Jacek Prus

Jacek Prus
Business Innovation Specialist
ProVeg Incubator,

Growing up as an enthusiastic meat-eater in Texas, Jacek watched “Earthlings” during his philosophy bachelors which sent him down a path of animal activism. After a few years of militantly promoting veganism, he pivoted to help animals through a market-oriented approach which led him to attain an MBA.
He is now the Business Innovation Specialist at the ProVeg Incubator, the first in the world to focus on supporting startups which aim to transform global food culture – by replacing traditional animal-based foods with plant, fungi, recombinant, and cultured solutions. He has been involved in building the incubator from gathering startups, mentors, and investors to developing ProVeg's services that will support the startups.
Jacek is also the co-founder and CEO of Kuleana, a company that is creating the next generation of seafood.