TH Thailand
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Since its foundation in 1946, Taiyo has established itself as a leader in the development and production of emulsifiers, stabilizers, egg and tea based ingredients, and highly functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Today Taiyo manufactures over 2,000 food formulations, processed eggs, fruit preparations, flavorings, emulsifiers, stabilizers and functional ingredients at various manufacturing facilities around the world.

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TH Thailand
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Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd. was established in 1977 to manufacture premium quality rice bran oil from superior quality rice bran under the brand name of King Rice Bran Oil. King Rice Bran Oil is extracted from the selected bran of brown rice and germ, the most nutritious part of rice. It contains natural antioxidants including Gamma-Oryzanol, Vitamin E and Phytosterols.

We are a manufacturer of many food ingredients here in Thailand. Our products meet with GMP, HACCP and Halal Certificate. Our products are Coconut Milk Powder, Ribonucleotide, Food Preservatives (No Benzoate and Sorbate), Food Grade Non Phosphate, Food Grade Mix Phosphate, Non Dairy Creamer, Hydrolysed Rice Powder, and Fresh Milk Powder for Coffee and Tea.

Thai Green Nation Corp. is raw material manufacturer and supplier for food and beverage industry. Our main products are tea leaves, extract tea powder/concentrate, herbal powder/concentrate, fruit and vegetable powder, coffee bean/powder/concentrate, cereal powder, natural sweetener (Stevia and Luo Han Guo), and natural flavor and aroma.

TH Thailand
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Tipco Biotech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor for nature ingredients such as Aloe Vera Powder and Pineapple Fiber.

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Manufacturer functional plant extracts for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, and functional foods. Main products: Bilberry Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Soy Isomax, Black Ginger Extract, Matcha, Senna Extract, supplement OEM, etc., Available certificates: HALAL, GMP

TH Thailand
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Topflight Interfoods Co., Ltd is one of the leading importer and distributor companies supplying ingredients to the food industry in Thailand. The company works professionally and has a great partnership with many leading suppliers around the world. Topflight Interfoods has attained supreme reputation for all over 15 years and will further extend this success through the future.

TH Thailand
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Triple Nine Solution represents an extensive portfolio of personal care, neutraceutical, food & beverage and other industries ingredients from the world's premier manufacturers, but we’re also poised to help our customers solve everyday challenges. Our team of technical professional establishes consultative partnerships in research and development with our customers, providing expertise throughout the product development process, from concept through production and commercialization.