Dr. Heather Daniell

Heather Daniell
Founder and CEO
Satisfied Snacks

Heather is the founder and CEO of Satisfied Snacks. Satisfied Snacks is an innovative food start up that is bringing health and sustainability to the snacks sector. It is changing how we snack and making the world a healthier place one snack at a time. They produce a new category of snack with an all natural but patent-pending method that can bring together any recipe and transform it into a crispy snack without sugar, starch or oil in contrast to traditional crispy snacks.  This leads to healthier, tastier snacking. Additionally, sustainability is core to the brand with plastic-free packaging and 100% on-site generated renewable energy manufacturing.

Before devoting her time to Satisfied Snacks, Heather worked in renewable energy consulting focusing on energy efficiency, battery technology and smart grid advising corporates and investors on market opportunities.  She has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University and a double major in chemistry and molecular and cell biology from the University of Connecticut. While studying, Heather has published over half a dozen peer-reviewed scientific research papers.