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Exhibitor Spotlight: Golden Omega

21/01/2019 Exhibitor News
Q: Could you please give us an overview of your company, what your specialisms are and where your key geographical markets lie? Golden Omega is the only producer of Omega-3 concentrates uniquely and...

Combining modernity and tradition

18/01/2019 Market News
China’s health and wellness market: Combining modernity and tradition Many Chinese consumers are returning to their roots after two decades of intense western influence in the nation’s food and drink...

Top 4 trends shaping China’s F&B market

14/01/2019 Market News
China’s growing middle class is shaking up the country’s food sector, with major shifts in consumption and spending habits, and greater demand for healthy and premium products. Here we take a look at...

Beverage Trends in China

09/01/2019 Market News
Category Overview China’s beverage market has experienced considerable growth over the past several years. In 2016 the National Bureau of Statistics reported that domestic beverage industry sales had...

Predictions for Food Premix Market

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
The Food Premix Market has been identified as one of the most promising markets internationally. In their latest report, Future Market Insights have projected that the global food premix market will...

Predictions for Glycine Market

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
HeBei Donghua Jiheng Aminoacid Sci.& Tec. Co. Ltd are a large-scale professional manufacturer of amino acetic acid (glycine). Glycine is categorised as the smallest possible amino acid, and is...

Newtrend Group Research Centre Approved

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
A proposal by the Newtrend Group for a Jiangxi Province Sweet Additive Engineering Technology Research Centre was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department in September...
Market Report

2018 - 2025 Global Methyl Matol Market Report

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
The Global Methyl Matol Market report 2018 provides an overview of the current market, trends, and factors relating to projected growth. Covering products primarily used as flavour enhancers, the...
Probiotic Tummy

Kefir Innovations; One of the Oldest Probiotics with Health Benefits

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
In May earlier this year SynbioTech won the Annual Probiotic Industry Innovation Product Award for their AB-Kefir Probiotics at the 13th International Symposium on Probiotics and Health. Organised by...

Neotame Report Highlights Key Players

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
Neotame is an artificial sweetener that is between 7,000 and 13,000 sweeter than sugar. It is moderately heat-stable and rapidly metabolised, and is used in various products including baked goods,...

Angel Yeast Company Awarded for Yeast Peptone Products

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
China-based Angel Yeast Company is one of the world's leading companies in the yeast industry, specialising in yeast and biotech. This year Angel Yeast Company was recognised for its pioneering work...

Stevia Market Set to Expand

07/01/2019 Exhibitor News
As consumers continue to seek out healthy options and alternatives, the Stevia market is predicted to expand at a growth rate of 5.6% CAGR. There are a number health benefits associated with Stevia...