Meet first time exhibitor Prinova




1: Why have you chosen to exhibit at Fi Asia this year? Is it your first time at the event?

We see Fi Asia as being the perfect oportunity to promote and raise awareness of our products and services in the ASPAC region. Having participated for many years in FiE and HiE we know the Fi Global events are the ideal platfom for meeting both regional and international visitors in one place.

We are optimistic that as first time exhibitors we will meet decision makers from a diverse range of industries helping to grow our presence in the Asian region.

2: Can you tell us more about the product/s you will be showcasing at Fi Asia this year?

Our key focus will be premixes to fortify products with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Prinova’s bespoke blends for nutrition, cereal, beverage, dairy, infant formulation, and more, reflect our ability to deliver product solutions to a wide range of premix markets. With facilities in China, the UK and the USA we are in a strong position to deal with customers on a local region, as well as global basis.

We will also be showcasing a unique microencapsulation technology developed by AnaBio and distributed by Prinova which creates new potential for the inclusion of Creatine in sports drinks. Active TR® Creatine Monohydrate is more stable in liquid than any other form of creatine monohydrate, offering optimum shelf life as well as bioavailability. In a recent human study AnaBio found that it was stable in water and stomach acid, and that its flavour and texture were preferred to that of a “non-encapsulated” generic Creatine.

The micro-encapsulated Creatine Monohydrate is part of Anabio’s Active TR® range, which is distributed by Prinova. Other products include Active TR® L-Leucine, Active TR® Caffeine, and Active TR® Beta-Alanine.

3: Why is the South East Asia market so interesting for your business?  

Of particular focus for us are the dairy and cereal industries, both showing considerable year-on-year growth with some categories demonstrating almost 50% annual increase for 2017. Research indicates that 68% of consumers have increased their consumption of milk based drinks in the past 12 months, with 60% considering milk based products to be a dietary staple. In terms of the cereal market more than 35% of consumers buy breakfast cereals or bars and 50% incorporate these products in their diet.  In addition, the factors that most influence the purchase decision are natural, reduced fat or sugar and real ingredients, which shows that the more nutrient content and healthier it is the product the better.

With our premix facility in China we are perfectly positioned to offer bespoke premixes and ingredients for these industries, and more. With a growing R&D department specialising in meeting demands for evolving market trends we are able to guide on reformulations and new product development on a local region basis.

4: What is the biggest trend or challenge you see impacting the industry at the moment?

Our SEA customers are looking to us to advise them on up and coming food and beverage trends. With our knowledge of North American and European market trends we are particularly well placed to offer this guidance. Of particular interest at the moment is the energy drinks market, this market is believed to be 5-7 years behind the afore mentioned more mature markets, however, there is a forecasted growth of 61% for the 2015 – 2020 period and beverage manufacturers are keen to be part of this.

There is a growing demand in SEA from consumers for cleaner labelling. More transparency is demanded but at the same time products are very price sensitive. Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry need to develop innovative products that meet the needs consumers for healthier, more convenient products. It is essential we understand this not just on a regional SEA level but also on a local country level too, in order to best understand cultural needs but also very importantly local regulatory requirements.

5: Who would you like to meet at Fi Asia this year?

As we will be at the show with our team of experienced product managers as well as technical experts we look forward to meeting visitors from buying, R&D and technical backgrounds. We will be ready to discuss bespoke premix formulations as well as the latest market and ingredient trends.