Christiaan Kalk

Founder, Senior Consultant
lsbi | life science-based innovations

Christiaan Kalk obtained a Master's degree in biology (microbiology) at Groningen University in 1987. While managing sales and marketing of contract research within TNO for more than two decades, he also became a project manager and a senior advisor in regulatory affairs, testing strategy, life sciences and communication. In close collaboration with experts in areas including toxicology, nutrition, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology, Christiaan served hundreds of clients in the international food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He contributed to successful innovations, like the introduction of plant sterols and stanols into margarines, a new UV-filter in sunscreens, algal oils as sources for essential fatty acids or a cleaning technology for membranes used in beer filtration. In 2017, Christiaan founded lsbi | life science-based innovations. Experience, trust, a strong network in both the scientific and the regulatory world, as well as commitment to health and sustainability form the cornerstones of lsbi. Lsbi serves both start-up and established companies, as well as investors.

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