Discovery Tours

Discover solutions and the right ingredient suppliers

Follow a trend-specific tour at your own speed with guided trails throughout the exhibition hall. Produced in conjunction with market-leaders, Nutrimarketing, the tours are designed allow you to discover new ingredients and manufacturers, with the flexibility of planning them around your daily show schedule. Learn about key trends to help you realize your product goals.

The five topics that will be covered on this year's tour are:

  • Uncover alternative ingredients: Healthy vegetarian solutions. Uncover alternative ingredients and non-animal protein sources.
  • Sweet solutions: Find new ways to sweeten food with natural & alternative ingredients
  • Allergy free: Gluten, Lactose & alternative ingredients
  • Food Safety: Traceability - How to trace food ingredients
  • Natural Ingredients – The Clean Label Solution: A pathway to naturally processed & botanical ingredients
Fi Asia - Discovery Tours

Tour 1 - Uncover alternative ingredients 

Healthy vegetarian solutions. Uncover alternatives ingredients and non-animal protein sources.

  • Emsland-Starke GmbH, Stand  GG26 – Presenting potato proteins
  • MC Food Specialties, Stand U11 - Presenting HVP, the Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Meelunie BV, Stand BB32 - Proteins - Meelunie BV presents quality proteins from wheat, potato, corn, soy and pea.
  • Parabel USA Inc, Stand S1 Lentein Novel protein ingredients from water lentils – Lemnoideae - highest in EAA's and BCAA's of all plant protein.
  • Shandong Jianyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd, Stand S21 - Presenting organic pea protein, organic pea starch & organic vermicelli, pea protein.
  • WEI-I FOODSTUFF CO., LTD, Stand  GG1 - Presenting vegetarian seaweed flakes
  • Zhenjiang Lehwa Chem-Ind Corporation Ltd, Stand RR2 – Presenting rice protein

Tour 2 - Sweet solutions

Find new ways to sweeten food with natural ingredients

  • Daepyung, Stand L25 - Daepying is the no.1 STEVIA sweetener manufacturer
  • Damin Foodstuff (Zhangzhou) Co.,Ltd, Stand B19 - Presenting Luohanguo Sweeteners,
  • PureCircle, Stand K1 - Showcasing high‐purity stevia Stevia 3.0 customizable formulation
  • Tate & Lyle Pacific, Stand V9 -  Sweeteners (SPLENDA® Sucralose, KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose, MULTIVANTAGE™ Syrup, MALTOSWEET™ Maltodextrins etc.) SPLENDA®
  • Maybi Dairy Ingredients, Stand CC 25 - Presenting sweet whey powder, edible lactose, refined lactose.
  • Mitsui Sugar, Stand CC 26 - Showcasing the SPOON brand, “Molasses Extract”, produced by extracting valuable components, such as polyphenol, from sugarcane with our extraction technique.
  • WuHan HuaSweet Co. Ltd, Stand P17 - Presenting neotame, 3,3-dimethylbutyraldehyde (the critical raw material for neotame’s production), and compound sweetener, which is the no.1 in the world.

Tour 3 - Allergy free

Gluten, Lactose & alternative ingredients

  • Jiangxi Hengding Food Co., Ltd, Stand U22 - Learn more about rice and cereals processing. non dairy creamer, rice protein powder
  • Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, Stand PP11 - Jubilant Life Sceinces Limited is an integrated global Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Company engaged in manufacture and supply of APIs, solid dosage formulations, radiopharmaceuticals, allergy therapy products, fine ingredients, advance intermediates, life science chemicals, crop science chemicals and nutritional products (Vitamins B3)
  • Naturalia Ingredients, Stand KK17 - Naturalia Ingredients is the sole producer in the world of Crystallized Grape Sugars (Crystallized Grape Fructose, Crystallized Grape Dextrose, Crystallized Grape Sugar). 100% Natural Origin, 100% Allergen and Gluten Free, 100% Non GMO and Full Process traceability. Also Organic, Halal, Kosher.
  • RP Royal Distribution. Stand CC11 - RP Royal Distribution produces meat proteins for meat products, under the brand ROYAL PROTEIN. We specialize in the production of functional protein products from pork and beef origin. Our GMO-free and allergen-free products. ROYAL PROTEIN is today a key player in the functional protein sector.
  • Santos Premium Krimer, PT, Stand PP53 – Presenting the non dairy creamer (coco base)
  • AMTECH ingredients, Stand S1 - Identity Preserved, Non GMO, Gluten Free or Organic ingredients for your products.
  • Emsland, Stand GG26

Tour 4 - Food safety

Traceability: How to trace food ingredients

  • Bunge Agribusiness Singapore Pte Ltd L22 - Showcasing edible oil range FarmOrigin launch in APAC as well as our BungeMaxx Lecithin product range!
  • Comats Limited DMCC United Arab Emirates, Stand BB31 - Presenting nuts, seeds, edible oils and natural gums, strong sourcing footprint in Africa through investments throughout the supply chain.
  • Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co Ltd (PDOB), Stand EE11 - Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co. Ltd. was formed to pioneer the potential applications of rich pure source of minerals and trace elements in Deep Ocean Water. Our vision is to commercialize multi-applications of this sustainable and green resource which have wide-range published studies. Both Liquid Ocean Minerals(LOM) and Powder Ocean Minerals (POM) contain more than 70 certified trace elements.
  • Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co., Ltd, Stand DD16 - Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water is engaged in the development of Deep Ocean Water from 662 meters under the Pacific Ocean of the east coast of Taiwan. products made of deep ocean water, including D-MINNERALZ ingredients and a series of high-quality products. D-MINNERALZ ingredients.
  • Basic American Food, Stand CC2 - Showcasing potato products cooked, dried and packaged to lock in flavor and texture for that "from scratch" taste in every batch.
  • De Chung Ha Foods, Stand GG1
  • EPI Ingredients, Stand V11 - Presenting ‘Passion du Lait®

Tour 5: Natural ingredients – The Clean label solution

A pathway to naturally processed & botanical ingredients

  • Bontoux, Stand PP5 - Complete range of Natural Aromatic Ingredients (essential oils, oleoresins, absolutes and resinoids) using raw materials sourced from around the world.
  • Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS), Stand PP19 - Camlin Fine Sciences are the leading integrated manufacturer of the traditional antioxidants. Shelf Life Solutions [SLS]. High-quality traditional and natural antioxidants for the food, shelf life extensions like bactericides, mould
  • Chenguang Biotech Group Co.,Ltd., Stand T11 - Producer of natural colors, flavors, essential oils, protein oils, nutritional extracts. Number 1 of paprika oleoresin in the world.
  • Diana, Stand F1 - Showcasing natural ingredients
  • Leiber, Stand L21 - Presenting yeast extracts for food and food supplements industries. Wide ranges of “functional solutions” for innovative applications. Advantages like: Taste harmonization, natural colouring, boosting of cheesy & spicy profiles are only some possibilities.
  • Naturex, Stand N9 - Showcasing My Natural Food and My Natural Selfcare. Naturex’s portfolio includes colors, antioxidants, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives, and plant-based ingredients
  • KH Robert, Stand G11