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A wealth of opportunities in Thailand

17/05/2019 Market News
Discover some of the opportunities in the Thai market Download infographic

Interview with Jing Hagert, BD Director Milk Specialties Global

10/05/2019 Exhibitor News
Q) Could you please give us an overview of your company, what your specialisms are and where your key geographical markets lie? Milk Specialties Global, a global performance nutrition manufacturer,...

Mintel 2019 F&B Trends

06/05/2019 Market News
Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has announced three forward-looking trends which will lead the momentum of global food and drink innovation in 2019 and beyond. Evergreen...

Soft drink industry in ASEAN facing double whammy

06/05/2019 Market News
The soft drink industry in ASEAN is currently undergoing a major challenge, as its respective governments are introducing or have just introduced various restrictions from excise taxes on sugar to...
Vicchi Enterprise Co. Ltd logo

Meet exhibitor Vicchi Enterprise Co. Ltd

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Vicchi Enterprise Co. Ltd is a Thailand-based food ingredient importer with more than 30 years experience in the food industry. One of the leading importers and suppliers of various ingredients for...
Prova logo

Meet exhibitor Prova

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Prova is a family business specialising in sweet brown flavourings in the food industry. Founded in 1946 in France, Prova are a leader in the production of chocolate flavours, and are the largest...

Meet exhibitor Namsiang

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Namsiang are a leading chemical ingredients supplier with a portfolio of over 2,000 products which serve cosmetics and toiletries, health food, and fragrance and flavours industries in Thailand and...
Meelunie Logo

Meet exhibitor Meelunie

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Meelunie produce and supply starches, sweeteners, and plant-based proteins to food and animal nutrition industries, with some products also used for industrial applications. With a commitment to...
Lesaffre logo

Meet exhibitor Lesaffre

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Lesaffre is a French organisation specialising in yeasts and fermentation. With over 160 years experience, Lesaffre design, manufacture, and market innovative solutions for baking, food taste,...
Keva Flavours logo

Meet exhibitor Keva Flavours

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Keva Flavours develop and manufacture flavours used in dairy, beverages, confectionery, bakery, savoury and pharmaceutical products. Based in India, Keva Flavours is a subsidiary of S. H Kelkar...

Meet exhibitor Emsland Group

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Emsland Group create a wide range of products from sustainable raw materials of pea and potato, such as starch processing products, potato flakes and granules, proteins, and fibres. Based in Germany...
Connell Bros

Meet exhibitor Connell

15/03/2019 Exhibitor News
Connell is a leading marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients in Asia-Pacific. Operating in Life and Industrial Sciences markets, Connell have 48 offices across 18 countries in...