2018 - 2025 Global Methyl Matol Market Report


The Global Methyl Matol Market report 2018 provides an overview of the current market, trends, and factors relating to projected growth. Covering products primarily used as flavour enhancers, the report considers growth-drivers, challenges as well as opportunities, and it examines the impact of market dynamics on complete demand for the product during the forecasted period, 2018 to 2025.  

With a focus on market-leading players, the report discusses Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co Ltd among others. Anhui Jinhe concentrate on production and research and development of fine chemical products and basic chemical products. In the fine chemicals segment, Anhui Jinhe is the largest producer internationally of Matol, Ethyl Matol and Acesulfame-K. Matol is a naturally occurring organic compound primarily used as a flavour enhancer, while Ethyl Matol is a non-toxic organic compound used for the same purpose with a further use of extending food expiration dates.  

To further understand the Global Methyl Matol Market as a whole, the opportunities and trends, and Anhui Jinhe’s position in the industry, the report is currently available to purchase. Anhui Jinhe Industrial have attended Fi Global events including Fi Asia 2018.