IT Italy
Stand No: B1.D20
Salpa is an italian company leading in the world for over 80 years supplying and developing new products for the most important companies all over the world with 5 different productions, and 9 different lines production:- biscuits/cookies for ice-cream- breadcrumbs products for frozen food- coating for ice-cream, yogurt and chocolate- micronized heat treated flour food and
KR South Korea
Stand No: B2.AA21
SamhwaF&F is company with history of Food ingredient manufacturing since 1976 in South Korea. This year we are proud to introduce these products. Wok Flavor, It is also called Cooking Flavor. Please come and enjoy our booth.The second most confident product is Halal Flavors. We have MUI & Jakim Halal Certifications.Chocolate and Caramel Popcorn Sugar also will be interesting.
KR South Korea
Stand No: A2.HH39
We are the biggest Korean local flavor manufacturer with over 33 years’ experience. Our high quality flavors can be used in all kinds of food applications, most of them are customized in close cooperation with customers. You can meet your specific needs regarding aroma and taste in your application when you choose SAMJUNG FLAVOR as your partner.
CN China
Stand No: D1.P20
Sanmik is a leading provider of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, personal care, food & nutrition, and animal nutrition industries. Our customers can count on us for a reliable supply of high quality and effective ingredients. We are technical service provider and supplier of all best products for more than 90 countries and regions all over the world.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.J25
Indonesian base creamer producer, started as coffee industrial partner and now we able to supply almost all food application, savory to sweet. Currently we had served both local and export market. Foaming Creamer is our new product which had better foaming capacity and long last suitable for your Cappuccino Product. please welcome to our booth.
ES Spain
Stand No: B1.C11
Scentium is a global food flavour manufacturer with a commercial presence in over 100 countries. With more than 30 years of expertise, Scentium creates, develops and manufactures an extensive variety of flavours for beverages as well as for sweet and savoury products.
US United States
Stand No: A2.Z9
“For over 100 years, Sun-Maid has been the largest selling brand of dried fruits, exporting worldwide. The Sun-Maid brand is globally recognized as a symbol of premium quality for consumer-packed and high specification industrial products.”
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A1.DD22
SoPureTM stevia is made from our seeds,our growers,and our facilities to ensure the most consistent and best tasting products possible. Made with non-GMO project verified and responsible farming and manufacturing practices,the SoPureTM difference is one that you can taste. Represented exclusively in Indonesia by PT.Sele Ingredients,SoPureTM stevia has dominated the market with healthy,natural,creative yet economical new products since 2012
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D2.GG17
PT Semarang Herbal Indoplant was founded in 2009, has been specialized in botanical extraction of Indonesian herbs with high quality and low cost products. We are CPOTB (GMP) and ISO Certified. Located in Indonesia, mainly supplying herbal extract products for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and agriculture industries for domestic and international market.
SG Singapore
Stand No: D2.GG15
At Sensetac, we craft flavours for a variety of food and beverage products. Our ISO22000 certified factory in SIngapore offers a variety of sweet, savoury and Halal certified flavours. A dynamic team with over 20 years of experience, we make it our business to provide unique and relevant flavour solutions for you.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: B1.C12
Sensient Technologies is a global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors, and fragrances based in Milwaukee. Sensient employs advanced and innovative technologies to create and deliver fresh, unique solutions, tailored to meet the needs of today’s educated consumers; to develop specialty food & beverage systems, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, inkjet & specialty inks colors, and other specialty & fine chemicals.
NL Netherlands
Stand No: B1.B2
Sensus is a leading producer of inulin and oligo fructose from the Netherlands. Inulin and oligo fructose are prebiotic fibers extracted from the chicory root. Besides having several health benefits these natural dietary fibers also give taste and texture to your food products.
US United States
Stand No: D1.M2
Sethness is a worldwide leader in the production of Caramel Color. We focus purely on Caramel Color, so naturally, we offer the highest-quality Caramel Colors on the market today. Our plants in the USA and China provide the largest selection of liquid and powdered Caramel Colors for a wide variety of food and beverage applications.
CN China
Stand No: A1.BB18
JIAHERB is a CGMP, ISO series, Kosher and Halal certified company, dedicated to the identification, development and manufacturing of botanical extracts and its derivatives, with strong R&D capabilities and advanced production technology, JIAHERB continues to make innovations with herbal extracts that service the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries.
CN China
Stand No: D2.H28
Shaanxi Orient Industrial Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise engaged in the production and sales of Food Additives, Organic Superfood, Dehydrated Vegetables, Spices and Flavors such as Garlic Oil, Ginger Oil and Matcha Powder. Now we have 4 joint-venture factories and have largest production capacity and output of garlic oil and ginger oil.
CN China
Stand No: D2.G19
Shandong Bio Sunkeen Co., Ltd, is the top manufacture in the line of yeast, yeast extract and animal nutrition.We have the intelligent automatic yeast, yeast extract and animal nutrition production line, we use the Siemens central control system which designed by European. And key equipment such as blower and separator were purchased from Europe.
