Adv or Interview in Editorial Report or Digital Magazine (Co-branded)

Increase brand awareness through an ad or interview in the expert reports or the digital magazine written by Fi Content Editors. These are focused on promoting thought leadership and insights on a specific topic.

This is for you if...

✔ You’re looking to increase your brand awareness among readers interested in the report’s topic of focus, and you’d like your brand to be associated with the topic

✔ You have insightful stories and points of view to share about the report’s topic of focus in an interview and would like to be heard by the relevant industry experts


Key benefits:

  • Take advantage of our industry expertise, in-depth research and extensive network to promote your products and projects
  • Increase brand exposure without having to invest in content creation
  • Benefit from the wide network of highly engaged professionals and experts that our team will market the content to

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12 mins

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Package options

Standard package


✔ Place a creative advertisement (A5 horizontal size) in the sponsored section and link it to your own website

✔ Track your ROI and the success of your investment through the sponsorship fulfilment report e.g. no. of views, reading time, impressions and much more

Premium package


✔ Share your insights on the topic of focus in an interview written by one of our Fi Editors. This will include branding and be linked to your website.

✔ Track your ROI and the success of your investment through the sponsorship fulfilment report e.g. no. of views, reading time, impressions and much more

What is included?

✔ Front cover co-branded with your logo and Fi Global Insights to maximize industry authority

✔ High visibility via email campaign to Fi Europe database

✔ Hosted with an introduction and your company logo on Fi Global Insights for 12 months

✔ Always top of mind! It will be featured on the highly engaged FiGlobal LinkedIn group (21,000+ members)

2020 topics

Fi Global Insights 2020 Trend Guide

This Fi Global insights trend guide shines a spotlight on some of the trends and innovations that were unveiled at Fi Europe 2019.

Sponsor: Palsgaard

Disruptive Innovation: Reshaping the food system of tomorrow

This report examines the key ingredients for open innovation success, lessons for start-ups, navigating regulations and how to embrace innovation in a competitive environment. 

Sustainability as driver of innovation in the food industry

This report examines in depth the search for sustainable alternatives, upcycling, sustainable sourcing, gene editing and much more.

Sponsor: Palsgaard

2021 Trends

2020 shifts in the demand for health ingredients

This report examines some of the main forces driving the market for foods and ingredients for health and wellbeing, some of the most popular whole diet approaches to improving and maintaining health, as well as the biggest functional food categories and important ingredient trends.

Plant-based ingredients are here to stay: Overview of integration across food and drink categories

The report examines the many ways in which animal based ingredients are being replaced by their plant based alternatives.

Publishing date: August

Snacking the modern way - An overview of EU and US trends

This report will examine some of the key drivers behind recent innovations in the snacking sector, highlighting products that have successfully tapped into modern snacking behaviour and offering tips on how manufacturers can take advantage of new opportunities as snacking becomes the new norm in the US and EU.

Publishing date: August

Delivering taste and texture in food and beverages

This report gives an overview of which flavours are on the rise in both foods and beverages, as well as how companies are tackling taste and textural challenges in products with reduced salt, sugar and saturated fat.

Publishing date: September

Clean Label

Clean  label  is  a  concept  that  continues  to  evolve  in  its  meaning  and  relevance  to  consumers. The  following  report  will  demonstrate  how  the  concept  of  ‘clean  label’  has  evolved and what producers should be embracing when trying to present their brands as such.

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