Custom Report

 Align your brand with a hot topic and position yourself as an industry expert with Fi Global Insights reports. These powerful industry resources are a primary source of lead generation across our network

This is for you if...

✔ You’re looking to generate highly qualified and relevant leads, and drive traffic to your website

✔ You have research results or studies to share, or you have a topic that you want to promote

✔ You're looking to attract an audience and be seen as a market leader associated with a topic


Key benefits:

  • Take advantage of our network and industry expertise to create a personalised trend report
  • Data insights pulled from the Mintel GNPD helps you develop the insights you need and build your credibility in the market
  • Take advantage of high-quality content that's relevant and can be used on your channels
  • Enjoy the full benefit with little effort of content creation services, co-branding with Fi including relevant marketing campaign

Custom Report


✔ Front cover co-branded with your logo and Fi Global Insights to maximize industry authority

✔ Sponsored introduction, with Fi-led market research content, supporting the topic

✔ Benefit from the full project management support from Fi Team for report writing, design and delivery, with dedicated program manager, writer, and editor aligned with topic

✔ Insights section to add in your perspective

✔ Content is organised and designed with our team to ensure a high quality end product

✔ Dedicated email campaign to promote the report

✔ Highly qualified and engaged leads who download the report

✔ The report will be hosted on our website for 12 months

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