ behaviours that are moving dairy and bakery forward. The Western European competitive landscape for these two categories will also be considered from both the manufacturer and retailer perspective, including strategies followed by existing players in the market which have remarkably impacted dairy and bakery sales. Finally, the discussion will turn to the future and analyse potential prospects, threats, and growth opportunities in these dynamic industries. The presentation will feature the latest data and insights on the dairy and bakery markets from Euromonitor International’s Passport database and should help manufacturers, marketers, and retailers develop a strategic direction for the future.
Speaker(s): Daniel Lojo, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International

Time: 15:00
Sugar reduction in beverages and bakery: one task, two very different challenges
Synopsis: Sugar reduction is a hot topic at the moment. The sugar taxes and pressure from goverments is challenging food and drink manufacturers to reduce the level of sugar in a diverse range of products. This presentation will outline the various strategies used to reduce sugar in beverages and cake. It will discuss the difficulties of reducing sugar in cake because the functionality of sugar is key to producing an acceptale product. It will also discuss the areas that need to be addressed if sugar reduction is to become a reality.
Speaker(s): Michael Adams, Bakery Science Section Manager, Campden BRI and Rachel Gwinn, Product Development Scientist, Campden BRI

Time: 15:45
Title:  Developing bakery products to meet the gluten-free trend
Synopsis: More and more consumers are following a gluten free diet. While the underlying demand comes from those suffering from Celiac disease, there is a growing group of health conscious consumers that try to reduce their gluten intake. This growing demand has driven retailers and restaurants to expand their gluten-free offering. This presentation focuses on the detailed understanding of the functional properties of the ingredients within the bread and on the impact of new products to improve bread performance.  The design space of cellulose ethers is large and it is vital to understand the structure-property relationships to develop new products that are versatile to use across many formulations and/ or tailored to specific formulation needs.
Speaker(s): Roland Adden, R&D and TS Leader Food & Nutrition, Dow Food Solutions

Time: 16:15
Title:  Highlighting innovation in the beverage sector
Synopsis: Understand WHAT’s happening in Beverage Innovation? WHY is it happening? And HOW to make it happen for your brands and products? Learn what is trending, what motivates consumers and how to develop better innovations, faster to market.
Speaker(s): Aurore de Monclin, Senior Consultant, The Healthy Marketing Team

Time: 16:45
Rethink: specialty carbohydrates in dairy alternatives and water-based beverages
Synopsis: This presentation will explore the potential of specialty carbohydrates for smart energy supply in innovative beverages. Rice-based dairy alternative drinks will be addressed as well as water-based beverages and sports drinks. These drinks commonly contain carbohydrates for the purpose of energy supply, yet not all carbohydrates are created equal. Find out more about the research and applications of these specialty carbohydrates.
Speaker(s): Dr. Antje Jungclaus, Senior Manager Nutrition Communication, Beneo

Conference Session: Clean Label & Natural Ingredients: Part 2
14:30 - 17:15 Fi Conference Discovery Theatre
Fi Conference
Group Scientific Coordinator
Vice President Category Culinary EAME
Global Food Science Analyst
Senior Project Manager Flavour & Texture

Sponsored by:

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*** Please note that presentations taking place during Clean Label & Natural Ingredients on Day 2 session are different to the ones taking place during the Clean Label & Natural Ingredients session on Day 1 ***

Clean label is moving from trend to industry standard as more and more consumers demand food and beverages that contain only simple, natural ingredients. It has also stepped up a gear as an increased desire for organic and GMO-free products means consumers now pay even more attention to what's on the product's label. Whilst there is a lot of opportunity for the F&B industry to develop new and exciting products, this trend also throws up a number of challenges, particularly around reformulation and communication to consumers. 

Attend this session to:

  • Understand the consumer's definition of clean label 
  • Learn how to reformulate products, whilst maintaining an enjoyable, sensory experience that consumers expect
  • Overcome issues around stability when working with natural colours, particularly in hot countries
  • Explore new methods for developing truly natural ingredients 
  • Find ways to clearly communicate the need for certain, functional ingredients to consumers
  • Gauge the importance of clean label claims, such as 'organic', 'natural' and 'GMO-free' for consumers, and learn how companies can clearly demonstrate these on packages

Session Moderator: Jacob Thundil, Director, Cocofina


Time: 14:30
Next generation clean label
Synopsis: Savvy consumers are asking more questions about how their food is made. Looking forward, products will need to satisfy a greater number of requirements to meet consumers’ and regulators’ demands as expectations for clean labels and healthy products evolve. This presentation will look at clean label trends and explore what the future holds for next generation clean label products.
Speaker(s): Stephanie Mattucci CFS, Global Food Science Analyst, Mintel

