Prof. Dr. Venema Koen

Prof. Dr. Venema Koen
Head Nutritional Sciences, Campus Venlo
Maastricht University, Campus Venlo; Centre for Healthy Eating & Food Innovation

Prof. Dr. Koen Venema is i) founder and CEO of the company Beneficial Microbes Consultancy, ii) initiator and co-organizer of the Beneficial Microbe Conference-series, iii) editor-in-chief of Beneficial Microbes, and iv) Professor at University Maastricht - campus Venlo, where has a chair in Gut Microbiology. The gut microbiota has been shown to be extremely important in health and disease. In his group, the effect of food components on health and disease through the gut microbiota are studied. His research focuses on the means to modify the composition, but especially the activity/functionality of the gut microbiota in relation to health and disease.

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