Learn about Milk Specialties Global's range of dairy proteins


1: Why have you chosen to exhibit at Fi Asia this year? Is it your first time at the event?

We have previously exhibited at other Fi Asia events, so this year in Jakarta will not be out first time attending one of your events.

2: Can you tell us more about the product/s you will be showcasing at Fi Asia this year?

Milk Specialties Global creates speciality proteins designed to optimise health and nutrition. We create customised protein ingredients including whey proteins, milk proteins, hydrolysates as well as a comprehensive line of milk replacers, ration supplements and rumen-inert fats.

Our full listing of dairy protein ingredients and speciality ingredients include:

  • PRObev - A clear whey protein isolate designed for low pH beverages. We showcased this ingredient category and its prototypes at Fi Asia last year in Thailand. 
  • BarSoft – A protein matrix deisnged for high protein bars and solid form applications.
  • CASpro – A micellar casein containing higher casein content in comparison to standard milk-based proteins, with enhanced heat stability and functional benefits.

Our product prototypes will be avialable at our show.

3: Why is the South East Asia market so interesting for your business?

The South East Asia region is seen as a gowth market for dairy ingredients. Our customers are working towards being market leaders in their industry, and we have the materials, tools and knowledge to help them achieve this – Not only in the ingredients we supply but also the value-added services that our customers benefit from.

4: What do you feel is the biggest challenge you have found in thsi region? (e.g. regulatory hurdles, cultural differences)?

Getting to understand the needs of our customer is the toughest challenge, as each customer’s target goals are different. Identifying individual customer’s needs may be further complicated due to cultural differences, communication styles, and company confidentiality. 

5: What is the biggest trend or challenge you see impacting the industry at the moment?

A few trends we see impacting the industry are the following:

  • New forms of consumer products contain higher amounts of dairy proteins
  • Dairy proteins are being used for fuctional purposes rather than just nutritional purposes
  • Increasing consumer knowledge towards retail products and certain ingredients, and the power of social media to tackle this perspective. 

​​6: Who would you like to meet at Fi Asia this year?

We would like to connect with our current customers and continue to provide them services and value-added solutions, as well as meet new potential customers. We look forward to introducing some of the new innovative ingredients and protein application forms to our customers in South East Asia.