Time: 15:00
How plants fight food microbes: synergistical antimicrobial effects of botanical extracts as natural food preservatives 
Synopsis: When subjected to microbial constraints, plants biochemically respond to the biotic stress via compounds that ensure their preservation. By screening hundreds of extracts from a range of taxonomically distant plant species, we have identified which plants are particularly efficent against bacteria, yeasts or molds, and against broad microbial spectra. Subsequently, antimicrobial activities of selected proprietary, clean-label plant products were confirmed in relevant food matrices and the active compounds were characterised and identfied. Finally, we discuss the deficiencies in our understanding of the relevant antimicrobial (bio)chemical processes in planta and in food matrix, and suggest microbial targets of preumably active antimicrobial compounds. Future persepectives and studies related to their potential roles will be highlighted.
Speaker(s): Dr Simona Birtic, Group Scientific Coordinator, Naturex 

Time: 15:30
Undertsanding the determinants to develop clean label products with optimized mouth feel
Synopsis: Mouth feel is a key aspect for consumer acceptance. Perception of a beverage is a dynamic process starting from smell before intake, first sip, consecutive swallows and residual oral coating. Changing formulation for purposes of calorie reduction, clean label or increased sensory quality will have an impact on these processes. We will discuss how ingredients can be utilized to affect mouthfeel by their interaction with the oral surfaces. In this presentation we will focus on the impact on mouth feel of lubrication and saliva-beverage interactions. Unique in-vitro analytical techniques will be introduced with which screening of potential mouthfeel modulators has become feasible. The presentation will include a case on mouth feel of plant protein based drinks.
Speaker(s): Dr Els de Hoog, Senior Project Manager Flavour & Texture, Nizo 

Time: 16:15
Answering the requirements of consumer preferred labelling
Synopsis: Naturalness is one of the most important drivers in the food market – it has become prerequisite. Consumers are looking for naturally sourced, high quality, better tasting products that are healthy and good for the environment. There is a growing demand for 'real food' made only with best natural ingredients, carefully sourced and prepared. Transparency and Clean Label become key in consumer purchasing decisions, hence many food products are being reformulated to meet this trend. This presentation will give an overview how to answer the requirements of consumer preferred labelling. It will focus on the dimensions of specific technology know-how and backwards integrated raw materials.
Speaker(s): Frank Hoeving, Vice President Category Culinary – EAME,  Symrise

TIme: 16:45
  Tracking the growth of organic claims

  • Assessing consumer demand for organic 
  • How can companies source organic ingredients? What are the challenges around this?
  • What can companies do to make the most of an organic marketing claim?

Speaker(s): Jacob Thundil, Director, Cocofina 

Towards a sustainable seaweed supply chain - The Cargill Approach
14:30 - 14:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
Seaweed Strategic Sourcing Project Manager

Partner for sustainable growth: delivering a thriving seaweed sector for generations to come.
Derived from nature, carrageenans are key functional ingredients which deliver optimum texture to a wide variety of applications, primarily within the food industry.
Focusing on Cargill’s ambition to develop a transparent global seaweed supply chain, this session will highlight the company’s commitment to improving the lives of seaweed farmers/harvesters and their communities by enabling them to achieve better incomes and living standards and, in doing so, delivering a sustainable supply of seaweed and seaweed based products.
Together, we can help the world thrive.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Vegetable protein powders for high-performance dispersibility
15:00 - 15:25 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
Senior Process Engineer

Sarah Veelaert, Sr. Process Engineer at GEA will present an insight into the latest developments in the production of vegetable proteins entitled: ‘Vegetable protein powders for high-performance dispersibility‘. Sarah will
give particular emphasis to the design of the spray dryer to generate powders with an improved dispersibility, in particular for use in protein drinks. 

 Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Expert Information Session: Towards a full understanding of food life: tracing food ingredients using 14-C food processing
15:00 - 15:40 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Research Associate and PhD Student
Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME

Synopsis: Food processing controls numerous chemical reaction cascades, leading to desired and undesired reaction products, with high importance for product quality and safety. Only knowing these reactions in full detail will enable us to optimize processes in order to boost or suppress the formation of specific reaction products.

About Fraunhofer
Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Our research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. As a result, the work undertaken by our researchers and developers has a significant impact on people’s lives. We are creative. We shape technology. We design products. We improve methods and techniques. In short, we forge the future.

Food fraud: It's not just a technical concern
15:00 - 15:30 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre
Research Fellow – Accounting & Financial Management
University of Portsmouth

Synopsis:  Food fraud, the intentional adulteration or misrepresentation of food and drink for economic gain, is an age old problem, but one which has been of growing concern in recent years. From the adulteration of baby milk with melamine, the substitution of horse meat for beef, and the recent fipronil in eggs scandal, the range and scale of activities which can come under the umbrella of food fraud is enormous. This presentation considers the financial cost of fraud to the industry, looks at some of the business reasons why the food supply chain is vulnerable to fraud and highlights why businesses can’t leave food fraud prevention just to quality teams.

