Dr. Veslemoy Andersen

GHI Ambassador Norway and Series Editor 'Nutrition and health aspects of traditional and ethnic foods'
Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)

Veslemoy Andersen is microbiologist and the Norwegian Ambassador of the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI). She is Series Editor the 26 GHI books on “Nutrition and Health aspects of Traditional and Ethnic Foods”, covering the entire globe. She also is Lead Editor of the first volume, about the Nordic Countries (Elsevier, 2018) and Editor of “Genetically Modified and Irradiated Food. Controversial Issues - Facts versus Perceptions” (Elsevier, October 2019). Veslemoy is leading the GHI project "Global Incident Alert Network for Pathogens in Food”. Her scientific interest is microbiological food safety, with focus on prevention of biofilm formation and resistance to biocides.

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