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The Innovation Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players. It will provide the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market. A popular area for visitors and the press, this feature has become a trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry.

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Innova Market Insights will also present daily on two of the hottest trends in the industry


Innovation Zone

In association with Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights has a global network tracking new production introductions in over 70 countries around the world and over 28 categories of food and beverage products. With representatives in all the major markets, we offer our customers local insights on trends driving their region’s product activity. With a specialist network of food & beverage professionals that provide insights into packaging, technology, ingredient and marketing trends, customers rely on Innova Market Insights when making their next strategic product decision.


Healthy aging: to be forever young

Day 1: 12:00-12:30 & Day 2: 16:00-16:30

Asia is aging faster than any other region, posing tremendous challenges to society, households, as well as individual consumers. Effective responses to this aging population should focus not only on prolonging life but also improving the overall quality of life as people get older. Thus, the demand for healthy aging products that help people maintain wellness and physical appearance surges in Asia. Influenced by the culture and economies, food businesses aimed at healthy aging in Asia differentiates from that in other regions. In this presentation, we will share insights into Asian consumers’ concerns about aging and their preference of healthy aging ingredients and products. In addition, the presentation will also introduce the trendy products in different healthy aging platforms covering mobility, heart health, and brain health.

Key Trends & Innovations in Infant Formula NPD

Day 1: 16:00-16:30 & Day 2: 12:00-12:30

As Asian consumers continue to put increased importance on the nutrients of infant formula, efforts have been taken by manufacturers to enhance the health benefits of their products through optimizing formula and applying new ingredients. The booming Asian market of infant nutrition closely follows the trends of Western markets regarding product innovation. Experts from Innova Market Insights will share the innovation drivers of infant formula in the Asian market, as well as the latest innovative ingredients that support infant growth and development. In addition, inspiration from North American and European infant formula NPD will also be included in the presentation.

Fi Asia - Agropur

Agropur | Stand No: F18


Glycomacropeptide (GMP) is a casein-derived protein fraction with superior purity. Agropur has developed a unique process by which a purified form of glycomacropeptide is isolated from the whey after cheesemaking. The result is a light colored, mild-tasting, free flowing powder ideal for usage in both functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications.

  • There is no similar ingredient with such high purity, commercially available in the marketplace as it contains 95% of total protein in the form of GMP.
  • The high purity is critical to applications such as Phenylketonuria (PKU), where no alternative source of protein exists.



Avebe (Far East) Pte. Ltd. | Stand No: U1


Product description: ELIANE™ GEL 100 is a modified waxy potato starch with unique properties that allow food manufacturers to create high quality, creamy and indulgent fat reduced soups, dressings and sauces. In addition, at higher use levels, Eliane Gel 100 forms a unique thermo-reversible gel that mimic the properties of gels formed by other hydrocolloids, enabling food manufacturers to create a full range of texture and consistency that meet the growing demands of consumer needs in sensory experience, convenience and nutritional requirements. ELIANE™ GEL 100 is derived from unique high quality waxy potato starch and it is vegetarian and Kosher & Halal certified.


Capsugel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. | Stand No: D30

Licaps® DUOCAP™

Capsugel’s Licaps® DUOCAP™, a proprietary capsule-in-capsule delivery system that is ideally suited for combination or dual release products.

This single oral dosage delivery system, which involves inserting a smaller pre-filled capsule into a larger liquid-filled capsule, offers numerous possibilities and a broad range of formulation and design options.

DUOCAP® can be used for immediate release or combined release—for example solubilized prebiotics in the outer capsule and probiotics in the inner capsule.  The prebiotic releases immediately and the probiotic release later.


Emsland | Stand No: C7

Empure® AK JEL 200

Emsland Group’s Empure® AK JEL 200 is a pregelatinized, clean-label potato starch applied as an universal binding, thickening and texturizing agent in many food applications, especially for baked snacks.

Empure® AK JEL 200 provides excellent expansion and improves due to its origin the potato taste particularly in comparison with e.g. waxy maize alternatives in potato snacks.

In snacks Empure® AK JEL 200 offers the following

  • Homogeneous controlled water retention
  • Uniform and homogeneous dough formation and elasticity
  • Controlled stickiness whilst sheeting and dough processing
  • Excellent shaping and cutting performance
  • Excellent controlled expansion regulation in baking process
  • Crispy light texture
  • Excellent homogeneous expansion with crispiness and brilliant taste

Fonterra | Stand No: X9

SureProteinTM Fast MPC4868

SureProtein™ Fast MPC4868 is an optimal source of rapidly digestible milk proteins, providing muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption compared to standard milk protein offerings.