CN China
Stand No: A1.GG58
Shandong Hanxing Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, it's a leading manufacturer specialized in chlorophyll series products. All of our products are certified by Halal, Kosher, ISO in 2015, subsidiary company -Shandong S-SUN Biotechnology Co., Ltd has settled which is focused on nature food grade colors to meet different markets demand. If you seek for natural colorants, please contact us.
Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid, Nicotinamide?Niacinamide?, Nicotinic Acid?Niacin? manufacturer from China
We are most professional manufacturer of citric acid in China and we are biggest manufacturer of vital wheat gluten and wheat starch. We have certificate of ISO, BRC, MUI HALAL, etc. we export more than 150 countries. We have cooperated with famous international company, such as Unilever, GSK, Cola and Nestle.
Shengtai Group is a pioneer in the global health field.We specialize in the research, development, production and management of starch and starch derivatives from corn starch . Our products cover two major fields of medicine and food;
CN China
Stand No: A1.CC16
We are group company which is one of biggest manufacturer for nondairy creamer in China, we have got HALAL, KOSHER, FDA, ISO etc. Our production capacity around 5000tons per month and our goods have been exporting to more than 50 countries.
Shandong Scents Jianyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Scents holding Co., Ltd in corn industry sector, it was firstly founded in 2006, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, covers an area of 200,000 square meters. Scents reaches an annual capacity of corn processing of 1000,000 tons and F55 fructose syrup production of 450,000 tons.
Shandong Zhonggu Starch Sugar Co., Ltd. is located in Xingguang Industrial Park, has floor area of 170,000 square meters, uses total investment of 500 million Yuan, and has annual corn crusting quantity of 1 million tons, annual starch output of 450,000 tons, syrup of 450,000 tons and by-products of 260,000 tons. It is corn starch delivery warehouse designated by Dalian Commodity Exchange and wholesale market corn delivery warehouse of Jilin Corn Center, and wins the first order of corn starch futures of Dalian Commodity Exchange.
CN China
Stand No: A1.FF2
Shanghai Rich Group Limited, the leading producer and supplier of food grade phosphates and phosphates fpr more than ten year. Our STPP, SHMP, STPP,SAPP, MSP, DKP and blends mainly used in meat, seafood industry as water retention agent, in bakery industry as leavening agent. We approved ISO, Haccp, Kosher and Halal certificates to ensure products quality and food safety.
Shanghai Shenguang Edible Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of HuaChang Group. It was founded in 1993 and is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The company has been specialised in producing Sodium Carboxymenthylcellulose (for short: CMC). With more than 200 staff and four production lines, it can meet an annual output of over 35,000 tons.
Shanghai ShenGuang Edible Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of HuaChang Group. It was founded in 1993 and is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The company has been specialised in producing Sodium Carboxymenthylcellulose (for short: CMC). With more than 200 staff and four production lines, it can meet an annual output of over 35,000 tons.
Our company is a leading distributor specialized in the supplying of food ingredients, feed ingredients and pharmaceuticals products to the global market. Our main products catagory is including Sweeteners, Anitoixdants, Acidulants, Thickeners, Amino acidd & Vitamins etc. With reliable quality, thoughtful service and reasonable price, we wish to grow together with our partners always.
Shanxi HuaXinMiRun Food Additives Co., Ltd has 15 year old' history. Our products are as following: (1)compound water retention agent. including phosphorus-containing water retention agents such as compound phosphates, non-phosphorus water retention agent and low phosphorus water retention agent;(2)compound thickener, including compound carrageenan and other products;(3)compound seasoning, including Chinese seasonings and European seasonings.
Shaoxing Weile Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of Vitamins and Carotenoids. Products like Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Vitamin B Series, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10 etc. can all be provided. Certificates: GMP, ISO, FSSC, HALAL, etc. We are your most reliable partner.
There are two wholly-owned subsidiary in our company- Shifang Chuanteng Chemical Co., Ltd and Aggregate Chemical Co,. Ltd. The tenet of our company is “exist by quality, development by credit”. Our company has powerful technology, advanced equipment and well management. Its products are widely used in food products, beverages, medicine, drinking water treatment, metal surface treatment, refractories and other kinds of technical fields.
Build up in 1992 with more than 20 years history with GMP from 2012. Location: Economic Technology Development Area of SJZ. Floor Area: 80,000 M2 Plant area: 13,500 M2 Clean Area: 2,230 M2 Quality Analysis laboratory Area: 710M2Warehouse Area: 4000 M2 Capacity: 6,000mt/year Fructose; 8,000mt/year Mannitol; 120mt/year D-mannose.
