Meet first time exhibitor Groward Group


1. Why have you chosen to exhibit at Fi Asia this year? Is it your first time at the event?

Firstly, Fi Asia is one of the leading international and domestic food and beverage exhibitions in the world. By being present at Fi Asia, our company – a young agricultural business leader in Lithuania, Groward Group – can show the world who we are and what we are doing. This is the first time we are participating in Fi Asia, so we hope this will increase our exposure in the Asian region, help us find new business partners, and ultimately have an unforgettable experience.

2. Can you tell us more about the product/s you will be showcasing at Fi Asia this year?

Groward Group is a vertically integrated company producing eggs and egg products. We control the full process from farming to the final product, which allows us to offer the highest quality products for our customers. At Fi Asia we will be offering egg solutions for the catering industry, both customised (egg powder blends, egg liquid blends, omelette mixes, egg protein snacks) and basic (shell eggs, egg liquids, egg powders, boiled and peeled eggs). These products are suitable for all types of food service catering companies, from those serving airlines, cruise ships, schools and hospitals, etc.

We deliver a range of different values: high in protein, organic, clean label, cage-free eggs, among others. Besides our expertise in our products and services, Groward Group has extensive experience in grains trading. We grow crops ourselves in our fields as well as purchase, process and export grains from abroad. Our knowledge in the trading of wheat, linseeds, pulse and other grains ensures that we are relatable and stable partners.

3. Why is the South East Asia market so interesting for your business?

As we all know, eggs and egg products are one of the highest-selling products in the entire food market and remains an important ingredient in the food industry. An egg is a generic product, and as such it’s traditionally difficult to differentiate oneself from other providers. In this business we face huge challenges every day, and that’s what pushes us to move forward. We are competitive in international business, our products are high quality, and our company is innovative with modern equipment and technology – This makes us attractive to the South East Asia market. Groward Group are working every day to maintain and strengthen partnerships with our customers and we want to help develop our eggs business for everyone involved.

4. What do you feel is the biggest challenge you have faced in this region? (e.g. regulatory hurdles, cultural differences)?

As companies integrate themselves into global systems for agricultural production and food processing, food supply chains are becoming longer and more sprawling, often spanning numerous countries. Increasing affluence, urbanisation, and rising populations in many industrialising Asian countries is fueling demand for more and higher value agricultural products. Customer demand for greater product variety and higher service levels is also having an impact on supply chains throughout the region. As one of the top agricultural leaders, we think that one of the biggest challenges is to compete in the massive Asian egg industry and prove that our product is exactly what you need in the Asian market.

5. What is the biggest trend or challenge you see impacting the industry at the moment?

Animal welfare, organic production, natural food products and functional food.

6. Who would you like to meet at Fi Asia this year?

We would like to meet Asian producers, distributors, and traders who are buying egg products and  are interested in starting a partnership with us.