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China's Consumer Trends 2018

02/07/2018 Market News
Mintel's team of expert analysts have identified and analysed five key trends that will define China's consumer markets in the coming year and beyond. Discover the market shifts and changing consumer...

China's growing appetite for dairy

15/06/2018 Market News
Innova Market Insights reports a 44.4% rise in dairy product launches in 2017 in China, compared with 2016, even while global new product development growth for dairy is stabilizing after a period of...

China's growth for imported food continues

15/06/2018 ChemLinked News
On May 28, 2018, China Ministry of Commerce issued an analysis report on consumer goods in China including details on trade conditions and supply and demand balance. The investigation stated that...

China's dairy market: category overview

04/04/2018 Market News
Category Overview On a global scale, the dairy sector is experiencing a period of turbulence. The removal of EU milk quotas, a slowing demand from China, and Russia's trade embargo have all resulted...

Sports nutrition in China

26/02/2018 Market News
Category Overview The sports nutrition market in China is rapidly growing. The US is currently the largest nutritional products market in the world, but China may soon occupy this position thanks to...

Top 10 regulatory updates in 2018

07/02/2018 ChemLinked News
1. China Institutional Reform: What Does It Mean for the Food Industry? On 13th Mar, 2018, China decided to reform the structure of its State Council and ministerial level departments, abolishing...

Shanghai Releases 2017 Food Safety Annual Report

02/02/2018 ChemLinked News
On Jan. 21, 2018, Shanghai FDA released The 2017 Shanghai Food Safety Annual Report (thereinafter White Paper). Altogether 15.91 million batches amounting to some 512.81 million tons of food were...

China Revises GMO Regulations

02/02/2018 ChemLinked News
On October 7, 2017, China State Council released a decree announcing the modification of part of Regulations on Administration of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms . Previous regulations...

Opportunities for colouring foods in China

01/02/2018 Exhibitor News
Hear from international exhibitor GNT about the developments in colouring foods across Asia. Q: What trends are you seeing in the colouring foods sector? A: For many years, food and beverage...

Emerging Food Ingredients for 2018

01/02/2018 ChemLinked News
Trying to reformulate or develop new products with healthier ingredients and cleaner labels can be a complex process. It often involves removing or replacing highly functional ingredients with...

Baby food market in China: what's in the box?

13/01/2018 ChemLinked News
Part One: A highly differentiated market In the few years, baby product sector in China experienced an outstanding market diversification, product differentiation and expansion of customer base. The...

Exhibitor Spotlight: Hleks

11/01/2018 Exhibitor News
Interview with Abdulkadir Yarman Sales Director, Hleks Hi, please could you please give us an overview of your company, what you specialise in and where your key geographical markets are? We are a...