US United States
Stand No: A2.Z11
The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) is a non-profit, independent membership organization representing the global trade interests of the U.S. dairy industry. USDEC’s programs in Southeast Asia are focused on accelerating global buyers’ and end-users’ success in purchasing and innovating with quality, versatile U.S. dairy products and ingredients such as whey and milk proteins, milk powder, permeate, cheese and more.
LT Lithuania
Stand No: D1.J30
We control full process (farming, feed production, egg processing) from grains till final product which allows us to offer highest quality products for our costumer. At this exhibition we will offer different types of grains and egg solutions for catering industry: customized (egg powders, liquids blends, omelet mixes, egg protein snacks) and basic (shell eggs, egg liquids, powders, boiled eggs).
TH Thailand
Stand No: A2.V20
Ultimate Products Company Limited was formed in 1994 and has since become principal importers, exporters, manufacturers & distributors of a wide range of food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients include : Natural & synthetic food & aqua colours, spice, oleoresins/essential oils, herb, functional & supplementary, sweet & savoury flavours in all forms, cloudifiers agent, amino acid, mousse desserts and thickeners.
CN China
Stand No: A3.S12
Unibioche which founded in 1999, is a bio-technologies company affiliated with Zhejiang University and has a good technical cooperation with them. We have our own R&D Center and we are the flagship manufacture in the field of food, beverage, nutrition and healthy ingredients. We mainly produce all kinds of natural extract, concentrate, instant powder, enzymolysis and Fermentation, like tea, flower, fruit, herbal and natural flavors etc. We have got the certification of ISO9001, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, QS. We are developing the market with outstanding standard and excellent service to meet the requirements of the customers.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: B1.D2
Unilecithin is a leading supplier of Lecithin sourced from the purest form. Our specialty supply of Lecithin caters to food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industry. An efficient supply chain, collaborative producers and our stringent quality guidelines has us recognized as a leading Lecithin supplier worldwide. Our assured food characteristics and traceability are achieved through established identity preservation and our promise to customer does not end there.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.M2
PT United Chemicals Inter Aneka (Omya United Chemicals) is a member of the Omya Group and supports the distribution of specialty chemicals. Omya is a leading global producer of calcium carbonates offering innovative solutions based on high purity natural minerals and complementary ingredients. Omya Calcipur® can act as a fortification and anti-caking agent, extrusion aid and white pigment for coatings.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A2.Y16
United Dairy Ingredients Group represents leading US dairy ingredients plant sas their export agents. Our products are dried dairy powders, cheese and cheese products.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A1.GG49
Universal Trading Indonesia is specialized in sourcing and distribution of imported raw materials of for food industry. We provide many kinds of imported products such as chili paste, tomato paste, oil and food ingredients. We always make sure to sell our products with good selected quality.
US United States
Stand No: A2.Z19
SUPPLY + DEMAND = OPPORTUNITY USA Highbush blueberries come in a variety of formats to meet industry needs including: fresh, frozen, dehydrated, liquid, preserved. Multiple formats mean infinite product possibilities. With consumer demand, blueberry popularity thrives. Visit www.realblueberries.org for information about the Real Blueberries (TM) seal. Show your blueberries! Our growers thank you for the support.
US United States
Stand No: A2.AA17
U. S. Pecan Growers (USPGC) is the international export organization for pecan growers in the USA. USPGC’ current international strategy is to create long-term demand for U.S. pecans among consumers, importers and buyers in priority markets. The core message of that effort is the superior nutritional content and remarkable variety of uses of pecans, both as a snack and as an ingredient, and the contribution pecans can make to a healthy diet. USPGC represents all fifteen states growing pecans in the U.S.