A pouch for Olympic Gold
15:30 - 15:55 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions
Product Group Manager Caseinate
Friesland Campina DMV

Athletes typically consume a lot of protein to improve training adaptations and optimize recovery. 
FrieslandCampina  DMV developed 5 variants of whey and casein protein especially for TeamNL top athletes to support their preparation for the 2018 Winter Games. 
We’re going to take a closer look at one of our Dutch athletes and world champion short track speed skating Sjinkie Knegt in run-up to his 2018 Winter Olympics. We look at how he is using proteins and how he judges them. For a potential Olympic Gold medal winner, it is not only important to have confidence in DMV’s expertise and reliability but is also the products should taste excellent!

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Sustainability case studies
15:45 - 17:00 Industry Insights Theatre
Industry Insights Theatre

Sustainability is a growing concern across the F&B industry. Not only are consumers becoming more conscious of their food choices by supporting ethical products, but F&B companies need to secure the supply of their ingredients in the long term.

Hear best practice case studies from some our exhibitors leading the way in sustainability:

  • AAK
  • Barry Callebaut
  • Chr Hansen
  • Corbion
  • Kemin
  • Loders Croklaan
Expert Information Session: More than just vegan: guidelines for auditing and manufacturing
15:45 - 16:25 Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Expo FoodTec Content Hub
Director Sales, Business Development and Key Accounts Food Services
Intertek Food Services
Head of V-Label
ProVeg Deutschland

Synopsis: The presentation will cover below topics:

  • The current trend and legal background for vegan products
  • The expectations and perception of consumers regarding labelling
  • Risk assessment for vegan products–possibilities and limits
  • Guidelines and criteria for vegan products exemplified by the V-Label Standard

About Intertek Food Services
Intertek Food Services goes beyond testing, inspecting and certifying products; we are a total quality qssurance provider to industries worldwide. Through our global network of facilities and technical expertise we provide innovative and bespoke assurance, testing, inspection and certification services to customers. We provide a systemic approach to supporting our customers’ quality assurance efforts in each of the areas of their operations including R&D, raw materials sourcing, components suppliers, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and retail channels, and consumer management.

About ProVeg
ProVeg inspires and motivates people by raising awareness of the reasons why we should move towards a more plant-based lifestyle. ProVeg supports people by providing practical information about how they can transition to animal-free alternatives. ProVeg also works to improve the taste, ease and accessibility of plant-based living by working to influence government policy, public institutions, the food industry, and society as a whole. 

Innovation Tour: Health & Wellness
16:00 - 17:00
Innovation Tours

Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about their long-term health. As life expectancy grows worldwide, ageing in good health is the new challenge. People have particular concerns about heart health and cancer in both developed and developing economies. In developed economies, this can be attributed to rising life expectancy levels - which inevitably increase the risk of health problems - and levels of obesity due to inactive lifestyles. In developing economies, this can be linked to industrialization and changing dietary habit. When it comes to healthy eating habits, consumers associate the word diet with traits such as sacrifice and compromise. An on-going sense of entitlement means that consumers do not want to feel like they are sacrificing the indulgent aspect of food and drink consumption. As such, consumers are more inclined to reduce portion sizes and eat a variety of foods when trying to lose weight rather than eliminate certain foods and ingredients from their diet. They also seek out ‘magic bullet’ health solutions, with fibre and protein currently the two ingredients with a 'health halo'.

Join the tour to visit below mentioned companies and discover new ingredients making products healthier.

  • Aptunion, booth 11.0C84
  • Berrico, booth 09.0G31
  • Brace, booth 08.0T42
  • Capuzzo, booth 11.1F30
  • CBI Alsec, booth 11.0F38
  • EnWave, booth 08.0S38
  • Hochdorf, booth 08.0P47
  • Indena, booth 09.0B24
  • Ingredia, booth 08.0H21
  • Omya, booth 08.0P29
  • Rousselot, booth 08.0J11

Please note that online pre-registration is now closed.
However, spaces may become available on the day, so please meet at the starting point 10 minutes before the tour starts you secure one of possible free spaces.
The places for the Innovation Tours are limited, and are provided on a first come first serve basis to the persons who did not register prior.

Make the change with sustainable emulsifiers
16:00 - 16:25 Supplier Solutions Theatre
Supplier Solutions Sessions

Is sourcing sustainable ingredients high on your agenda, too?
FIE visitors are invited to join Palsgaard’s Supplier Solution Session at 4 pm on November 29th, to hear what makes Palsgaard’s emulsifiers fully sustainable, and how they can address a wide variety of challenges now and in the world of the future. Participants will also hear what being the first emulsifier manufacturer in the world to achieve 100% CO2 neutrality and, in 2016, the first to achieve a full product programme with RSPO Segregated sustainable palm oil status, has meant for Palsgaard’s more progressive and sustainability-conscious customers.

Discover the new ingredients and technology solutions from leading suppliers in the Supplier Solutions Theatre in hall 11.

Networking Drinks
17:15 - 18:00 Fi Conference Discovery Theatre
Fi Conference

Sponsored by:

This is open to all Fi Conference delegates with a Full Access Pass.