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Navigating Chinese food and beverage regulations

The food and beverage industry is one of the most strictly regulated sectors in China, and foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market need to make sense of a complex network of laws and...

China offers Russian exporters untapped business potential

China’s immense and increasingly affluent population represents a relatively untapped market for food and drink importers. Russian firms, which currently face difficulties in accessing many western...
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China: open for business and bursting with opportunity

A burgeoning middle class, growing demand for quality assurance and increasingly favourable market conditions have opened up fantastic opportunities for European companies in China. The success of...

Combining modernity and tradition

China’s health and wellness market: Combining modernity and tradition Many Chinese consumers are returning to their roots after two decades of intense western influence in the nation’s food and drink...

Top 4 trends shaping China’s F&B market

China’s growing middle class is shaking up the country’s food sector, with major shifts in consumption and spending habits, and greater demand for healthy and premium products. Here we take a look at...

Beverage Trends in China

Category Overview China’s beverage market has experienced considerable growth over the past several years. In 2016 the National Bureau of Statistics reported that domestic beverage industry sales had...

Tracking growth in the Chinese organics market

China has become the world's fourth-largest retail market for organic food and drink - and analysts say there is still enormous potential for growth. The Chinese organic market was worth about €5.9...

China's Consumer Trends 2018

Mintel's team of expert analysts have identified and analysed five key trends that will define China's consumer markets in the coming year and beyond. Discover the market shifts and changing consumer...

China's growing appetite for dairy

Innova Market Insights reports a 44.4% rise in dairy product launches in 2017 in China, compared with 2016, even while global new product development growth for dairy is stabilizing after a period of...

China's dairy market: category overview

Category Overview On a global scale, the dairy sector is experiencing a period of turbulence. The removal of EU milk quotas, a slowing demand from China, and Russia's trade embargo have all resulted...

Sports nutrition in China

Category Overview The sports nutrition market in China is rapidly growing. The US is currently the largest nutritional products market in the world, but China may soon occupy this position thanks to...

Summary: health food import and export requirements

Zhang Zhongpeng, Dietary Supplements Professional Committee of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products June 2017 Nutrition and Health Food Import and Export...