Sentaiyuan Biotechnology is the manufacture of natural and organic konjac products, including konjac noodles, konjac pasta, konjac dietary fiber, konjac gum, konjac flour which are low carlorie, low carb, low fat, filling fibres. We look to bring the largest possible benefits to human health.
SG Singapore
Stand No: D1.K20
Silesia is a reliable and competent partner creating, manufacturing and distributing innovative flavours for a wide range of food and beverage applications including instant noodles, sauces, snacks, beverages including coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy and bakery products. In 2017 Silesia opened a brand new factory and innovation center in Singapore servicing the South East Asian region with liquid and powder flavours.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.L12
PT. Sinergi Multi Lestarindo is an innovative trading company. Our company established as an importer and distributor of high quality materials for cosmetic, personal care, food ingredients, pharma and nutraceutical.
TH Thailand
Stand No: A2.X22

SMS Group, the Global Leader of NON-GMO TAPIOCA STARCH and MODIFIED TAPIOCA STARCH production with 400,000 tons annual capacity, fully certified with international standard of ISO, FDA, HACCP, FSSC22000, HALAL and KOSHER. Discover Starch Innovations for Clean Label, Specialty, Thickening and Texturizing solutions. We offer casein free, egg free, gelatin free and gluten free products to serve food processors' requirements.

FR France
Stand No: A1.DD17
FIT, dairy expert, is a french company which distributes industrial dairy ingredients to agri-food processors. Extensive know-how of techniques, products and market. Distributed products: SMP - FCMP - whey powders - butter fat - AMF - cream - proteins (MPC, WPC, caseins, caseinates) - organic powders - blends for repacking (low protein powders, fat filled...)...
SG Singapore
Stand No: D1.K29
Solvay started 1st Vanillin production in 1884 in France. Built on over hundred years of historical expertise, Rhovanil® is the market reference of the entire vanillin industry and is in line with the world’s highest food safety standards. Rhovanil® boasts the highest level of vanillin purity available today, containing over 99.95% vanillin for a wonderfully pure and authentic vanilla flavour.
NL Netherlands
Stand No: B2.H19
Sonac – a brand of Darling Ingredients - is world’s leading producer of EU originated (food grade) animal proteins. We offer a broad range of proteins helping you to improve quality and yield of your meat products. Meet us in our booth (Hall B2 – H19) and learn more about our solutions. For more information: www.sonac.biz.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.J23
With more than 60 years of experience in producing jam, spread, and custard, Sonton Japan, joint venture with big local partner, Trakkindo group, built 7,000 MT per year-capacity factory in Indonesia in 2015 to serve the Indonesian and Southeast Asian B2B markets, especially bakery and food manufacture. Our system has been certified by Halal, BPOM, ISO 9001, and FSSC 22000.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.GG30
Sri Aman Corporindo, PT is a growing trading and distribution company in Jakarta Indonesia, particularly in the field of pharmaceutical, food and beverage, nutraceutical, and feed raw materials. We are working with reputable suppliers and customers from abroad as well as local Indonesia manufacturers. Please check http://www.simanco.co.id for further details or send email to [email protected]
SG Singapore
Stand No: D2.D12
Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific is a subsidiary of the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and feed ingredients. The group is made up of eleven specialist ingredients companies with extensive applications technology that enables practical product development in close collaboration with customers.
As being the first and only Polyol producer of Turkey, Sunar M?s?r produces Non-GMO Sunsorb® Sorbitol, Maltitaste® Maltitol, glucose & glucose-fructose syrup, native corn starch, modified starch, dextrin. Thanks to its technical sales team and Sunar R&D Center, Sunar M?s?r supports its clients around the world with providing innovative and customized solutions for more than 30 years of strong background.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.N31
SG Singapore
Stand No: A3.Q2
Super Food Ingredients is one of the leading product innovator and manufacturer in Southeast Asia of instant coffee, tea and non-dairy creamer. We work in partnership with multinational F&B manufacturing and food-service companies, hotels, restaurants and cafes to create tailored products suitable for the F&B industry and markets.
NL Netherlands
Stand No: B1.B2
SVZ supplies premium quality processed fruit and vegetable ingredients to food and drink manufacturers globally. Our high quality juices, purees and concentrates have retained most of nature's original taste, color and nutrients. With more than 150 years’ experience and accredited sustainability initiatives SVZ represents quality leadership throughout the agro supply chain.
IN India
Stand No: A3.R12
Synergia Life Sciences (A Viridis Group Company) is a leading manufacturer of Natural Vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold), popularly used in bone and heart health applications. MenaquinGold is supported by several patents, validated analytical methods, stability data. The manufacturing is cGMP, HACCP, ISO-22000 certified. Synergia also offers innovative probiotic strains and formulations.
IN India
Stand No: D1.L20
Synthite is the world's largest manufacturer for whole spices, spice powders, oleoresins, essential oil, natural colours, natural antioxidants, C-2 extracts, ultrafine grinded product etc. We have MUI Halal for all the products.