PhD Renata Januszewska

Renata Januszewska, Barry Callebaut
Global R&D Sensory Manager
Barry Callebaut

Renata Januszewska is the Global R&D Sensory Methodologies Manager at Barry Callebaut Belgium. She has a Ph.D. (2001) in Applied Biological Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. Her doctoral research focused on new chocolate development by integrating sensory and marketing analyses. 
Based on her expertise, Renata installed global sensory testing procedures and trained expert panels across the whole Barry Callebaut Company, since joining Corporate QA department in 2012. 
Today within Global R&D department, she is responsible for the company-wide harmonization of sensory methodologies, sensory training material as well as development and application of novel sensory methodologies. Renata is the author of approximately 70 articles and books, published worldwide; always enjoying working in the European and multicultural environment with food scientists, policy makers and business decision makers.

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