Discovery Tours

Discover solutions and the right ingredient suppliers

Follow a trend-specific tour at your own speed with guided trails throughout the exhibition hall. Produced in conjunction with market-leaders, Nutrimarketing, the tours are designed allow you to discover new ingredients and manufacturers, with the flexibility of planning them around your daily show schedule. Learn about key trends to help you realize your product goals.

The four topics that will be covered on this year's tour are:

  • Infant nutrition.
  • E-free ingredients.
  • Beverage ingredients/innovations.
  • Ingredients for trendy taste.
Fi Asia - Discovery Tours

Infant nutrition

According to a study conducted by Market Research, Asia Pacific Baby Food & Infant Formula Market was valued to be at $14.51 billion in 2017. The market is likely to reach $26.41 billion by 2026, due to an estimated CAGR of 6.88% during the forecast period of 2018-2026, and even 11.87 % for the organic baby food market. Recently, China has relaxed its one-child policy, resulting in increased birth rates. This gives a significant concession for the f baby food and infant formula market to expand in this region. 

This tour will highlight the latest innovations for formulating babyfood products.

E-free ingredients

The concept of clean label food and beverages--products containing clean and simple ingredients that consumers recognize - is nothing new, but it has been thrust into the spotlight over the past few years as health-conscious consumers want to know what they are putting into their bodies. In the food & beverage industry global sales of clean-label products hit USD165 billion in 2015 and are projected to reach USD180 billion by 2020. According to Mintel, 25 % of the new product launched in APAC had a clean label claim. 81% of Chinese consumers, 62% of Australian consumers and 61% of Japanese consumers say that On pack claims relating to ‘no additives’ or ‘no artificial ingredients’ are quite or very important.

Beverage ingredients/innovations

The Asia Pacific soft drinks market grew by 4.4% in 2016 to reach a value of approximately US$277 billion. This huge segment is expected to grow to US$387 billion by 2021. CGI in-house research sees a bright tunnel for the soft drink industry in the region, with drinks manufacturers rapidly innovating their products to meet consumer growing health preferences – for example less sugar, use of stevia as sugar replacement, and use of more functional ingredients; as well as consumer preference for drinks with real taste – for example RTD green tea with the original taste of green tea with no sugar added.

Ingredients for trendy taste

Taste and pleasure are the market engine for food business. As the nutritional and healthy aspects of food are increasing, at the same time, consumers are willing to take more an more pleasure for their consumption. In particular, some people such as Millenials or Z Gen: more natural food, more healthy but tasty ingredients through superfoods such as Chia seed, curcuma, ginger, coconut oil, superfruits, seeds and nuts. Going Vegan has a cost-pleasure, expect if you choose the right ingredients able to bring to recipes nutrients and savoury experiences.

This tour will highlight the latest innovations for formulating tastier healthy products.