Dr Craig Rose

Fi Conference Speaker - Dr Rose
Founder and Managing Director
Seaweed & Co.

Dr Craig Rose is the Founder and Managing Director of Seaweed & Co., a company that advises on, supplies and accredits superb seaweed for use in food, health and nutrition markets. As a marine biologist, Craig has focused on the huge and sustainable opportunities seaweed offers to improve nutrition, boost flavours, and address aspects of obesity and diabetes. Craig’s company is highly innovative, with Patent Pending seaweed production, world-leading research on seaweeds’ health benefits, and in developing their DNA Authenticated SeaweedTM  and traceability systems. Craig is on the Management Group of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association, and the British Phycolocial Society’s Applied Algae Committee. He is also a guest member of staff at Newcastle University, and a former director of the ASTEC Aquaculture Centre.