Zhecheng County Chunhai Chilli Foodstuff Co., Ltd is located in Zhecheng county which was regarded as “the Hometown of Sanying chilli” by the State council.The company is a modern enterprise, which is integrating food manufacturing, processing, selling & exporting. It also have completed equipment including producing workshop, warehouse, chilli sauce shop, cold storage. Adopting traditional hand-made technology and modern production technology, we produce and sell Dried Chilli, Chilli Rings, Chillli Threaded, Chilli Flakes, Crushed Chilli, Chilli Powder, etc. And Garlic Flakes, Garlic Powder and Garlic Granule, Ginger Slice & Dehydrated Vegetable.
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Stand No: A3.S12
Our import & export company is a member of the Hengdian Group and is primarily in charge of the export business of Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In our twenty years, the team has become professional in many areas, providing our customers support with respect to business development, sales, technical aspects of the business and logistics.
Creating an excellent Brand of Sweet Flavors, and Providing better Technical Solution.
Creating an excellent Brand of Sweet Flavors, and Providing better Technical Solution.
Zhejiang Jiangshan Henliang Bee Products Co., Ltd established in 1997, our company is specializing in manufacture, sales and scientific research of bee products. main products covers up to 30 categories such as Royal Jelly, Lyophilized Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee pollen...our company are the first to get the Organic certificate a be able to manufacture Organic Royal Jelly in the world.
Zhejiang Silver-Elephant Bio-engineering Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of natural, safe and efficient protective ingredients for food, feed and healthcare industries. Main products and services: Nisin series, Natamycin series, e-polylysine series and food protective solution.
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Stand No: D1.N10
Zhejiang Synose Tech Co., Ltd. has been engaged in researching and producing emulsifier over 20years . Our main products are sucrose fatty acid esters (HLB3-15), polyglycerol ester of atty acid and compound food additives,which are widely used in coconut drink ,canned coffee,milk beverage ,bakery food,chocolate and so on.
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Stand No: A1.FF23
BLG® was founded in 1996 as a high-tech enterprise devoted in hydrocolloids research, manufacture and supply. BLG® main products include Carrageenan, Konjac Gum and Agar-Agar.BLG® headquarter is located in the National Hi-TECH Development Zone-Caohejing (Shanghai·Pujiang) Hi-TECH Plaza. BLG® has three factories located in Shanghai & Zhejiang Province, China and South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.
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Stand No: D1.N18
Zhejiang Wanglin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2, 2014. Specialized inFood grade bamboo carbon black E153, Bamboo charcoal powder. It is the first certified producer of vegetable carbon black E153 in China (Production license number: SC20133088100266).
Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and set up factories in early 2006. Since the establishment of the company, it has introduced advanced management concepts and increased research and development, with Shanghai Zhaoguang Biological Research & Design Institute, Qilu University of Technology, and East China University of Science and Technology Shanghai Biotechnology. The Institute of Manufacturing Industry
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Stand No: A2.V3
Zhuhai TXY Biotech Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 831060) is founded in 2010, a modern high-tech enterprise, which is focus on developing new technology of Yeast derivatives, provide high-quality and healthy food ingredients for humans and animals. Products are widely used in food ingredients, health food, cosmetics, animal feed additives, Culture medium and other.