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Reduction & Reformulation (less sugar, fat, salt)

Globally, consumers are looking for healthier alternatives. According to a consumer survey conducted by BENEO, 61% of European consumers are actively seeking to avoid fat intake and 60% avoid sugar intake. According to a report from Datmonitor, 50% of consumers are actively trying to reduce their salt or sodium intake. In order to meet consumers’ expectations, many manufacturers have developed fat, sugar or salt substitutes.

This Discovery Tour will highlight the latest innovations for formulating healthier products specific to this area.

Sport Nutrition

With physical fitness continues to be priority concern of the general public, the global sport nutrition market has expanded and grown in numerous directions. The global sport nutrition market is expected to grow by 8.27% annually, estimating its value $40+ billion by 2020, reports TechNavio. The market has continued to lead the way in Proteins, reaching $8+ billion in 2014 alone, proving to be the most lucrative area of the market. Muscle growth, another key driver in the market, represents €8.6 billion in the US & Europe alone. While other growing segments of the market include Joint & Bone Health, Recovery & Rehydration and more.

This Discovery Tour will showcase the newest products on the sport nutrition market and what consumers want

Anti-Aging from Nutrition

The rising population of elderly people combined with the rise in disposable incomes have seen the anti-aging product market explode. By 2021, it’s expected to be a $216 billion dollar industry, covering lotion, potions, pills, products and procedures. Antioxidants have seen rapid growth in this market, due to its vital use in anti-aging supplements and products. Thus the global market of antioxidants is reported to rias at CAGR of 5.6% in the forecast period of 2014-2020, reaching $3.1 billion by 2020.

This Discovery Tour will reveal the latest innovations in the anti-aging market

Functional ingredients for disease management

World health is improving, and the average person lifespan is increasing, however as a result, non-communicable diseases are also on the rise. With 68% of all deaths globally linked to lifestyle-related diseases, such as Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Consumers understand the role of nutrition in maintaining good health, and are actively seeking food and drink to achieve this. With 60% of consumer using food and drink to improve their health.

This Discovery Tour will showcase all the latest innovations in functional ingredients market