Whey has traditionally been considered the gold standard in sports because of its excellent nutritional profile and rapid absorption. However, consumption of SureProtein™ Fast MPC4868 after exercise results in a similar pattern of amino acid appearance as whey protein, unlike standard milk protein ingredients.

SureProtein™ Fast MPC4868 provides a new science story from which to engage consumers in the sports and healthy lifestyle segment, through taking Milk Protein Concentrate from a ‘slow’ protein to a ‘fast’ protein.


Glanbia Nutritionals Singapore Ltd. | Stand No: X7

Muscle Mocha

A great tasting hot coffee beverage containing more than g of protein from ProTherma™, the heat stable hydrolyzed whey protein and SatieTein™, an excellent source of Milk Protein.

Featured Ingredients:

  • ProTherma™ - An agglomerated hydrolyzed whey protein designed for use in hot ready-to-mix beverage applications. Protherma protein is stable, soluble and high in protein.
  • SatieTein™ - Milk protein isolate which contains casein molecules that are cross-linked to form a larger protein size. The larger protein size slows down enzymatic digestion and helps promote increased satiety and reduced desire to eat.

Kerry | Stand No: W1

Zesti Smoke TM Cloud S-5

Today, consumers are better-informed and want to know what is in their food. This has revolutionised the industry as companies look for new and efficient ways to deliver safe and clean label foods, made with trusted ingredients, that taste better and last longer.

Zesti SmokeTM Cloud S-5, Kerry’s smoke condensate, takes smoke to a whole new level, by naturally keeping food fresher for longer. It is made from natural Hardwood and has been scientifically proven to inhibit bacterial and mould growth, and eliminate pathogens. Zesti SmokeTM Cloud S-5 can be applied to a wide variety of foods, including meats, seafood, dairy, and fruits.


Milk Specialties Global | Stand No: F22


PRObev™ is a clear WPI produced by a proprietary filtration process that isolates native proteins in a highly concentrated form to provide maximum functionality. It’s clear in solutions with good heat stability over a wide range of pH levels. PRObev™ provides exceptional nutritional value for a variety of beverage applications.


Morinaga Nutritional Foods (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. | Stand No: D7

“LAC-Shield” Lactobacillus paracasei MCC1849

LAC-Shield is selected from Morinaga’s vast culture collection under the keyword of “immunity boosting”. This is a heat-killed probiotic strain with high clinical efficacies to boost immunity. Most regular probiotic strains cannot survive harsh conditions and thus has limited applications in most foods. As LAC-Shield is a highly-stable strain, it can withstand harsh processing conditions and still retains clinical efficacy. As such, LAC-Shield can be used in a wide variety of applications such as Beverages, UHT products, Bakery, Confectionery, Sauces and many other foods which regular live bacteria cannot be applied. Let us help you to develop new functional products!


PureCircle | Stand No: L34

Stevia leaf-base flavor enhancer as “Cocoa Replacer”

The launch of new stevia leaf-based flavors enhancer is significantly augment the cocoa flavors, enabling companies to produce products at a manageable price point. This new enhancer can be labelled as natural flavors on product ingredient labels.  This breakthrough build on PureCircle’s extensive range of flavors which allows them to enhance key benefits such as mouthfeel, sweetness quality and different tonalities across a wide range of applications.    PureCircle’s new flavor enhancers bolster companies’ supply of limited cocoa powder ingredients, and thereby diversify risk strategies by introducing a plant-based solution. This new products will allow developers to reduce the amounts of cocoa alongside sugar without compromising taste.


Roquette Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. | Stand No: Y7

Nutralys® Pea Protein

Many consumers now are looking for non-animal source and soy-based protein. However, apart from animal source and soy-based products, many of the plant-based proteins are very low in protein content. Nutralys ® Pea Protein is one of the plant-based ingredients that contains good source of protein similar to a cow’s milk. What’s more important, it contain no major allergen and allows to claim that. By using Roquette’s patented water technology, Nutralys® Pea Protein is non-chemical treated when comparing to most of the plant-based protein available in the market. Nutralys® Pea Protein is also GMO-free. It is suitable for varies applications; beverage to snacks and many more.


TATE & LYLE | Stand No: F1 & M1


Spread control is a key attribute for shaped baked goods. During baking, large variabilities exist in spreading the dough. This poses a great challenge in baking consistency. CLARIA® Top-Gel has the exclusive ability to gel instantly. It improves shape retention, which is crucial to an efficient baking process. No other starch can duplicate this instant gel-forming functionality. Furthermore, CLARIA® Top-Gel has a unique ability to retain its gel structure even when exposed to high heat. The gel strength can be easily controlled for diverse applications with a range of textures. CLARIA® Top-Gel is the ideal clean-label solution for baked goods.