ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.M22
Specialties food ingredients - Custom made products that differentiate your products from others. From Natural products for health claim, enhance flavor or natural origin claim products, functional and beneficial products for better qualities, cost saving talk to us for concepts and ideas
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A1.DD2
We are a world-class producer of refined carrageenan providing hydrocolloid solutions and all your food ingredients needs including colors, flavours and seasonings, texture enhancers, savoury enhancers, sweeteners, preservatives, oleoresins, starches and many others.
CN China
Stand No: D1.Q23
Major exhibitors: sodium casein, casein, sour milk powder, light cream powder, Yak milk powder and etc.
TH Thailand
Stand No: A2.GG41
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of non GMO native and modified tapioca starches from Thailand. Our GELPRO and STARFIRM family of specialty starches are used as thickeners, stabilizers and texturizers in a broad array of foods ranging from dairy products, sauces, dressings, canned and pouched foods to baked goods, snacks, gluten free foods and more.
ES Spain
Stand No: A3.R12
Genosa is the leading developer and manufacturer of natural hydroxytyrosol from olives under an internationally patented technology, without the use of solvents (100% naturally obtained). Hydroxytyrosol is the major and most active polyphenol from extra vingin olive oil and olives with a wide range of healthy benefit. Hydroxytyrosol has heart, skin and antioxidant properties.
SG Singapore
Stand No: A1.GG55
Glanbia Nutritionals creates dairy protein, plant nutrition, flavor, premix, and bioactive solutions for the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries. Of all the ingredients Glanbia Nutritionals offers, tenacity matters most. It’s why we stick with a challenge no matter what—inventing solutions that help brands stand out and innovating with customers to make products people love.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A2.W14
Our company is a supplier of materials for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and animal feed industries. Our main product is amino acid, non-caloric sweetener, mineral (Fe), antioxidant, fiber, soy protein, acidulant, preservative, etc, with principal such as Ajinomoto Co., Inc; Akzo Nobel; Nikki; Jelu Werk and others
NL Netherlands
Stand No: B1.D21
The GNT Group is a family-owned company, pioneers of specialized, future - proof natural food ingredients. Founded in 1978, the company offers unparalleled agricultural competence and process-engineering expertise in delivering solutions from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. GNT is headquartered in Mierlo, The Netherlands, and has global reach with customers in more than 75 countries.
US United States
Stand No: A2.Y12
Gold Coast Ingredients (USA) is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer located in Commerce, California. With us you will find custom-made Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions. Our flavors are compatible with any food and beverage product requirements.
CA Canada
Stand No: B2.F2
GPI Inc. is a BRC Certified manufacturer of multi-functional ingredients used for texturization, fat replacement, sodium reduction, stabilization, purge and syneresis reduction, marinade retention, yield enhancement, and shelf-life extension. Our products include food gums and anti-microbials for the meat, poultry, seafood, vegetarian, dairy, confectionary, and beverage industries. GPI Inc. operates globally with facilities in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: A3.U2
Grand Multi Chemicals is one of the leading food ingredients distributors in Indonesia, offering comprehensive portfolio of high quality products from reputable food ingredients manufacturer, both local and international halal certified food products. We supply various kind of intermediates/raw materials for many different kind of industries. A solution for our customers by acquiring high standard and reliable food product supplies.
TW Taiwan
Stand No: A2.X20
With 49 years manufacturing experience in health supplements, Grape King Bio holds the largest fermentation production capacity in Taiwan. New plant will be lunched on Q4, 2018, which will bring 386 tons capacity. The new facility enables us to deliver a higher standard of products and service for our global customers.
AU Australia
Stand No: B2.E10
MY Malaysia
Stand No: B1.B10
Green House Ingredient possess 15 years of experiences in producing food flavouring, colouring and Emulco. Our products are meticulously crafted to suit the specification of bakery and confectionery industry. We are highly involve in exports, with ASEAN countries as it main export destinations. We have received Halal Certificates, HACCP, MeSTi, Malaysia Brand and rated 4-stars by SME Corp. Malaysia.
CN China
Stand No: D1.Q19
Guangdong Harsen Flavor Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, is a modern food enterprise who specilize in R&D, production and sale of savory flavor, sweet flavor and compound seasoning. We have more than 20,000 square meters of manufacturing base, is equipped with advanced food production lines. We own 5 branch companies,2 R&D labs,6 application centers. There are 3 R&D engineers,8 application engineers and various quality control technical talents work in our enterprise. Strong R&D strength, strict qulity control and perfect production management make top-class quality products.
Established in 1990, HS Food Additives (Guangdong Huasheng Food Chemicas Co., Ltd.) is a professional distributor of food raw materials, ingredients, additives, flavors and fragrances etc., with credible reputation. We have established stable cooperative relationship with +35 famous brands of food additives, and supply stable, quality products and services to southeast Asian customers from three sites in southern China.
CN China
Stand No: D1.N27
Guangdong PRB Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is a high-quality seasoning manufacturer and solution supplier. PRB is engaged to provide purchase solutions for food service and industrial manufacturing around the world.Our products bring new experience of savoury, umami and sourness taste to you, which include soy sauce series products, fermented bean curd series products and vinegar series products.
Guangzhou Flower Flavours and Fragrances Co., Ltd. Established in 2003 with integrated independent R&D, production and operation, is one of the best food flavour manufacturers in Chinese flavour industry in terms of its innovation and high cost-effective products. Our company has been certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, and Halal MUI. We are doing our best to exceed.
CN China
Stand No: D2.H27
Shuangqiao company ltd. Using corn starch as raw material, Shuangqiao produces starch sugar including F-55 HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), F-42 HFCS, glucose syrup, syrup for brewing, maltose and isomalto-oligosaccharide. All products are clear, transparent, mildly sweet and composition-stable, therefore they are highly praised by customers and are widely used in producing foods including beverage, beer, candies, chewing gum, jam, jelly etc.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.L22
Indogum as a solution-oriented supplier with more than 15 years for experience that assures to help deliver the solution to our customer in food/ non-food application domestic and International. We also equipped with the latest certification such as FSSC 22000 to ensure the food safety standard. Our business philosophy is one of mutual trust, honesty, and integrity.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.L21
Manufacturing Quality Nuts product, includes Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut. Serving to Industry (OEM), Export, Food Service and Retail Markets. PT Gunanusa Eramandiri has started 2018 aggressively promoting our almond processing facilities, both for retail packs as well as for industrial requirements such as ingredients. This puts the company as one of the very few notable almond manufacturing companies in Asia.
ID Indonesia
Stand No: D1.K28
Gushen Group is the biggest NON-GMO soy proteins manufacturer in the world. We process 2000MT NON-GMO soy per day.The production capacity per year of each product is as follows: 80000MT Isolated soy protein, 50000MT Concentrated soy protein, 10000MT Textured soy protein, 11000MT Soy fiber, 10000MT Soy milk powder, 3000MT Bean Pasta, 2000MT Fibrous Textured Plant Protein, 1000MT soy polysaccharide.